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Cannabis Training University (CTU) is accredited by IACET/ANSI, the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)/American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This establishes their programs as some of the best in the industry for learning about the cannabis industry. Cannabis Training University is now the first and only IACET/ANSI accredited cannabis school.

With CTU’s accredited cannabis courses you will learn everything there is to know about cannabis: from laws, regulations, and compliance to growing techniques, cooking with cannabis, extraction methods and more. CTU also offers a “Master Grower Certification Program” which enables students to gain advanced knowledge in cultivation techniques.

CTU prides itself on providing a comprehensive learning experience that covers all aspects of the cannabis industry. Their courses are designed to equip students with the knowledge they need to find success in today’s ever-growing cannabis market.

The accredited cannabis course curriculum was created by leading professionals in the field along with a team of educators at CTU. The accredited marijuana industry training courses provide access to subject matter experts who can explain complex topics such as cannabis cultivation methods, cannabis extraction techniques, cannabis cooking techniques, cannabis business operations, cannabis marketing strategies/ consumer trends, CBD, Hemp. marijuana as medicine, cannabis jobs and careers, and so much more.

In addition to accredited weed courses, CTU provides supplemental reading material for each student enrolled in a course which includes ebooks authored by both CTU's own teachers and other leading cannabis professionals around the globe. The supplemental reading material serves as an additional resource for students looking for additional information related to the accredited coursework.

This accredited curriculum emphasizes real-world application of what is being taught so that students can benefit from hands-on experience after completing their studies at Cannabis Training University. Upon successful completion of all accredited course requirements, graduates receive an IACET/ANSI accredited certificate indicating they have achieved mastery knowledge in their chosen field of study within the cannabis industry.

Online cannabis training programs have become increasingly popular in recent years as the cannabis industry continues to expand. A wide range of accredited courses are available for students looking to gain entry into the field and further their knowledge on a variety of topics, such as laws and regulations, cultivation techniques, extraction methods, business operations, marketing strategies and consumer trends.

Cannabis Training University (CTU) is accredited by IACET/ANSI and provides accredited courses that teach students everything they need to know to find success in the cannabis industry. Upon successful completion of all accredited course requirements, graduates receive an IACET/ANSI accredited certificate indicating they have achieved mastery knowledge in their chosen field of study within the cannabis industry.

A certification from CTU can open up a variety of opportunities when it comes to jobs within the cannabis industry. For example, those with a certification can go on to become professional Cannabis growers or dispensary managers who oversee the day-to-day operations of dispensaries. They could also go on to work as chemists or lab technicians responsible for quality control testing for potency, safety and purity standards set by state law.

Other job opportunities include positions in marketing, advertising and sales departments of major cannabis companies. Professionals who specialize in cannabis policy and law can also benefit from having a certificate from CTU since many positions require an understanding of applicable state laws regarding medical and recreational marijuana use.

Those with certificates from accredited programs like CTU can also find jobs as consultants providing strategic advice on how businesses should best approach the ever-changing landscape that is the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Training University (CTU) offers accredited marijuana courses to teach students the knowledge they need to find success in the cannabis industry. With a team of leading professionals and educators, CTU provides accredited course curriculum that covers all aspects of the cannabis industry, such as cultivation methods, extraction techniques, business operations, marketing strategies/ consumer trends and more.

Students enrolled in a course also receive supplemental reading material for additional resources related to their accredited coursework.

Upon successful completion of all accredited course requirements, graduates receive an IACET/ANSI accredited certificate indicating they have achieved mastery knowledge in their chosen field of study within the cannabis industry.

What is Cannabis Training University?

Cannabis Training University (CTU) is accredited by IACET/ANSI and provides accredited courses that teach students everything they need to know to find success in the cannabis industry.

Upon successful completion of all accredited course requirements, graduates receive an IACET/ANSI accredited certificate indicating they have achieved mastery knowledge in their chosen field of study within the cannabis industry.

What Can You Do With a Certification From CTU?

A certification from CTU can open up a variety of opportunities when it comes to jobs within the cannabis industry. For example, those with a certification can go on to become professional cannabis growers or dispensary managers who oversee the day-to-day operations of dispensaries; chemists or lab technicians responsible for quality control testing for potency, safety and purity standards set by state law; professionals who specialize in marketing, advertising and sales departments; specialists working on policy and laws related to medical or recreational use of marijuana; consultants providing strategic advice on how businesses should best approach the ever-changing landscape that is the cannabis industry.

How Can Cannabis Training University IACET Accreditation Courses Help Me?

Earning an IACET/ANSI accredited certificate from Cannabis Training University (CTU) is beneficial in countless ways. It is the key to unlocking job opportunities within the cannabis industry, as many positions require certification or mastery level knowledge in their chosen field of study.

Furthermore, having an accredited certificate will help you stand out amongst other job candidates as it shows employers that you have completed rigorous accredited coursework and have achieved a certain level of expertise in your chosen field.

Having an accredited certificate can also prove invaluable when it comes to finding new employment, as many employers prefer accredited certification over non-accredited qualifications in order to ensure that their employees are knowledgeable and highly skilled professionals.

In addition, possession of an accredited certificate may even open up higher-level or more specialized positions for which employers may otherwise be unwilling to hire someone without such credentials.

Furthermore, some states require those who work with cannabis products or handle any aspect of the product manufacturing process to have accredited certifications from accredited schools such as CTU.

This means that if you plan to work in a state where this requirement applies, earning an accredited certificate from CTU is essential for obtaining employment.

Finally, having an accredited certificate from CTU helps demonstrate to potential employers that you possess the highest standards of education and knowledge when it comes to the cannabis industry, making it easier for them to trust and rely on your skills and expertise.

As such, having this type of certification can greatly increase your chances of success when applying for positions within the booming cannabis industry.

What Is The Best Cannabis College?

The best accredited cannabis college available is Cannabis Training University (CTU). CTU provides accredited courses that teach students everything they need to know to find success in the cannabis industry.

At CTU, students can take classes on growing, harvesting and processing cannabis plants, as well as learn about the science behind the plant and its many uses. Courses cover topics such as plant genetics and breeding, chemical analysis, product formulation, extraction methods, marketing and sales strategies, business development, legal regulations, patient advocacy and more.

As part of their accredited coursework, students will receive a detailed education regarding the entire process of cultivating marijuana for safe consumption and medicinal use.

Starting with seed selection all the way through harvesting and curing buds to meet local guidelines for legal retail sale or consumption under doctor’s orders. Students will also gain a comprehensive understanding of the laws surrounding marijuana in their region along with helpful resources on how to stay compliant with local regulations.

At CTU they have an extensive network of industry professionals ready to offer their expertise to guide students through the rapidly evolving landscape of medical marijuana laws and regulations.

CTU also offers online courses which allow those who are unable to attend classes in person due to other commitments or limited travel options access to high quality accredited curriculum from anywhere in the world.

Upon successful completion of all accredited course requirements at CTU graduates receive an IACET/ANSI accredited certificate indicating they have achieved mastery knowledge in their chosen field of study within the cannabis industry.

This proof of certification is essential for those looking for jobs within the cannabis industry as many positions require this level of expertise before hiring prospective candidates.

Is the Cannabis Training University Faculty Legit?

The faculty at Cannabis Training University (CTU) is comprised of leading experts in the cannabis industry who have been carefully selected for their knowledge, experience and dedication to helping students learn about all aspects of cannabis cultivation and related industries.

Each instructor brings a unique perspective on the complexities associated with understanding the nuances of legal marijuana growing and its related fields, as well as an unparalleled commitment to providing students with all the necessary resources they need to accomplish their goals.

