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After reading this Ice Cream Cake strain review, you’ll be ready to try some of this decadent bud!

With relished genetics like Ice Cream Cake possesses, it’s no surprise that this bud strain can be found on most dispensary shelves and breeders and nurseries around the nation are working to replicate this sought-after marijuana strain.

Let’s check out this new-age cannabis strain!

Ice Cream Cake Strain Genetics

Seed Junky Genetics takes credit for creating this 75/25 indica-dominant cannabis strain. Ice Cream Cake is a cross of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake can refer to two separate strains. One is the cross of GSC and Cherry Pie, while the other is the property of Seed Junky Genetics, which is a cross of Animal Mints and Triangle Kush. The GSC and Cherry Pie cross is usually labeled as Birthday Cake but gets called Wedding Cake quite often.

While this certainly clouds up the data collected on the internet about this bud strain, we know that Seed Junky used its variety to create Ice Cream Cake without a doubt.

Another hybrid produced with this lineage is LA Kush Cake, which is also an indica-dominant ganja strain. It delivers a creeping high which matches the effects of Ice Cream Cake.

Gelato #33

Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC come together to create the Gelato weed strain. Gelato #33 is the most popular phenotype of Gelato, and can quite often be labeled without the phenotype number. The sweet and fruity citrus essence is complemented with an uplifting and energetic high.

Gelato #33 has been used to create plenty of child strains, with many coming from Elev8 Seeds. Some of their child strains include Gelatmo, Forbidden Gelato, and Gelato Sundae.

They also have a cross of Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake called Gelato Cake, which uses the Cherry Pie and GSC lineage instead of Seed Junky’s Wedding Cake.

Availability Of Ice Cream Cake Genetics

If you are looking specifically for genetics straight from Seed Junky themselves, you might be out of luck. They don’t sell their genetics very often.

However, there are other breeders and nurseries out there that have feminized seeds and/or clones available for Ice Cream Cake. The hard part is verifying their lineage is what you desire.

For example, at first glance Gelato Cake seems like the same strain as Ice Cream Cake: Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. But, Gelato Cake uses Birthday Cake (sometimes labeled Wedding Cake) instead of the Wedding Cake lineage from Seed Junky.

Confused yet? Yeah, that’s why finding seeds and clones with the genetics you really want can be hard sometimes…

Derivative Strains

Ice Cream Cake has been used by other breeding groups to create new child strains, like Banana Cream Cake and Mint Cream Cake. Both of these hybrids are from Alchemy Genetics. Other breeders have used Ice Cream Cake successfully as well.

Ice Cream Cake Strain Yield

Ice Cream Cake can be grown indoors and outdoors and produces heavy yields. Outdoor growers should start growing at the beginning of June to avoid the plants budding far too early, due to a lack of sufficient sunlight hours.

While this plant can be a bit difficult for beginners to grow to its full potential, yields can exceed 500 grams per plant, with outdoor plants producing more than their indoor counterparts.

Flowering Time

Ice Cream Cake takes 8-9 weeks to reach optimal maturity in the flowers.

The buds will appear very dense and feature forest green with hues of purple if the natural color-producing compounds are activated within the plant during the flowering stage.

Thick orange hairs weave amongst the buds as the thick coat of potent white trichomes glitters on the surface.

Ice Cream Cake Strain THC Percentage

Ice Cream Cake is a perfect fit for the end of the day when you are getting ready to go to sleep. The average THC levels hover around 20-25%, so this ganja strain isn’t for the faint of heart.

The high initially hits mentally with a boost of happiness and relaxation. Soon, the creeping physical effects set in and turn the experience quickly into couch-lock as you fade away into a deep slumber. Don’t consume Ice Cream Cake if you have a to-do list!

Flavor & Aroma

The aroma is quite pungent with a mixture of creamy vanilla and cheese. The sweet aromatic profile transfers to the flavor with a more pronounced essence of sweet sugary dough to go along with the creamy cheese flavor.

Terpene Profile

Ice Cream Cake is rich in Limonene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Linalool.

Limonene delivers a sweet and/or fruity essence when present and dominates strains like Wedding Cake and Strawnana.

Caryophyllene delivers a spicy punch and is rich in GSC and GG4.

Myrcene helps consumers relax and causes couch-lock when abundant. Strains Blue Dream, OG Kush, and Granddaddy Purple are rich in Myrcene.

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Linalool is rarely the most dominant in a cannabis strain, but it is found in strains like Zkittlez and Kosher Kush.

Ice Cream Cake Strain Price

Ice Cream Cake strain on average is $12-$15 per gram, $45-50 per 1/8th oz, $95-$105 per 1/4 ounce, and $190-$200 per 1/2 ounce.

Final Words On The Ice Cream Cake Weed Strain

Ice Cream Cake is a derivative of the GSC family, which has taken the entire cannabis industry by storm. Ice Cream Cake is one of the many dessert-flavored strains that crowd the market as well. While there is plenty of competition, this bud strain takes a place at the podium for most cannabis consumers.

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