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The White Gorilla strain comes from two legendary and potent strains. The lineage of a strain makes a huge difference when it comes to yield, flavor, and potency. Genetics are far more clear than in the past when plants had to be bred on the black market. Marijuana has become stronger and stronger over the last few decades with some rare strains being highly coveted. 

The following is the information you need to know about the White Gorilla marijuana strain

White Gorilla Strain Genetics

Is White Gorilla strain an Indica or Sativa?

White Gorilla is a slightly Indica-leaning hybrid of Fire Alien and the classic Gorilla Glue #4. There will be a slight feeling of sedation along with a creative motivation come upon you. The high will impact your mental clarity before it slowly relaxes your body. 

Fire Alien has up to 20 percent THC and is a balanced hybrid of Fire OG and Alien Kush. There is a taste of lemon, berries, and pine. Expect relief from chronic pain and anxiety with this delicious strain. 

Gorilla Glue #4 is one of the most potent strains ever with some flower measuring at up to 35 percent THC. The strain will leave you glued to the couch but quite happy about it. The strain is one that is used in a number of hybrids in order to drive the potency of the child strain up. 

White Gorilla Strain Yield

cannabis bud on scale, white gorilla strain

White Gorilla can be grown indoors or outdoors. Outdoors you can expect a maximum of 400 grams per plant which is a relatively healthy yield. If you are looking for a strain that is extremely potent with a massive yield, Amnesia Haze delivers on all fronts. 

Research is going to be important whenever you are growing a new strain. You do not want to try to grow a strain that will not grow well outdoors in your climate. Indoor growers can mimic nearly any environment which is one advantage of growing indoors. 

White Gorilla Pot Strain Flowering Time 

The flowering phase of White Gorilla is going to last 60 to 70 days. Expect deep green nugs with this strain along with red hairs. The covering of trichomes gives a frosty appearance which could be the reason this strain is named White Gorilla. The plant is going to have a white appearance when it is grown which can be mistaken for moss. 

White Gorilla should be reserved to be grown by those looking for a challenge. This won’t be the most difficult strain to grow but does present issues for new growers. Take the time to grow this strain carefully and it will deliver in a number of areas each time you smoke your finished product. 

THC Content Of The White Gorilla Strain 

The potency of White Gorilla has a range of 20 to 25 percent. There is no such thing as less than potent flower of this strain. Concentrates can be another way to taste more of what the strain has to offer if you are an experienced smoker. Even those with experience can have a tough time taking a dab. 

Getting too high is a waste of money if you do not enjoy yourself. Figuring out what potency of weed you should be smoking can be a trial and error process. You can always smoke more if you do not get the desired effects from your first few tokes. 

Flavor And Aroma Of White Gorilla Weed

The flavor of White Gorilla is of sweet chocolate herbs. The aroma is of floral chocolate and earth. The terpene in this strain are Sabinene, Caryophyllene, and Geraniol. 

Sabinene has a spicy taste and has anti-inflammatory properties. Strains that contain this terpene are Lemon Zest and Black Dog.

Caryophyllene works directly with the endocannabinoid system to inhibit pain signals in the body. The reduction in pain is why this terpene is so coveted. Popular strains with this terpene include Bubba Kush and Sour Diesel. 

Geraniol is present in a number of plants and fruits. Strawberry Diesel and Kimbo Kush both contain Geraniol. 

Price Of The White Gorilla Strain

White Gorilla is relatively affordable when you consider its potency. You can expect a full ounce to cost anywhere from $250 to $270. 1/8th of an ounce is going to cost up to $45. Prices fluctuate due to the demand of strains and how much cultivation companies are charging. Taxes rates also are hiked up annually in some places due to the money that can be garnered through legal weed. 

White Gorilla Feminized Marijuana Seeds

You should note that you cannot legally have a seed bank mail you seeds. With this being said, there are some banks that will put you in legal peril by sending them anyway. 

Finding seeds legally is possible and is the route that you should go. Facing legal issues for a federal charge is not something you want to deal with. Head to a dispensary or contact a local grower for seeds or clippings from healthy plants. 

Medical Conditions White Gorilla Can Help 

Marijuana is something that has changed the lives of a number of people. Relief through cannabis is not a foreign concept any longer with the introduction of various state medical marijuana products. White Gorilla can help provide some relief to the following medical conditions:

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  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Stress

The CBD content in White Gorilla is not going to wow anyone. You should always look at the cannabinoid profile of a cannabis product along with terpenes included. You might find that certain terpenes when paired with THC or CBD provide you with immense relief. 

Final Words On The White Gorilla Weed Strain 

White Gorilla is not going to disappoint anyone that tries it. Growing it could provide a disappointment as this strain can be a bit difficult to cultivate. This does not mean that expert growers cannot grow this strain and produce beautiful buds. 

You have likely had a Gorilla Glue hybrid due to the potency and popularity of this strain. What is a strain that is a hybrid of GG4 that you would like to try again?

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