At CTU, students can engage with experienced professionals such as botanists, pharmacists, chemists, physicians, geneticists, business development professionals and quality control specialists who work together to provide comprehensive training courses.

By learning from accredited professionals who have years of practical experience working within the cannabis industry, students gain greater insight into various aspects of the growing process.

Instructors are highly qualified in their respective fields and come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Each one is passionate about sharing their expertise with those looking to enter or expand their knowledge base within the cannabis industry.

At CTU faculty members are dedicated to fostering an environment that encourages experiential learning through hands-on activities such as laboratory experiments and field trips.

The instructors are also committed to keeping up-to-date with new developments in terms of regulations and research advances so that they can provide students with accurate information regarding best practices within the cannabis industry.

Through accredited course content and expert instruction provided by accredited faculty members at CTU students gain the necessary skills required for success within the ever-evolving cannabis market.

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors and offers a wide range of job opportunities for those looking to join the industry and pursue a career in this field.

With legal marijuana becoming more widely accepted across the United States and Canada, there are plenty of opportunities for job seekers who possess the right amount of knowledge and expertise in this sector.

Cannabis Industry Jobs That Cannabis Training University Graduates Work In

1) Budtender

As a budtender, you will be responsible for working in a dispensary assisting customers with selecting strains and products they are interested in purchasing. You may be asked to answer questions about cannabis products, pricing, availability, etc., as well as provide additional information on how to use different products safely. Budtenders typically earn hourly wages that range from $15-$20 an hour depending on experience and if they have approved cannabis certification from Cannabis Training University, the accredited cannabis school.

2) Cannabis Grower/Horticulturalist

Working as a cannabis grower or horticulturalist means you will be responsible for managing cultivation operations ranging from planting seeds until harvest time. Your responsibilities may include monitoring soil pH levels, temperature, oxygen levels and light exposure; identifying pests or disease; controlling nutrient solutions; observing plant growth cycles; trimming buds; drying/curing harvested plants; packaging/labeling products for sale; and keeping detailed records for compliance purposes. Growers are typically paid hourly wages ranging from $20-$50 an hour depending on experience level and if they have invested in cannabis education from accredited cannabis schools like Cannabis Training University.

3) Cannabis Trimmer

As a cannabis trimmer you will be responsible for manicuring harvested plants by snipping off excess leaves from the buds so that it is ready for sale. You may also need to remove any stems or damaged parts of the plant before it is packaged up. Trimmers usually make around $13-$17 an hour depending on their experience level and cannabis certifications earned.

4) Cannabis Laboratory Technician Career

Laboratory technicians working within the cannabis industry are essential in ensuring product safety and quality control measures are met by performing specialized testings such as potency tests utilizing liquid chromatography (LC), gas chromatography (GC), mass spectrometry (MS), terpene analysis, heavy metal testing, etc., as well as providing research support services such as tracking lab supplies inventory and preparing samples accordingly under strict regulations following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Cannabis lab technicians usually make around $18-$25 an hour depending on their experience level with some employers offering additional benefits such as 401(k) plans or health insurance options after meeting eligibility requirements. The CTU cannabis extraction certification is a must for anyone looking to work as a cannabis extraction technician.

5) Compliance Officer/Regulatory Specialist Jobs

Compliance officers ensure all legal requirements related to operating within the cannabis industry are followed including local laws, tax regulations and safety protocols by developing policies that are compliant with applicable standards and laws while maintaining accurate records of procedures followed throughout all areas of operations (e.g., seed-to-sale tracking systems).

Regulatory specialists typically earn between $50K -$80K annually depending on experience level with some employers offering bonus incentives should certain goals be met during particular periods of time.

6) Quality Assurance Manager/Quality Control Technician Careers

Quality assurance managers monitor production lines to ensure all products meet regulatory standards set forth by governing bodies while assessing risk factors associated with operating within the industry while quality control technicians perform inspections at various stages during production process evaluating physical properties such as size, shape, color consistency along with internal characteristics like smell/taste profiles using accredited equipment to collect data accurately based on predetermined parameters set forth by regulatory agencies prior to releasing approved product batches into market place ensuring consumer safety is maintained at all times throughout process cycle resulting in maximization operational efficiencies reducing risks associated product recalls due legal noncompliance issues along other unexpected outcomes leading potential financial losses reputation damage potentially resulting closure business operations if not caught soon enough time.

QA managers usually make anywhere from $60K -$90K annually while QC technicians can expect salaries ranging between $35K -$45K per year .

7) Cannabis Chefs

Cannabis chefs are responsible for creating a variety of delicious and creative dishes utilizing the cannabis plant. Cannabis chefs typically have backgrounds in either culinary arts or cannabis related industries, as they need to be proficient in both the science and art of cooking with cannabis.

Combining these two areas of expertise allows them to produce edibles that are not only aesthetically appealing, but also potent and safe for consumption.

Cannabis chefs are expected to possess a working knowledge of different strains of marijuana, their effects on the body, and how they interact with other ingredients. It is important to know how to decarboxylate cannabis – which is the process by which heat changes cannabinoids from inactive THCA into active THC – as this affects the potency of edibles.

Other skills that are essential for a successful cannabis chef include understanding flavor profiles and texture preferences, being able to use cooking techniques such as baking, frying, sautéing and grilling in order to create unique dishes; following recipes accurately and safely; understanding food safety protocols; and being able to adhere to applicable local laws/regulations governing production/sale/consumption of edibles in their area.

In terms of salary range for cannabis chefs, wages generally range from $16-$30 per hour depending on experience level. However salaries can vary significantly depending on the establishment's clientele base (i.e., high-end restaurants versus small cafe's) as well as the type of cuisine they specialize in.

In addition to receiving an hourly wage, it is common for cannabis chefs to earn additional income through tips or bonuses if their creations prove popular with customers.

Cannabis chefs also offer catering services outside of restaurant settings where edibles can be produced on demand and brought directly to private events or gatherings upon request.

They usually charge a flat fee depending on number of guests being served along with any other special requirements needed such as set up/clean up services etc..

Furthermore some cannabis chefs even teach specialized classes where recreational enthusiasts can learn about various cooking techniques used specifically for creating edibles at home or opt for one-on-one consulting sessions enabling them gain access expert advice regarding everything from strain specific terpene content best practices when preparing meals using marijuana plants.

8) Dispensary Managers

Dispensary managers are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of a cannabis dispensary. They must ensure that all employees adhere to local, state and federal laws relating to cannabis regulation. This includes controlling the inventory and properly labeling products, verifying customer identification, monitoring sale transactions and making sure that no suspicious activity is occurring on the premises.

Dispensary managers must also ensure that all safety regulations are strictly enforced including proper storage of products, proper hygiene practices amongst staff and customers, and taking responsibility for any issues or complaints from customers.

Salaries for dispensary managers can vary greatly depending on experience level and size of the dispensary. Generally speaking salaries can range from $60K -$90K + yearly with potential for bonuses if performance targets are met.

Hours of operation also depend on location but usually range from 9am – 10pm everyday with overtime pay included for working extended hours on certain days or holidays.

In addition to maintaining operational efficiency within a dispensary, managers are in charge of recruiting employees, training them on all relevant policies/procedures etc., handling employee relations such as scheduling shift rotations, addressing grievances or complaints etc., upkeeping records such as sales data along with administrative duties like ordering supplies and managing budgets amongst other related tasks.

Furthermore they may be responsible for designing promotions or creating marketing campaigns to help increase brand recognition within their local community as well as establishing relationships with local vendors to help source various products needed throughout business operations cycle.

All in all it is an incredibly rewarding role requiring dedication towards building successful team environment while providing top quality cannabis experiences to customers who visit their dispensary.

