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The Lemon Pie strain is one that comes from a lineage of two strains you are sure to have tried or heard of. Top strains in marijuana usually come from great genetics that blend the best aspects of both parent strains into a child strain. The strain is very potent so it is best reserved for an experienced marijuana consumer. 

Below will highlight what you need to know about buying, growing, and smoking the Lemon Pie marijuana strain. 

Lemon Pie Strain Genetics

Is Lemon Pie strain an Indica or Sativa?

Lemon Pie is a 70/30 Sativa-dominant hybrid of Amnesia Haze and Skunk #1. This can be great for a day when you want to have energy without having to focus too much. You might be in a bit of a haze but immensely happy about it. 

Amnesia Haze strain has one of the largest yields in all of marijuana. The strain also has up to 22 percent THC so it is very potent. Don’t expect to be put in a haze as it can be relatively easy to focus after consuming this strain. 

Skunk #1 strain has an aroma that is extremely skunky which can make outdoor grows difficult to keep a secret. The potency is around 20 percent THC along with around 1 percent CBD. Expect a classic relaxing feeling which is why this strain has endured the tests of time. 

Finding a strain that not only makes you more productive but decreases anxiety can be a game-changer. The ability to be more productive through cannabis is something that so many people have done. You just have to unlock all of the benefits of cannabis in an intelligent manner. 

Lemon Pie Weed Strain Yield

lemon pie weed strain

Lemon Pie is going to be easy to cultivate as it thrives in most climates. For this reason, you can easily grow this strain indoors or outdoors. Not all strains can be grown outdoors due to the sensitivity to certain factors like temperature, humidity, and pests.

Indoors a grower is going to see 8 to 12 ounces per plant. Outdoors a grower could potentially see 20 ounces or more per plant. 

Yields are always going to be impacted by seed genetics and growing skills. Outdoors grows do consist of luck as a bad storm or high winds can damage plants during their infancy. Indoor cultivation makes it easier to control variables of the growing environment. 

Lemon Pie Pot Strain Flowering Time

The flowering phase is going to last 6 to 8 weeks. The nugs are going to be mint green with orange hairs. The beautiful aspect of this strain is that the covering of trichomes on each bud appears amber. 

Growing marijuana should always be done with care and with the appropriate research being done. Experience is the best teacher though as all growers have had a few plants that they have been disappointed in. Learning lessons through less than stellar grows is very important when it comes to improving the quality of the marijuana you cultivate. 

THC Content Of The Lemon Pie Strain 

The THC percentage of Lemon Pie has a range of 18 to 22. No flower of this strain is going to be considered anything less than potent. You can use this like a cup of coffee to get you up and going for the day. 

Flavor And Aroma Of Lemon Pie Marijuana

The flavor of Lemon Pie is berry, citrus, and chemical. The aroma is almost identical with hints of diesel added. The terpenes in this strain are Valencene, Ocimene, and Pinene.

Valencene has the scent of oranges and has been known to decrease inflammation. Clementine and Tangie are two great examples of strains with this less than common terp. 

Ocimene has an aroma of wood and a sweet taste of fruit. Blue Dream and Wedding Cake both contain this terpene that can provide a consumer with a bit of energy. 

Pinene has an aroma of pine along with the ability to reduce stress and anxiety. Strains that contain this terpene are Dragon Fruit and White Runtz. 

Price Of The Lemon Pie Weed Strain 

Lemon Pie is going to cost $33 to $37 per 1/8th of an ounce. The full ounce is going to cost around $170 to $190. The strain is quite affordable considering its potency and positive effects. 

Lemon Pie Weed Seeds 

Finding seeds online is not a challenge but buying them could potentially land you in legal trouble. The one aspect to note is that you cannot legally receive seeds in the mail. This is federally illegal though there are seed banks that will still send the seeds as the risk falls on you. 

Getting the best seeds available might take a bit of work and research. You might find that a certain genetics company breeds the best Lemon Pie on the market. There are cultivators known for strains that produce as they are so superior to other grows of the same strain. 

Medical Conditions Lemon Pie Can Help 

Cannabis has come to the forefront of the medical community as it helps provide relief in a natural manner. There are even some patients that have not responded to traditional medication but have responded to CBD or THC products. Lemon Pie can help with the following medical conditions: 

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  • Appetite Loss
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia 
  • Stress

The CBD content of this strain does not make it ideal for some conditions. You can always supplement THC or CBD to find the relief that you seek. Look for quality lab-tested products regardless of what you are buying. 

Final Words On The Lemon Pie Weed Strain 

Lemon Pie is a strain you’ll have to try if you enjoy cannabis before you start being productive for the day. Growing the strain won’t be a challenge so this is something you can take on if you haven’t cultivated cannabis before. 

Lemon Pie is just another strain named after a dessert. There are others like Girl Scout Cookies Wedding Cake. What is your favorite strain named after a dessert? 

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