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The Alaska cannabis college, Cannabis Training University, is the online marijuana school of choice for Alaska residents.

Since 1975, Alaska has flirted with decriminalization and prohibition attempts multiple times leading to contradictory regulations and unnecessary jail time for medical and recreational patients. Despite its flip-flopping past, Alaska’s medical marijuana patient count has slowly but surely gone up.

In November 2014, Alaskans approved Ballot Measure 2, which legalized adult use and required a regulatory framework to be set up for a medical and recreational market.

Alaska’s small population, geographic distance, and relatively high cannabis costs, are common obstacles for the daily cannabis user in Alaska. Fortunately, cannabis education is widely accessible to Alaska residents and anyone else all over the world. In order to build a business or start a career in cannabis in Alaska, attending an Alaska cannabis college is the answer.

So, where can you find a marijuana training university that can keep you up-to-date with the latest laws, cultivation and cooking methods, science, and any other relevant professional topic you can imagine? Even if you live in the most remote and rural town in Alaska, you can depend on Cannabis Training University for a comprehensive and affordable curriculum.


Alaskans interested in cannabis-related higher-education can turn to Cannabis Training University’s Master of Cannabis Certification to learn more about the plant for personal use. For example, Alaska’s eight national parks are tempting to smoke in, but it’s illegal to do so. Our Master Certification program will ensure you’re compliant with state and federal laws so you don’t get caught in legal hot water. Here are some other topics you will learn in our cannabis training program:

  • How to become a medical marijuana patient in Alaska
  • How to get a medical marijuana card in Alaska
  • How to become a licensed cannabis grower in Alaska
  • How to grow your own medicine in Alaska
  • How to write a cannabis industry resume and cover letter
  • How to get an Alaska cannabis job
  • Alaska cannabis laws and regulations
  • How to grow cannabis in Alaska
  • Alaska cannabis career salaries and opportunities

Alaska’s unique physical environment is known for minimal light and cold temperatures that can make growing your own cannabis plant difficult. Just imagine the expensive energy bills brought on by continuous use of high-intensity grow lights that compensate for the lack of warmth.

Our cannabis certification programs can teach you the ins-and-outs of growing in a variety of environments, including bitter cold climates.


As a cannabis business owner in Alaska or anywhere else in the world, you have to lead and educate your team about the industry’s best practices. From knowing how much budtenders can sell to consumers to understanding the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes, as a business owner you have to be an industry thought leader and so does the rest of your team.

Our Master of Marijuana Certification differentiates your team from other companies that don’t take the time to offer educational programs to their employees. Apart from receiving a host of cannabis courses, videos, and e-books, Cannabis Training University also offers the following perks:

  • Employee progress tracking
  • Easy employee enrollment
  • Free admin courses
  • Certificate of completion
  • Information on how to start a cannabis business, create a business plan, and get financing!

Cannabis College Courses in Alaska

Cannabis Training University’s completely digital platform enables you to learn from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. Our online cannabis education programs gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace, even if your state or local laws prohibit cannabis, use, sales, and cultivation. Our programs give you twelve weeks of unlimited access to all of our educational resources and the following courses:

  • How to Grow Cannabis
  • Cannabis Cooking & Extractions
  • Marijuana Laws & Regulations
  • Marijuana Dispensary & Delivery Service Management
  • Becoming a Budtender: Essential Skills Training
  • Cannabis as Medicine
  • Cannabis Jobs, Resumes, and Business Plans

As your number one Alaska cannabis college, you get access to HD cannabis-related educational videos, pages of cannabis ebooks, access to Ed Rosenthal’s Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits, and other resources from one of the cannabis industry’s legendary horticulturist, author, and educator.

Most importantly, these cannabis training courses will give you a step up toward your cannabis career.

Benefits of an Alaska Cannabis College Certification

As the marijuana legalization wave continues to roll through the nation, cannabis industry jobs are increasing in both cannabis businesses and ancillary businesses that never touch the plant like accounting firms, security services, point-of-sale systems, marketing agencies, and attorneys. Jobs that touch the plant include budtenders, growers, and trimmers.

While cannabis training certification isn’t required for most cannabis industry professions or becoming a patient, getting one comes with minimal downsides. As an Alaska medical consumer, you can learn all about consumption methods, dosage, tolerance, and everything else to avoid a bad trip. As an Alaska cannabis professional, a Cannabis Training University certification shows an employer or client initiative and industry expertise.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

marijuana extraction course - Johanna Rose
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Alaska cannabis college training is within reach for many medical and recreational cannabis consumers as well as prospective or current business owners.

Accredited Cannabis College

Cannabis Training University is now the only IACET/ANSI accredited cannabis college. With a variety of amaxing online cannabis courses, CTU is the cannabis college of choice for all US States, Canada, and 50 countries worldwide.

Our competitive pricing makes our program affordable for all budgets. As a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), we ensure you’re getting industry-approved education for the long haul. Enroll today in our highly-ranked Master of Cannabis Certification, the best marijuana university found online.

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