The Cannabis Training University dispensary management certification program is a great place to start if you are looking to learn how to open a dispensary and properly run a dispensary in any legal US state.

9) Cannabis Extraction Technicians

Cannabis extraction technicians are highly skilled professionals who specialize in the process of extracting compounds from cannabis plants.

They use a variety of methods to separate and isolate cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other chemical compounds found within marijuana plants with the goal of creating products that are potent yet safe for consumption.

Cannabis extraction technicians are in high demand as the industry continues to grow and expand. As a result, salaries for cannabis extraction technicians can be quite lucrative, depending on experience level and the size of the company employing them.

Generally speaking, salaries range from $60K -$90K + per year with potential for bonuses if performance targets are met. In addition to competitive wages, these professionals often receive benefits such as health insurance and paid time off. Furthermore they may also receive additional perks such as free products or discounts at their place of employment.

10) Certified Cannabis Consultants

Certified Cannabis Consultants are highly sought after professionals in the cannabis industry. They provide expert advice and guidance to businesses, organizations, and individuals seeking to understand or enter the ever-evolving world of legal cannabis.

Certified Cannabis Consultants have a deep knowledge of all aspects of the industry, from cultivation techniques and dispensary operations to marketing strategies and regulatory compliance.

With their expertise, they can help clients navigate complex laws, regulations and procedures as well as develop long-term plans for success.

11) Cannabis Delivery Drivers

Cannabis delivery drivers are an essential part of the cannabis industry, providing a safe and convenient way for customers to purchase products. They have become increasingly popular as more states legalize recreational and medical marijuana use.

Marijuana delivery drivers must possess excellent customer service skills, be able to navigate their local areas quickly and safely, and adhere to all relevant laws and regulations when delivering products. In return for their hard work, they can expect competitive salaries that range from $15-$25 per hour depending on experience level and location.

12) Cannabis Business Owner

Cannabis business owners are taking advantage of the rapidly growing legal cannabis industry and creating successful businesses that offer a variety of products and services. With accredited cannabis schools popping up to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary education and training, more people are becoming interested in starting their own cannabis-related business.

There is a wide range of opportunities available for those looking to get involved in this sector, from dispensaries to delivery services, as well as various C-level positions such as CEOs, CFOs, and COOs. Salaries vary depending on experience level and position but can be quite lucrative; according to recent studies, salaries for top executives at marijuana companies average around $300K per year.

The outlook for cannabis business owners is bright; experts predict that the market will continue to grow exponentially over the next decade due to increased legalization efforts across the US. As such, now is an ideal time for anyone considering entering this booming industry.

13) Cannabis Lab Technician

Cannabis lab technicians are in high demand as the cannabis industry continues to grow and expand. With accredited cannabis schools popping up to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary education and training, more people are turning to this sector for job opportunities.

Cannabis lab technicians have an important role in ensuring that marijuana products meet quality standards, safety regulations, and potency levels before they reach consumers. Salaries can range from $60K -$90K+ per year depending on experience level and location, while states such as California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Nevada offer some of the best opportunities for cannabis testing labs.

The outlook for these professionals is bright; experts predict that the market will continue to grow exponentially over the next decade due to increased legalization efforts across the US.

14) Cannabis Dispensary Owners

Cannabis Dispensary Owners are taking advantage of the rapidly growing legal cannabis industry and creating successful businesses that offer a variety of products and services.

With accredited cannabis schools like CTU popping up to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary education and training, more people are becoming interested in starting their own cannabis-related business.

Cannabis Dispensary owners must possess excellent customer service skills, be able to navigate complex laws, regulations and procedures as well as develop long-term plans for success.

Salaries vary depending on experience level but can be quite lucrative; according to recent studies, salaries for top executives at marijuana companies average around $300K per year.

The outlook for cannabis dispensary owners is bright; experts predict that the market will continue to grow exponentially over the next decade due to increased legalization efforts across the US, particularly states such as California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Nevada which offer some of the best opportunities for these professionals.

Dispensary managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of a licensed cannabis dispensary. This includes overseeing staff, customer service, inventory tracking, ordering products, marketing and advertising, and ensuring compliance with applicable state laws.

They must also ensure that the dispensaries remain profitable by properly managing budgets and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

In addition to having managerial experience in the cannabis industry, dispensary managers must also possess comprehensive knowledge of local regulations regarding selling or cultivating marijuana.

Dispensary managers should have excellent communication skills and be able to navigate quickly changing regulations in the industry while maintaining compliance with all applicable laws.

The salary of a dispensary manager can vary depending on region and experience level within the industry. According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for dispensary managers is $45,000 per year. Salaries also tend to be higher in states where legalized recreational marijuana is established as well as those where medicinal marijuana has been approved by lawmakers.

For example, according to Indeed, dispensary managers in California earn an average of $68,817 per year while those working in Colorado can expect an average annual salary of $62,687. In Oregon and Washington the averages are slightly lower at $58,156 and $54,905 respectively.

Dispensary managers who possess a certification from accredited programs like Cannabis Training University (CTU) typically have greater earning potential than those without one since this indicates they have attained mastery knowledge in their chosen field of study within the cannabis industry.

Additionally, many positions require accredited certifications from accredited programs due to various state laws surrounding medicinal or recreational marijuana use or sales.

Overall salaries for dispensary managers continue to rise as more states legalize marijuana and people become more adept at navigating changing regulations within the industry; however it is important for individuals seeking employment in this field to obtain accredited certifications through accredited programs like CTU before applying for positions in order to increase their earning potential or land a job at a competitive cannabis company.

What makes Cannabis Training University the best weed college?

Cannabis Training University is widely regarded as one of the best accredited cannabis schools in the world. With a comprehensive online curriculum and experienced faculty, CTU offers students the opportunity to learn about all aspects of the marijuana industry, from growing and harvesting to business and legal considerations.

The program features courses on topics such as cannabis cultivation, business management, soil science, laboratory operations and more. Additionally, CTU provides students with access to a wide variety of resources that they can use to support their educational journey, including scientific reports, industry news and an extensive library of video lectures.

In addition to its accredited curriculum, CTU also offers a Certificate Program which allows students to demonstrate mastery in cannabis-related subjects by completing various courses at an advanced level. This certificate is recognized by many employers in the industry as proof of competency and can give applicants a competitive edge when applying for positions in this field.

On top of its robust educational offerings, CTU also provides students with personalized career guidance throughout the duration of their studies. Its team of dedicated career advisors are available to help students identify potential job opportunities that best fit their skillset and career goals.

In summary, Cannabis Training University stands out from other cannabis schools due to its comprehensive curriculum, accreditation, flexible online learning options and personalized cannabis career support services – making it the best weed college in the world today!

What is IACET Accreditation?

IACET, the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), is a non-profit organization that specializes in providing accredited continuing education programs. As a leader in continuing education, IACET accreditation sets the standard for quality and excellence in the industry.

In order to be accredited by IACET, organizations must meet strict standards of quality assurance, instructor qualifications, and content relevancy. Such organizations must also demonstrate continual improvement and commitment to their students. Organizations accredited by IACET have proven that they meet or exceed the rigorous standards set out by the association.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is responsible for accrediting organizations that provide continuing education and training services. ANSI has established accredited programs as part of its mission to promote quality assurance across all industries. By choosing accredited programs from IACET, students can rest assured that the program meets quality assurance requirements set forth by ANSI and international accreditation bodies.

