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Many caregivers and medical cannabis patients are taking up the hobby of growing their own marijuana. In many cases, it has become a medical necessity for them to do so as a way of always being able to have their own stock of medical marijuana. It also gives them financial independence.

Of course, there are rules on how to become a grower in Michigan and elsewhere. A cannabis grower has to follow strict compliance and guidelines. If not followed precisely as is written, there may be severe consequences faced and even felony criminal charges. Below are some of the most essential dangers and considerations of how to become a grower.

The Caregiver

In the state of Michigan, a cannabis grower is allowed to cultivate only 72 plants or less. Right now, a medical cannabis caregiver is the only individual to supply a patient legally with medical marijuana.

Each cannabis grower is allowed about five registered patients. They are able to grow about 12 plants for each of their five patients. If the caregiver is serving five patients and is also a patient, then the caregiver is allowed to grow approximately 72 medical marijuana plants.

The Definition

The state of Michigan has defined a marijuana plant as a multi-cellular organism and vegetable growth, produced from photosynthesis and having strong cell walls. The formation of root is necessary prior to cutting the plant. As soon as the plant is cut to prepare for drying, it is still considered to be a plant until the caregiver dries it.

What is usable marijuana? It is when the leaves and flowers are appropriately dried, which means it is void of seeds, roots, and stalks.


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The Drying Process

It can take up to a few weeks for marijuana plants to completely dry. The additional plants, during that time should only be grown if the entire number exceeds the allowed maximum and this includes the marijuana plants that are being dried.

For each 72 batch of plants, the legal guidelines suggest that the caregiver must be stored in an enclosed, separated and locked space or facility. The entire marijuana cultivation must be monitored. This means that the caregiver should be the only one to access this space.

The patient must be the only one in possession of the allowable plants. The facility or space must be kept under lock and key, securely monitored at all times.

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Yes, the rules for growing medical marijuana are strict and enforceable, if not followed. The cost to defend any litigation against any non-compliance of the medical marijuana rules can be massive. Therefore, it is important for the cannabis grower to maintain the rules and legal guidelines. To learn more about how to become a cannabis grower in Michigan, go to Cannabis Training University.

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