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Looking for a Canada Cannabis College? Getting certified by a renowned certification program is one of the best resume qualifications you can have.

As the second-largest cannabis market in the world, Canada is ripe with cannabis business and employment opportunities. Only the most knowledgeable and skilled applicants are chosen to enter the workforce.

Cannabis Training University: Online Cannabis Education

Cannabis Training University is the most distinguished and affordable industry education institute in the world. CTU has updated its cannabis laws to include all the latest information on Canadian cannabis laws and regulations. It’s the perfect program for students of all skill levels!

While not a requirement, CTU certification is recognized across the globe. Industry certification from CTU can help hobbyists and career-oriented individuals propel their skills growing, cooking, extracting, and working in the industry.

CTU benefits include:

  • Learn at your own pace on any device
  • Hundreds of in-depth lessons and videos
  • 24-hour support
  • 100% legal worldwide
  • More courses than any other cannabis college
  • More graduates than all other cannabis schools
  • More CTU students in cannabis jobs than all other cannabis colleges

Learn about every major aspect of the industry from industry professionals. Up-to-date information about the latest techniques and regulations gives you the knowledge you need to get ahead in Canada’s cannabis industry.

Do You Need A Cannabis Degree?

Currently, provinces and territories have different requirements to work in the cannabis industry. Provinces and territories can require certain employees and owners to undergo industry training provided by an approved educator.

Usually, the program only covers safe selling practices. The training helps students understand the legal requirements of working in a cannabis facility.

While CTU’s cannabis training program is not a requirement, it features even more educational resources covering everything from cannabis cultivation to cooking with cannabis. A degree from CTU (on top of the required training, if any) can empower you to start growing weed for the first time or start working in the industry.

Many people in Canada have signed up at Cannabis Training University to learn all about the fast-growing cannabis industry. In a highly-competitive job market, earning your stripes at CTU will give you the competitive edge you need.

Cannabis Jobs In Canada

Canada’s medical and recreational cannabis market is always looking for talented employees in retail, cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, testing, extraction, and other segments. From entry-level work to management positions, the industry is looking for talent of all skill levels and backgrounds.


Canada's retail segment requires a cast of friendly and knowledgeable employees who can help customers find the right products. Here are a few of the most common dispensary jobs:

  • Reception Desk: Receptionist and Security
  • Dispensary: Budtender
  • Operations: Dispensary manager


Help large-scale commercial farms grow cannabis flower and harvest them for processing. Cannabis flower is the foundation for all of the industry’s variety of products. Here are a few key jobs available in cultivation:

  • Cultivation assistant
  • Bud trimmer
  • Lead grower


In Canada, everything from flower to oil to edibles is legal. Cannabis processors convert raw material into a range of therapeutic products. Some of the most common jobs include:

  • Packaging
  • Inventory specialist
  • Extraction technician
  • Quality assurance
  • Edibles chef

Best Value

CTU has quickly become the leading cannabis college in Canada due to the huge amount of information included in its Master of Cannabis certification program, and the amazingly low cost of admission. Learn all about cannabis cultivation, cannabis cooking, cannabis extraction, cannabis careers, cannabis medicine, and so much more!


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Steven Bryant, a CTU graduate from British Columbia said “I was looking for a cannabis college in Canada and the first one I found was many thousands of dollars. I did not want to spend that much. Then I found Cannabis Training University. It was low cost, plus it had more content included in the program so it was a no-brainer at that point for me.”

When students enroll at CTU’s Canada Cannabis College, they will learn a wealth of invaluable information through informative and entertaining videos and e-books. Some of the topics covered include (but aren’t limited to):

  • How to grow cannabis indoors,
  • How to grow cannabis outdoors
  • How to do cannabis extractions
  • The history of cannabis in Canada
  • How to open a marijuana dispensary
  • How to be a budtender in a dispensary
  • Marijuana as a medicine
  • Cannabis strain selection
  • Cannabis equipment selection and setup
  • Cannabis cooking and recipes
  • How to make hash
  • How to write a cannabis resume
  • How to write a cannabis business plan
  • Canada cannabis laws and regulations
  • History of cannabis laws in Canada
  • And many other useful areas about cannabis and the booming cannabis industry in Canada

Cannabis Training University is the leading Canadian cannabis college, with more students, more graduates, more information, and the lowest price.

Learn at Your Own Pace

CTU’s online learning platform caters to students who value their time and want to fit in cannabis education into their busy schedules. CTU’s courses are available all day, everyday during your one-year access period.

Online education can eliminate boring commutes and provide access to students all over the world as long as you have a computer and internet connection.

Get one-year access to Canada Cannabis College’s wealth of ebook and video resources, as well as quizzes and exams to help you retain the information.

At the end, passing a final exam earns you the most coveted industry certification to date.

How to Get a Cannabis Job In Canada

If you're looking to get a cannabis job in Canada, you must first meet the minimum age requirement (varies by province and territory). In most provinces, the minimum age is 19.

Here are some tips to help you land a cannabis industry job in Canada:

  • Enroll in Canada Cannabis College: Learn the latest laws and regulations of your Province or territory and the rest of the world. CTU's comprehensive training program is the most renowned in the world.
  • Make friends: Attend local industry events. Find online groups of users and industry employees in the area. Spruce up your LinkedIn profile and start connecting with local business owners.
  • Apply: Apply to available jobs online or ask the company directly if they’re hiring. CTU can help you craft a clear and concise resume showing all of your experience and achievements. Cannabis education can put you over the top.

Online Cannabis College in Canada

Anyone looking for a Canada cannabis college should look at Cannabis Training University for a low-cost alternative and a vast amount of convenient online learning.

Students can learn at their own pace. There are no schedules or deadlines at CTU.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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The CTU Master of Cannabis Certificate program can be completed as quickly as a couple of weeks, although most students take their time and finish within a few months or a year.

The current cannabis industry in Canada is growing at a fast rate. Thousands of cannabis businesses are sprouting all across the country, creating cannabis job opportunities.

More and more Canadians are looking for cannabis training that is affordable and convenient to their own busy schedule, and are signing up at the leading Canada cannabis college, Cannabis Training University.

Anyone can enroll in the best Canada cannabis college! There is no prior experience or education needed.

So what are you waiting for? The Canada cannabis college of your dreams is online and is always open for enrollment.

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