Being accredited by IACET proves that an organization has met particular criteria for designing effective educational experiences for students, including developing learning objectives aligned with course topics; providing up-to-date course materials; ensuring instructors are qualified to teach their respective subject matter; evaluating student learning outcomes; monitoring student satisfaction levels; and more. It further demonstrates an organization’s commitment to ethical practices in teaching and research, as well as its dedication to best educational practices worldwide.

Moreover, organizations accredited by IACET have demonstrated their ability to provide high-quality learning experiences not just at one time but on an ongoing basis. This means that such organizations are consistently meeting quality standards required by ANSI and other international accreditation bodies while assuring participants of timely and relevant content delivered in a safe environment.

Above all else, obtaining accredited status via IACET highlights an organizations commitment to continuous improvement within the industry while setting a higher bar of excellence with regards to educational offerings – which ultimately benefits both learners seeking knowledge as well as employers looking for employees with certifications gained through accredited coursework or training programs.

What does ANSI Accredited Mean?

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is an independent, non-profit organization that works to promote quality assurance and accredited continuing education programs across all industries. It was created in 1918 as a response to the need for national standards in the United States and continues to be an important part of its mission today.

ANSI is responsible for developing standards and guiding principles that organizations must follow in order to provide accredited continuing education and training services. ANSI's accredited programs are developed with quality assurance at their core, ensuring that students receive the necessary knowledge and skills in a safe, effective learning environment.

By meeting ANSI's accreditation guidelines, organizations demonstrate their commitment to providing high-quality learning experiences on an ongoing basis.

In addition to setting guidelines, ANSI also provides resources for accredited organizations, such as guidance documents and audit tools. These tools help accredited providers ensure compliance with standards set out by ANSI while also helping them maintain their accredited status.

The organization also offers training opportunities for providers who wish to increase their proficiency in accredited program development and delivery.

ANSI continues to be one of the most influential organizations when it comes to promoting accredited continuing education programs throughout the world.

Its work has helped countless individuals improve their educational qualifications while providing employers with qualified professionals who have received accredited certifications or coursework from accredited organizations.

Through its commitment to quality assurance, ANSI helps ensure that accredited providers provide students with timely and relevant content delivered in a safe environment – ultimately helping learners reach their educational goals while simultaneously benefiting employers looking for employees with certified skillsets.

Cannabis Career Outlook Now and Beyond

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, with more and more states and countries legalizing medical and recreational use. This has led to a surge in demand for workers skilled in various aspects of the cannabis industry, ranging from cultivation to retail sales and distribution.

According to a report published by Grandview Research, the global legal marijuana market size was valued at USD 12.9 billion in 2019 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.9% between 2020-2027.

The growth can be credited to several factors, including changing attitude towards marijuana usage, increasing acceptance of medical marijuana for treating chronic conditions, decriminalization of marijuana in some countries, and relaxed regulations regarding its usage.

In addition to revenue growth, the number of jobs available in the cannabis sector is increasing as well. According to Leafly’s 2021 Cannabis Jobs Report, there were over 211 thousand jobs available across the United States in 2020 – up from just 18 thousand jobs available in 2016. Occupations include everything from gardeners and trimmers to budtenders, extractors, delivery drivers, marketers, lab technicians, researchers and more – many of which come with competitive salaries and benefits packages that are hard to match elsewhere.

Furthermore, due to an increase in demand for cannabis products among consumers as well as businesses looking to capitalize on the industry’s growth prospects; companies are increasingly turning towards automation solutions such as AI-powered robots or automated process lines for tasks like planting or harvesting crops – resulting in further job opportunities for those with technical know-how or skills related these areas.

Given current trends within the cannabis industry – it is estimated that revenue generated from legal marijuana worldwide will reach anywhere between USD 73 – 200 billion by 2029 – depending on how many countries decide to legalize or decriminalize its usage within this timeframe.

Not only is this good news for employees looking for a career within this ever-growing sector but could also resultin significant economic benefits worldwide due to increased taxation revenues generated from sales & services related to cannabis products/services sold within legal markets around the globe.

Accreditation and Cannabis School

Accreditation is not an easy process. It takes years and many thousands of hours and dollars for a school to become truly accredited. Cannabis Training University is an internationally accredited provider of online cannabis career training courses and the only in the cannabis industry.

Is Oaksterdam University accredited?

No, Oaksterdam University is not accredited.

Is Green Flower University accredited?

No, Green Flower is not accredited by an approved ANSI accrediting body.

Is THC University accredited?

No, THC University is not accredited.

Is Green Cultured accredited?

No, Green Cultured is not accredited.

Is Trichome Institute accredited?

No, Trichome Institute is not accredited.

Is The Cannabis College accredited?

No, Cannabis College is not accredited.

Is Institute of Medical Cannabis accredited?

No, the Institute of Medical Cannabis is not accredited.

Is Clover Leaf internationally accredited?

No, Clover Leaf University is only accredited in Colorado.

Is Cleveland School of Cannabis accredited?

No, Cleveland School of Cannabis is not accredited.

Is Learn Sativa accredited?

No, Learn Sativa (Sativa University) is not accredited.

Is Hempstaff accredited?

No, Hempstaff is not accredited.

Is the Cannabis Community College accredited?

No, the Cannabis Community College is not accredited.

What is the best cannabis college?

Cannabis Training University is the leading accredited online cannabis college and has been since 2009. CTU has trained over 80,000 graduates and offers industry best online cannabis courses to anyone in any US state, Canada, and 50 countries worldwide.

Is Cannabis Training University accredited?

Yes, Cannabis Training University was the first accredited cannabis college and is accredited by IACET/ANSI which means their courses and company meet a set of rigorous standards.

What does it mean to be IACET/ANSI accredited?

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) established the original Continuing Education Unit (CEU) standards and today ensures that providers of continuing education and training can prove they provide high-quality instruction by following the ANSI/IACET 2018-1 Standard for Continuing Education and Training through a rigorous accreditation process.

Who owns Cannabis Training University?

Jeff Zorn owns 100% of Cannabis Training University. Mr. Zorn started CTU in 2009 and has been the sole owner ever since.

Is Cannabis Training University legit?

Yes, Cannabis Training University has trained over 80,000 students from across the globe since 2009. CTU has millions of social media followers and has been in business since 2009, making it the first online cannabis college. CTU is also IACET/ANSI accredited and is the only internationally accredited cannabis college.

Is Cannabis a Major in College?

Yes, cannabis is becoming more and more popular as a major in 2 and 4 year schools as laws improve across the USA, Canada, and worldwide. Cannabis Training University offers more in depth training than 2 and 4 year schools and for a fraction of the price.

How To Get Trained For a Cannabis Career Online In Any State Or Country

Enrolling at Cannabis Training University (CTU) is an essential step for anyone looking to become a professional within the cannabis industry. With accredited courses and certifications that are recognized both nationally and internationally, enrolling in CTU can give you the qualifications you need to qualify for a variety of positions within the cannabis sector.

The enrollment process begins with choosing the right program for your particular needs whether it’s learning about growing weed, dispensary management, or something else related to this industry. Once you’ve identified your desired program, you can easily complete the online application form located on the university’s website and enroll immediately.

So if you’re looking for a quality accredited educational institution that can help fast track your career within the cannabis industry – look no further than Cannabis Training University! With accredited programs designed specifically for those seeking current knowledge & expertise related to this quickly evolving field – enrolling in one or more of their accredited diplomas or certification courses today can help ensure cannabis job security tomorrow!

What Does It Mean That Cannabis Training University IACET/ANSI Accredited?

When an institution like CTU is IACET/ANSI accredited, it means:

  1. Rigorous Standards: The institution meets high standards for its courses, instructors, and administration processes.
  2. Recognition: IACET/ANSI accreditation is globally recognized, meaning that courses from such institutions are generally accepted across industries and geographies.
  3. Continuous Improvement: Accredited institutions commit to ongoing self-assessment and external reviews, ensuring they maintain quality and relevance in their offerings.

