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Pineapple Punch strain is a very peppy and cerebral sativa strain from The Flying Dutchman in Amsterdam. This is a very heavy-leaning sativa, at either a 70/30 sativa/indica ratio or 80/20, depending on the description you read.

Correct ratios aside, one thing remains consistent with this strain: its effects are highly motivational, thought-provoking, energetic, and extremely cerebral, without any of the paranoia or uneasy feelings associated with some other sativas.

This is an outstanding daytime strain. If you’re a fan of “wake and bake,” Pineapple Punch may be exactly what you need. When consuming it, right away a significant head buzz is apparent.

While it doesn’t lack power, this is a happy, functional high—exactly what you need on a Saturday morning if you have errands and grocery shopping to do.

With a little motivational help from Pineapple Punch, you just might find that you complete your errands and shopping quicker than usual and are back home in record time.

Flavor of Pineapple Punch Strain

Along with its upbeat and pleasant buzz comes a very fruity and refreshing flavor experience. Cured properly and placed in a joint, pipe, or vaporizer—the best choice for experiencing the true flavors—you’ll taste a skunk-free and very pleasant citrusy pineapple.

Pineapple Punch hails from Hawaii, which seems appropriate for a strain with this name. To produce it, an old Hawaiian extreme sativa called The Real McCoy was crossed with a Skunk #1, which improved plant structure and shortened the length of time in flower.

Although fairly consistent in growth and plant structure, some variation does occur from each pack of seeds, with some phenos being a little more pineappley and taller than others. Most examples of this strain definitely deliver on the punchy pineapple promise in the name.

Cultivation of Pineapple Punch

On average, this sativa stretches a bit more than most strains but still maintains a manageable height. Bud density is average, and most of the buds, including the colas, reach a medium size.

When it comes to harvest, you will usually have to wait an extra week or two for this one to reach optimum maturity. Once cured properly, Pineapple Punch is a golden green color that, appropriately enough, is quite similar to the color of pineapple.

CBD Content

Some Hawaiian strains are known for high CBD levels, and Pineapple Punch falls into this category, making it a useful medicinal strain for some patients.

When smoked or vaped, the effects are reminiscent of other high CBD strains like Rubicon. For this reason alone, it makes a desirable strain to have on hand for times when body aches and pains strike.

Pineapple Punch can be a bit more elusive when it comes to finding it in medical dispensaries or recreational shops, but keep your eyes peeled for it, because it’s a great strain to have on hand.

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Pineapple Punch Weed Strain Conclusion

During warm weather, it pairs perfectly with a tropical drink (Pina Colada, anyone?) and soaking up some rays outside. Include some appropriate music, and Pineapple Punch will come as close to transporting you to a tropical island as possible without actually making the trip!

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