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The Incredible Hulk strain is not going to be overly potent despite what its name might lead you to believe. Comic books are classic favorites of cannabis consumers along with the movies made in honor of the comic books. Don’t take this strain lightly though as it can be easy to consume too much due to the flavor and effects. 

Understanding what to expect from a strain can be crucial. You want an enjoyable experience that some strains might not deliver in certain situations. Below will be what you need to know about the Incredible Hulk marijuana strain. 

Incredible Hulk Strain Genetics

Is Incredible Hulk strain an Indica or Sativa?

Incredible Hulk is a 70/30 Sativa-dominant hybrid of Green Crack and Jack Herer. You will feel a rush of energy followed by a physically relaxing high. Strains bred with Green Crack always seem to be ideal for social situations. Some state that this strain helps them battle insomnia nightly. 

Green Crack strain is going to be ideal for smoking in the morning when you have a laundry list of things to accomplish. The popularity of this strain makes it very easy to find at nearly every dispensary. With up to 25 percent THC, this strain can be extremely potent even for experienced smokers. 

Jack Herer strain tops out at an amazing 24 percent THC with a flavor of citrus and flowers. This is another strain that will be great if you love a nice wake and bake session. You might find you are far more productive after consuming this strain. 

Incredible Hulk Weed Strain Yield

Blooming Marijuana plant, Incredible Hulk weed strain

Incredible Hulk will be durable enough to be grown indoors or outdoors. The strain is not going to present too many challenges in terms of growing. 

Indoors a grower is going to generate around 2 ounces per square foot depending on the space used to grow. Outdoors a grower will harvest around 15 to 20 ounces per plant which is quite a heavy yield.

Some strains have a very small yield and present a challenge to grow. These strains are for experienced cultivators as they can lead to a new grower quitting early in their cultivation career. Start with easy strains to grow so your confidence and skills in regards to growing marijuana increase with each growing season. 

Incredible Hulk Pot Strain Flowering Time

The flowering time of Incredible Hulk is 55 to 65 days. The nugs of this strain are unsurprisingly large. The deep green color is accompanied by orange hairs and a covering of trichomes. 

THC Percentage Of The Incredible Hulk Strain 

The THC percentage of Incredible Hulk is 15 to 19 percent. Experienced smokers should not have any issue with this potency. A new smoker might be fine with this potency in the right environment if they do not overconsume. 

Flavor And Aroma Of The Incredible Hulk Strain

The flavor of Incredible Hulk will be of herbs and berries. The aroma is herbal and dank. The dominant terpenes present in this strain are Linalool, Humulene, and Myrcene.

Linalool has a floral aroma with a spicy flavor. Consumers might find relief from stress and anxiety as well as inflammation. Kosher Kush and Purple Urkle are legendary strains with Linalool as a dominant terpene. 

Humulene might actually work with other compounds in cannabis to help a person lose weight.  Girl Scout Cookies and White Widow are two award-winning strains with Humulene. 

Myrcene will be a terpene you’ll want to try when you want to melt away the stress from your body and mind. For this reason, those that suffer from insomnia can find relief. OG Kush and Tangie are two popular strains with myrcene. 

Price Of The Incredible Hulk Weed Strain 

Incredible Hulk is not going to be the most expensive strain out there. You can expect to pay around $30 for 1/8th of an ounce and $180 or lower for the full oz. Prices do fluctuate on account of variables impacting the cannabis industry in a particular area. 

Taxes differ quite drastically depending on the state or even the city where you are located. Shopping around will allow you to find deals as some dispensaries deliver and have deals daily. Buying in bulk will also allow you to save but there are restrictions in some states as to how much marijuana can be bought monthly. 

Incredible Hulk Weed Seeds 

The Seed Xchange and Holy Moly Seeds both have Incredible Hulk feminized marijuana seeds for sale. The drawback of using an online seed bank is that you won’t be able to receive the seeds in a legal manner. The banks might still send the seeds but it is not worth the risk.

Living in a state where marijuana is medically and recreationally legal is a blessing. The ability to acquire seeds is far easier than in states where people have to go the illegal route to obtain seeds for cultivation. Head to a dispensary or cannabis event to see if you can acquire some Incredible Hulk seeds easily. 

Medical Conditions Incredible Hulk Can Help 

Marijuana is a great medicine for certain conditions. The misconception of the past is that marijuana smokers did so simply to be lazy. Incredible Hulk can help with symptoms of the following medical conditions: 

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Mood Swings
  • Nausea
  • Stress

The CBD content does not make this an ideal medical strain for a number of conditions. Adding CBD into your daily routine can provide you relief. Finding quality CBD products is important as there are some that do not contain what they advertise. 

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Final Words On The Incredible Hulk Weed Strain 

The Incredible Hulk strain is one that you need to try as it offers great effects without an overwhelming potency. Growing the strain can be a good first project if you have not attempted growing marijuana in the past. Grow diaries are available online if you would like a detailed description of the experience of another grower. 

Incredible Hulk is another strain named after characters of the past. What is your favorite strain that is named to honor a comic book character? 

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