Setting an Institution Apart:

Since Cannabis Training University is IACET/ANSI accredited, it means that its courses, instructors, and overall training methodologies adhere to globally recognized standards. This can:

  1. Enhance Credibility: Accreditation is an external validation of the institution's commitment to quality education.
  2. Increase Trust: Students and employers can be more assured of the value and relevance of the courses.
  3. Wider Acceptance: Other educational institutions and employers might recognize and accept credits or certifications more readily.
  4. Continuous Update: The institution would be committed to periodic reviews and updates to its curriculum and teaching methods, ensuring that students receive up-to-date and relevant training.

In the context of the rapidly-evolving cannabis industry, such accreditation significantly benefits students looking for quality education and better employment opportunities.

What makes the best marijuana school better? When researching cannabis education programs, students have many options to choose from. But, which one is the top marijuana school and what factors make it stand out from the rest?

In your search for a high-quality marijuana education, you must consider a cannabis school’s price, instructor experience, course content, and many other factors. Cannabis Training University, the industry’s most renowned training program, stands out from the pack. We are the only IACET accredited cannabis college.


The best online cannabis school should be accessible to nearly everyone around the world, even if they live in places that prohibit cannabis use. Worldwide access to cannabis education allows students to empower themselves with knowledge while the laws catch up.

In addition, a good cannabis school should be affordable enough for students of all economic backgrounds. In the history of cannabis prohibition, minorities have been disproportionately affected by the war on drugs. Affordable access can help strengthen these communities.

The CTU Difference: CTU is 100% legal worldwide. For just $247 (more affordable and a better value than other cannabis colleges), students all over the world can enroll in a comprehensive online cannabis college that can help them grow their hobby or career.

High-Quality Instruction Cannabis College

A quality cannabis college should have a curriculum developed by the top leaders in the cannabis industry. With years or decades of experience in cannabis, the instructor’s content can illuminate every aspect of the industry with their first-hand experience.

Above all, course instructors should continually learn and update course material to reflect the latest laws and research developments of cannabis and provide students with the most up-to-information. In this fast-growing industry, the market can change at the drop of a hat.

The CTU Difference: CTU’s curriculum is assembled by the industry’s top growers, extraction technicians, budtenders, doctors, and lawyers. Students learn through high-definition videos and e-books, including 4 books from Ed Rosenthal, the Guru of Ganja.

Integrated Studies-Cannabis College

The right cannabis education covers a variety of topics and seamlessly connects one another to provide a complete context of the industry. Cannabis cultivation, cannabis law, cannabis extraction, and cannabis cooking can be connected and studied in a single program.

Integrated cannabis studies enable students to dive deep into the most important aspects of the industry through helpful videos and e-books. Instead of learning a single subject, students can explore different subjects and their relationships to each other.

The CTU Difference: CTU is the only cannabis college to offer a complete curriculum covering all areas of the industry. Students can learn a variety of essential skills including cannabis growing, cannabis cooking, cannabis careers, cannabis medicine, cannabis business, and cannabis law.

Continuous Assessment At Cannabis School

Regular assessment of students through quizzes can provide them with a clearer understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. By completing the assessments, students can see how well they have retained the information and which area they need to review.

Quizzes provide students with an opportunity to cement the information and prepare them for a final certification exam. The ability to retake the quizzes and exams allows them to improve upon their mistakes and reach their desired score. No need to punish students for learning differently.

The CTU Difference: CTU includes 8 online quizzes after each course to prepare them for the final exam. Best of all, they can take them as many times as needed to pass.

Technology-Cannabis College

Modern cannabis education should center around the smart use of technology. Technology can help strengthen student engagement with the course material and improve access to the curriculum. Online education programs can include full access to courses, HD videos, e-books, quizzes, and a final exam.

One of the benefits of online marijuana schools is their ability to reduce overhead and administrative costs by using technology to their advantage without paying for a facility and related costs. Technology allows students to earn a complete education for an affordable price.

The CTU Difference: CTU is 100% online. Course content can be accessed on any device with internet connection. E-books can be downloaded for greater convenience and we use real HD videos, not cheap slideshows like other cannabis schools.

Access Time

Instead of jamming all the information over a weekend seminar or three-week course, students should have full access to the course material for an extended period of time. Students without continuous access time to lessons can easily forget the information they learned.

The CTU Difference: CTU provides students with 12 weeks to 6 months or longer of access to the online curriculum. Available 24/7, you can learn at your own pace and whenever it is most convenient for you. No need to rush your learning and sacrifice the quality of your education.

Student Agency

A good online marijuana school gives students the ability to explore opportunities that are relevant to their lives and ones that are not. For instance, medical patients can learn to use cannabis as medicine, while home growers can learn about cultivation techniques.

Students should have the option to expand their learning if they want a complete certification to land a marijuana job. A good marijuana school caters to students with a variety of interests and allows them to learn as much or as little as they want.

The CTU Difference: Students can learn a variety of subjects and complete all of them to pass the final exam and receive certification. CTU's marijuana school makes it affordable and easy for students to learn about their preferred subject and more if they want a complete understanding of the industry.

Cannabis Training University: The Best Online Marijuana School

If you're looking for the best online cannabis college, Cannabis Training University should be your number one choice. As the most renowned marijuana training institution in the world, CTU has developed a reputation of excellence and quality.

12 weeks to up to 365 days of access, 100% online, 24/7 access.

 CTU courses include:

  • Cannabis law
  • Cannabis cooking and extraction
  • Cannabis business
  • Cannabis medicine
  • Cannabis cultivation
  • Cannabis careers

For an affordable price, you can gain a comprehensive education of the industry to find your place in it. Whether you want to learn how to save money by growing weed at home or earn a career in an exciting industry, CTU can help.

Why Cannabis Training University is the Best Cannabis College

Cannabis Training University (CTU) stands out as a premier institution in the world of cannabis education. Here's why CTU is often heralded as the best marijuana school:

  1. Pioneering Online Education: CTU was the first online cannabis school, launching in 2009. This not only showcases their leadership in the space but also their commitment to adapting and innovating as the industry evolves.
  2. IACET/ANSI Accreditation: CTU's accreditation by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and adherence to the ANSI/IACET Standard is a significant endorsement of its educational rigor. IACET is recognized internationally as a standard of excellence in instructional practices. By being accredited, CTU demonstrates its commitment to high-quality education and the continual improvement of learning experiences.
  3. Affordability: Education can often be expensive, but CTU offers a cost-effective way to gain comprehensive knowledge in the cannabis sector. This affordability ensures that more individuals can access quality education without the burdensome financial strain.
  4. Broad and Comprehensive Curriculum: CTU offers a wide range of courses that cover all facets of the cannabis industry, from cultivation to business practices, ensuring students receive a well-rounded education.
  5. Expert Instructors: CTU boasts a team of experienced professionals and experts in the cannabis field. This ensures that students are learning from those who have practical, firsthand knowledge of the industry.
  6. Millions of Social Media Followers: Having a vast social media following is indicative of CTU's widespread reach and influence in the cannabis community. It also showcases the trust and credibility the institution has garnered over the years.
  7. Flexibility: Being an online platform, CTU allows students to learn at their own pace and convenience, making it adaptable for various schedules and learning preferences.
  8. Global Accessibility: No matter where you are in the world, CTU's courses are accessible, breaking down geographical barriers to quality cannabis education.
  9. Networking Opportunities: With a vast student base and its significant presence in the industry, CTU offers opportunities for networking, collaboration, and community-building, which can be invaluable for budding entrepreneurs and professionals.

A new cannabis career path starts at Cannabis Training University (CTU), the leading marijuana training institute.

We know you're busy with work, kids, friends, and other responsibilities, trying to balance everything in your life. That's why we make it easy and affordable to dive deep into this new and exciting industry. 

Our Master of Cannabis certification program has taken years to perfect and is regularly updated with the latest information by our industry-leading cannabis educators.

Here's how easy it is to enroll in CTU and find the cannabis career path you deserve.

Master of Cannabis: Curriculum Overview

stack of books with diploma and mouse isolated on white, Ottawa cannabis college

In this competitive job market, knowing the ins and out of every aspect of the industry is critical to earning a cannabis job.

Our Master of Cannabis certification program covers essential topics: cultivation, extraction, cooking, law, medicine, and much more!

Whether you want to use cannabis as medicine, grow and harvest plants at home, or start a cannabis career, CTU can help.

Here’s an overview of our online-based training program:

  • Indoor and outdoor cannabis growing – Our cultivation course has helped many growers set up an affordable grow space indoors or outdoors. You can use your knowledge to become a cultivation technician, trimmer, and head grower over time. Learn how to care for your plant through the vegetative and flowering stage, low-stress training methods, how to grow more bud sites, 
  • Medical marijuana – Learn about the endocannabinoid system and how compounds in the cannabis plant produce various effects. Learn about cannabis potency, consumption methods, and the plant can potentially treat many diseases and conditions. We’ll show you how to become a medical cannabis patient in your state.
  • Budtending – Budtending is one of the most coveted jobs for retail cannabis businesses. Learn about different cannabis products, cannabis effects, and health benefits. We provide job assistance and templates to create your resume and cover letter.
  • How to open a dispensary –  We’ll train you to apply for a retail license, hire budtenders, find a retail location, and many more crucial aspects of starting a dispensary.
  • How to open a cannabis business – Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, vice president, or other C-level executives, you can learn how to transfer your business and leadership skills to cannabis. Learn how to hire skilled employees, find investors, create a pitch deck and business plan, remain state compliant, and scale your business.
  • Cannabis cooking – Cannabis plants, including their buds, sugar and fan leaves, and stems, can be used to make edibles, extracts, and topicals. We teach you how to cook safely with cannabis on a stovetop, oven, or slow cooker. Explore dozens of cooking recipes and instructions on how to make topicals.
  • Cannabis extraction – We teach you about different solventless and solvent-based extraction techniques, the requirements to become an extraction technician, and how to make extracts at home safely.

As far as cannabis training programs go, CTU provides the best value out of all of them. Get an all-encompassing education to find your place in the industry. With CTU cannabis credentials, you can qualify for many cannabis jobs. 

Admission Requirements

Enrolling in CTU is easy and affordable.

Admission requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Pay the enrollment fee
  • Must have access to an internet-connected device, such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and a stable internet connection 

Do I Need a High School Diploma?

A high school diploma or equivalent is NOT required to enroll at Cannabis Training University. You can participate in your state’s recreational or medical marijuana program without prior credentials or experience.

Admission Process

Enrolling in higher cannabis education can be stressful, but we make it simple and affordable. Can’t afford the entire enrollment fee right now? No worries! Our buy-now-pay-later service allows you to make four interest-free payments over six weeks and pay a quarter of the price today.

How to enroll in CTU:

1. All you need to do is visit our Enrollment page to start your cannabis journey.

2. Click the “Enroll Now” button.

3. Apply a coupon code, if available.

4. Add your billing details and create a password.

5. Click “Place Order,” and you can start learning today!

It’s that easy! 

Is Military Assistance Available?

We're proud to offer discounts to military personnel. With valid identification, you can get 10% off. 

Why Choose CTU

We’re proud to be the first online cannabis college. Since 2009, our mission has been to provide practicable and accessible higher education for students of all skill levels.

Today, we educate cannabis students worldwide, with thousands of alumni in cannabis jobs.

We provide an online cannabis education program that includes high-definition videos, industry-recognized ebooks, downloadable handouts to reference later, 24/7 customer support, and the most recognized credentials in the industry. 

  • 10 certifications – Whether you’re a new or experienced user, our comprehensive program is designed to give you a well-rounded education in all fields of cannabis.
  • National Cannabis Industry Association member – We’re a part of the longest-running and biggest trade association in cannabis. 
  • IACET/ANSI Accredited Cannabis College

Stay up to date with your local cannabis laws by enrolling in CTU. Our cannabis educators can teach you different marijuana plant training techniques, canna is edible recipes, and other trade secrets to remain competitive in this cannabis job market.

The method of education is changing. Traditional education has a great many limitations that can eliminate the school as a viable option for many students. It is limited because the costs involved are higher, making tuition unattainable. Also, because students must be located close to the classes, only students that live or move near the school may attend.

Online education is becoming more and more popular, primarily because it reduces or eliminates the limitations of traditional education. Online cannabis classes and the ability to complete one's training in a subject online has many excellent benefits.

Universities across the country who offer such programs are rapidly growing for this reason. Just as the online option is providing benefits to traditional schools, it provides many advantages of an online marijuana school as well.

Benefits of an Online Marijuana School

Online marijuana school Student studying at a computer and learning online cannabis courses.

Improved Access

The marijuana industry is growing rapidly, and the need for trained professionals has never been higher. Students who have undergone training from a qualified marijuana school have a far better chance of finding a rewarding and lucrative cannabis career.

They will have an advantage over those who have no professional training. By providing the opportunity to receive an education online, there is no limit to who can attend. Anyone across the globe with access to the internet can earn their Master of Cannabis Certifications online.

Higher Quality Cannabis Education

The quality of the education available through an online marijuana school is also improved. Instead of taking courses from a limited number of educators, students enrolled have access to training from all the top marijuana experts.

These professionals have provided their expertise for students to take advantage of, without needing to be in a classroom setting. That allows for all the top cannabis experts in the field to share their knowledge to any student enrolled anywhere in the world.

Compared to in-person cannabis schools, Cannabis Training University provides much more learning, up to 350 hours of content. In-person cannabis college's provide only a day or two of training. At Cannabis Training University you can learn many times more than you could at any in-person marijuana school.

Lower Cost

Operating a physical school is exceptionally costly. Consider the expenses that are involved including building maintenance and upkeep, property taxes, utilities including water, sewer, and electricity, and many others. These costs are reflected in the amount a student is required to pay.

Online marijuana schools eliminate these expenses that in turn, reduce the student's costs as well. This builds on exceptional value because students not only receive a higher quality education, they do so at a much more affordable rate.

Comfort, Convenience, and Flexibility

There are no set times or locations that a student must follow to learn. Because the program is entirely online, students can take the courses when it works best for them. They no longer have to juggle their work or family responsibilities to attend school. Because it is so flexible, it makes attaining their Master of Cannabis Certificates highly convenient.

Furthermore, they can learn in the manner that works best for them in the environment that makes them most comfortable. This helps the student to learn the material better and faster than in traditional education settings.

These are just a few of the many benefits of an online cannabis school. There is an incredible opportunity for individuals to enter the marijuana industry, and a Masters Certificate can help position them for greater success.

Why Cannabis Training University

Cannabis Training University (CTU) is the leading accredited online marijuana school in the world and offers cutting-edge marijuana training across the globe. Our classes are fully legal and available to anyone, regardless of your area's marijuana laws.

The leading members of the US and Canada cannabis community offer students comprehensive marijuana education and provide the most combined experience in the medical marijuana industry in North America.

We've trained thousands of individuals in over 20 countries. We have provided our graduates with a Master of Cannabis Certificate and the knowledge needed to grow marijuana successfully. As well as finding employment within the exciting cannabis industry.

Accredited Cannabis College

Cannabis Training University is IACET/ANSI accredited! Cannabis Training University is the accredited cannabis college that can give you the credentials you need to succeed in the booming cannabis industry.

Our complete curriculum can be taken when it is convenient for you, and our model allows us to provide that curriculum at an affordable rate. Learn more about CTU and the education we provide, contact us with your questions, or enroll today to really see the benefits of an online marijuana school!

Benefits of an online Marijuana School Summarized

Online marijuana schools are becoming more popular as a result of the advantages they provide over conventional sit-down classroom settings. The following are some advantages of marijuana education online:

Flexibility and Convenience: By allowing students to learn at their own pace and at convenient times, online schools remove the need to adhere to a rigid class schedule. For people who have personal responsibilities or are working professionals, this is extremely helpful.

Geographic Accessibility: Online courses remove geographical barriers by enabling students from all corners of the globe to enroll in the same level of education without having to relocate or travel.

Cost-Effective: Online courses frequently cost less than their in-person counterparts, and there is also the added benefit of avoiding travel and lodging costs.

Diverse Content and Resources: Online learning environments often provide a wide range of educational resources, including videos, tests, reading material, and more. This multi-media strategy can accommodate various learning preferences.

Networking: Online forums, chat rooms, and webinars may be offered by some platforms, giving students the chance to interact with a variety of peers and industry experts from across the world.

Current Information: Since online learning environments are routinely updated, students are given the most up-to-date instruction possible in this quickly changing field.

What makes Cannabis Training University (CTU) unique:

Comprehensive Curriculum: CTU provides a comprehensive selection of classes covering all facets of the cannabis industry, from business management to cultivation to legal considerations.

Expert Teachers: CTU's instructors are professionals and authorities in their industries, assuring a high caliber of training.

Students who successfully complete the program are awarded certification, which can be useful when looking for employment in the cannabis industry or starting a business.

Global Accessibility: Anyone, anyone can access the courses through CTU's online platform as long as they have an internet connection.

Affordability: When compared to other training courses, CTU offers a reasonably priced approach to get in-depth instruction in the cannabis industry.

Developing Cannabis Business & Career Options with CTU:

Wide Range of Career Options: CTU's training can open doors to a number of positions in the cannabis business, including sales reps, managers of dispensaries, and experts in growing.

Legal Awareness: Anyone intending to launch a legal cannabis business will find CTU's courses on the industry's legal ramifications to be of great use. Knowing the rules and laws can help you avoid future legal problems, time, and expense.

Business Skills: CTU gives its students the tools they need to manage a successful cannabis business, in addition to teaching them about the plant and its advantages.

Opportunities for networking: CTU can assist students in making connections with other businesspeople in the field, which can lead to joint ventures, employment opportunities, and collaborative projects.

In conclusion, online marijuana programs, especially those from renowned institutions like the Cannabis Training University, provide a flexible, all-encompassing option to enter or advance one's career in the cannabis sector. Whether you want to start your own business, are looking for a career, or are just interested in the sector, CTU provides a strong platform for learning and development.

Start Your Recreational or Medical Marijuana Career Today the Leading Marijuana Training Institute!

Enrolling in CTU is the best way to break into this fast-growing industry. Our industry-leading experts can train you to earn a cannabis career in the cultivation, retail, processing, or ancillary sector. Enroll in CTU today! Cannabis Training University is also the only internationally accredited marijuana college!

Did you know that there are more Cannabis Training University students in cannabis jobs than all other cannabis colleges?

If you want to land a job in this fast-growing industry or just want to learn how to use cannabis safely and legally, Cannabis Training University can help!

Comprehensive Cannabis Education Online Curriculum

Cannabis Training University offers students of all skill levels from around the world the opportunity to learn from a renowned and complete industry training program. Since 2009, CTU has developed a reputation for excellence and world-class education.

No matter where you are in the world, CTU is 100% legal, even if your local laws prohibit commercial cannabis activity. Preparing for the oncoming industry can help you be in a better place to land a job when cannabis finally does become legal near you.

CTU’s online-based curriculum is accessible for a period of 12 weeks and available 24/7 online. All you need is an internet connection and a tablet, smartphone, or computer to log into your account.

As the most affordable industry training program on the market, CTU makes it easy for students to break into the industry without having to make a prohibitively expensive investment.

Interested in enrolling in the best online cannabis college?

Here's what you can expect from CTU courses.


If you're a complete beginner, our curriculum goes through every part of the cannabis plant to help you become acquainted with its therapeutic components. Learn all about the plant’s history, anatomy, and fast-growing industry.

Even if you're a seasoned expert, a refresher on the basics can help you go over the different types of cannabis products available, their uses, and the state of the industry.


Many of our students are interested in learning to grow their own cannabis at home. In many legal states, home cultivation is legal. Learn the basics of setting up an indoor or outdoor garden from scratch and on a budget. You can grow huge yields in your closet or on your windowsill.

Not sure what equipment to buy? Are you having trouble picking a location in your apartment or house to grow cannabis?

Don't worry. We’ll go through every part of assembling your garden setup from choosing a strain to deciding whether you want to start with clones or seeds to choosing containers, lights, and a soilless or soil-based system.

Once you've gone all your gear in place, we’ll help you set it up. We’ll give you tips on air flow, water sources, electrical wiring, lighting, and temperature and humidity. We’ll also give you tips on how to keep your grow room clean and maintained to keep your plants healthy.

With everything in place, you can be ready to start planting your seeds or growing your clones from the comfort of your home and eventually from a commercial facility, if you want to work in cannabis cultivation.

How to Grow

Whether you're a first-time gardener or seasoned grower with dreams of operating your own cultivation facility, our cannabis cultivation course offers students a comprehensive breakdown of the stages of cannabis growth.

Learn from the top cannabis growers working in the most competitive markets. We provide a wealth of ebook and video resources, including a wide range of books on cultivation by the “Guru of Ganja” himself, Ed Rosenthal, a member of our CTU staff.

Using his world-renowned cultivation textbooks and our comprehensive curriculum, students can learn all about cannabis clones and seedlings, the vegetative and flowering stage, harvesting, and garden troubleshooting.

Our course helps you decide how to start growing from either clones or seeds and how to care for young plants so they can have a better chance of growing into mature plants.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

marijuana extraction course - Johanna Rose
Makes $24.50 @ THC +

Once they've established their roots and a few leaves, your plants are in their vegetative stage. We cover pruning, plant training, transplanting, feeding and watering, and identifying disorders and diseases for a healthy transition into the flowering stage.

In its flowering stage, we will show you how to keep your plants growing dense and resinous buds in the right environment. Our course also covers the right techniques for harvesting, drying, and curing your cannabis bud.

Finally, we will help you troubleshoot any issues relating to pests, nutritional disorders, mold infestations, and so much more.

Cooking and Extraction

Do you want to learn how to create a wide range of infusions and extractions? Our cooking and extraction course can teach students the basics of processing cannabis raw material into their favorite edibles, topicals, tinctures, and extracts.

We’ll teach you everything you need to know about decarboxylating your cannabis and using solvent-based or solventless extraction methods to separate its resinous trichomes from the rest of the plant matter.

It's all about what kind of material you start with. We help you choose the best raw material to make incredible extracts using dried or fresh-frozen cannabis.

A big part of creating the perfect edible is estimating potency and creating a homogenized recipe for a consistent and reliable dose every time.

Learn how to make tinctures, juice fresh cannabis, dry sift kief at home, make homemade bubble hash, and learn about the different types of solvent-based extractions used in the cannabis market.

After the extraction process, it's time to finish purifying and refining the infusion or extract using straining, filtering, and purging techniques. We show you the different ways to take a crude extract and turn it into a ready-to-consume product.

We provide you with course content that helps you calculate doses, make infused oils and butters, make capsules, make cannabis flower, and handle common challenges in a cannabis kitchen.

Cannabis recipes include:

  • Savory edibles
  • Sweet edibles
  • Topicals
  • Beverages


Medical cannabis is a powerful alternative and supplement to traditional therapies. If you want to learn the best way to use cannabis for a wide range of conditions and symptoms, we’ll help you understand the science of cannabis, the latest research, and the most effective ways to use cannabis.

First, we'll go through the long history of medical cannabis from its prehistoric use through its prohibition and its current legalization. Cannabis research is fairly new. We cover the latest research on medical cannabis.

As a cannabis patient, you must obtain a medical recommendation from a licensed physician. We go through medical cannabis programs in the United States and Canada and provide you with each state/province/territory requirements for obtaining a medical cannabis card.

With your card in hand, you will learn about the endocannabinoid system, the network of cell receptors that is responsible for maintaining homeostasis in the body. We'll go through endocannabinoids, cannabinoids, cannabinoid receptors, and their effects on different parts of the body.

Learn about the latest cannabis research on a variety of conditions including arthritis, neurodegenerative diseases, movement disorders and neuropathy, cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

You’ll learn about different delivery methods including ingestion, inhalation, transdermal application, intraoral, topical, suppositories, and raw preparations. We'll show you how to find the right dose and deal with side effects and drug interactions.


Cannabis laws are changing every day. Our curriculum is regularly updated to reflect the most up-to-date regulations around the world. We provide a wealth of information on cannabis laws in the United States, Canada, and other countries with developing cannabis markets.


As the fastest-growing job market in the country, the cannabis industry is ripe with career opportunities for those with the right skills and experience. Governments have different minimum age requirements, work permits, and fees associated with cannabis workers.

As a comprehensive cannabis career resource, CTU shows you where to find cannabis work, how to build your experience, how to write a resume and cover letter, and how to succeed in an interview. Our resume and cover letter templates make it easy to fill in the blanks and create a clear and concise resume and cover letter.

If you're unsure where you fit in the industry or you want to learn more about a specific position, we go through the different types of cultivation, retail, processing, and ancillary positions that are most popular in the industry.


The cannabis industry is on an upswing and budding entrepreneurs are ready to hit the ground running. Our business course goes over the government regulation required in the U.S. and Canada to get a license as a standalone or vertically integrated business.

Our business course goes over the different elements of setting up a business including a business plan, pitch deck, marketing and advertising, transportation, inventory management, insurance, and legal considerations.

We also cover every type of cannabis segment from cultivation to retail to processing and show you how business owners in the field have had success. Learn with our step-by-step guide showing you what you need to do to set up a profitable business.

Enroll in Cannabis Training University

Cannabis Training University is the world's most affordable and comprehensive industry training program. Cannabis education online is a great option for everyone, whether you are a hobbyist or entrepreneur. CTU’s online-based marijuana university gives you the skills and knowledge you need to use cannabis effectively and break into the industry.

In summary, Cannabis Training University combines a pioneering spirit, comprehensive curriculum, expert faculty, and a commitment to quality education, making it a top choice for anyone seeking to delve into the world of cannabis, whether for personal knowledge or professional advancement.

What is the study of marijuana called?

Depending on what part of the plant or its application is being investigated, the study of marijuana (cannabis) can be divided into a number of disciplines:

Pharmacology is the study of how substances affect living things and alter their functions. Pharmacologists would research the impacts of cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD) on the human body when it comes to marijuana.

Ethnobotany: This field of research examines how people and plants interact. The historical and cultural applications of cannabis in many societies could be investigated by an ethnobotanist.

Botany is the study of plants, including their biology, growth, and genetics.
Agronomy: For individuals researching the best methods for cultivating cannabis to increase yield and potency.

Chemistry: Chemists may investigate the numerous terpenes and cannabinoids present in cannabis, as well as their interactions and physical characteristics.

Sociology: Marijuana use's effects on society, its place in social structures, and its influence on customs and behavior would be of interest to sociologists.

Medical specialists research marijuana's therapeutic effects, as well as its potential advantages and dangers in the treatment of a variety of illnesses.

There isn't a single name that is universally recognized for the study of cannabis alone, even if all of these fields have some connection to the study of marijuana. Instead, the context would be used to specify the area of research (such as pharmacology, ethnobotany, etc.).

What state is easiest to get a marijuana license?

The easiest states to get a marijuana license are: Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Michigan, California, and Illinois.

Is there a sativa University that teaches cannabis education?

Cannabis Training University teaches not only sativa, but also indica, ruderalis, and all hybrid strain information and how to grow each at a professional or beginner level.

What is the leading online marijuana school for cannabis job training?

Cannabis Training University has been the leading online marijuana school since 2009. CTU trains anyone from anywhere on all subjects of the booming cannabis industry.

How can I enroll at an online marijuana college?

Cannabis Training University has easy enrollment. Just go to the CTU website and click on ENROLL. Anyone can enroll from anywhere and enrollment only takes a moment to do.

Who was the worlds first cannabis college online?

Cannabis Training University was the world's first cannabis college online way back in 2009. CTU was also the world's first IACET/ANSI accredited cannabis school.

Why is Cannabis Training University the best cannabis school?

Cannabis Training University has amazing online cannabis educators who are leaders in their cannabis industry fields. CTU also has the most graduates, the most social media followers, and the most online cannabis content of any cannabis college.

Is there an online marijuana school near me?

Fortunately Cannabis Training University can be taken by anyone in any state or country worldwide. There is no need to travel to a sit down classroom when you enroll at CTU. Students can learn from any device even their mobile phone.

Is there a free online cannabis college?

Cannabis Training University has free online marijuana school e-books for downloading on its website.

Can I find a free dispensary certification online?

Cannabis Training University has free e-books for dispensary training on its website for anyone to download.

Where are cannabis cultivation classes near me?

Cannabis Training University has cannabis cultivation classes online and are available for anyone to enroll in from anywhere in the world.

What makes CTU better than Oaksterdam University online?

Cannabis Training University is the leading institute of medical cannabis with over 80,000 graduates and online courses covering all aspects of the cannabis industry. CTU is also the only IACET/ANSI accredited institute of medical cannabis.

Where can I find a cannabis professional certificate program?

Cannabis Training University provides IACET/ANSI accredited cannabis professional certificate programs online for anyone in any state, Canada, and 50 countries worldwide.

What is the best online cannabis college?

Cannabis Training University is the best online cannabis school with the most gradates, the most graduates working in the cannabis industry, the most social media followers, and the most respected and accepted cannabis certifications in the entire industry. CTU is also the only IACET/ANSI accredited cannabis college worldwide.

Gavin Kushman. Cannabis strain writer in a cannabis garden
Gavin Kushman

Gavin is a worldly adventurer and cannabis connoisseur, embarking on journeys that take him to the far corners of the globe to explore and document the varied effects, flavors, and histories of both renowned and lesser-known strains. From the misty high-altitude farms of the Hindu Kush highlands to the vibrant cannabis cafes of Amsterdam, Gavin's quest for knowledge spans continents. A recognized authority in the cannabis industry, he frequently lends his expertise to leading publications such as Cannabis Training University, where his captivating blog articles chronicle his unique experiences with different cannabis strains.

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