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Whether you are getting ready to open a retail store or want to get your team on the same page, dispensary employee training from Cannabis Training University covers compliance and operational matters that all cannabis retailers must encounter.

CTU’s Master of Cannabis Certification program is an industry-leading training program for students of all skill levels. Empower your team with custom learning paths, cutting-edge knowledge, world-class educators, and solid and actionable insights.

What Training for Marijuana Dispensary Staff is Needed?

In the cannabis industry, there is no standardized training for dispensary staff. For this reason, cannabis business owners must stay on top of the latest employee training and education regulations.

Each state has different legal and training requirements for cannabis employees. For example, Alaska requires employees to get a marijuana handler permit. In Arizona, there are no training requirements. Some states may require employees to get a certain amount of education hours per year.

Our Master of Cannabis Certification program features the most up-to-date employee regulations for all states, provinces, and territories in the U.S. and Canada. We also provide links to each program and its latest regulations.

Cannabis Training University is the world’s most renowned online industry training institute. Although not required by any state, our program provides the best value and the most information to train your employees on all things cannabis.

Dispensary Employees Need More Industry Training

As cannabis becomes legalized across more states and countries, proper cannabis education is necessary for all dispensary employees. A study on training and practices of cannabis dispensary staff revealed that only 55% of employees had formal medical cannabis training. In addition, 20% had medical and scientific training. 

Nearly all of the dispensary employees surveyed stated they provided cannabis guidance to patients regarding strains and products. Since customers rely on budtenders’ advice, more cannabis education for employees can help educate customers and patients. 

Custom Training for Marijuana Dispensary Employees at a Great Value

Our custom dispensary training programs are tailor-made to teach your staff about the plant and the industry. Our comprehensive courses are designed to give your employees the knowledge they need to provide an exceptional customer experience.

If you want to open a dispensary, providing your staff with the proper education and training can make all the difference. Our Master of Cannabis Certification Program covers the following issues (and more) to create a knowledgeable team.


Cannabis regulations vary by state. Dispensary employees need to know the relevant compliance regulations for retail operations to remain state-compliant. 

Our course teaches students about the following legal considerations:

  • Signs
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Cannabis tracking
  • Inventory reporting
  • Purchasing limits
  • Store security

Training on cannabis compliance regulations is the foundation for a seamless retail operation. Employees will learn how to handle cannabis products, perform transactions, and keep your store on the right side of the law.


Dispensaries use point-of-sale (POS) systems to handle retail transactions and track sales. Employees must be well trained or have previous experience operating a POS system. Each system has a different interface and functions. Knowing how to work this technology simplifies the cash handling and sales/customer tracking process.

Customer Service

Dispensary staff should ideally have previous retail, customer service, or hospitality experience to handle the fast-paced cannabis retail environment. Our Master of Cannabis Certification program covers the essential customer service skills that all dispensary employees must have, including:

  • Greeting customers
  • Being friendly
  • Making customers feel welcome
  • Handling complaints with respectful responses
  • Thanking the customer for their business

Many customers may be new to cannabis and need that extra help to not be overwhelmed by the product selection or different consumption methods. Budtenders should not only be knowledgeable about cannabis but also know how to convey that information to customers in an effective manner.


Although not all dispensary employees will be on the sales floor, it is helpful for everyone to understand basic operational strategies for dealing with customers. Each customer is different and requires different sales techniques to meet their needs.

Our Master of Cannabis Certification program covers different aspects of retail sales, including inventory, patient, and customer tracking, and handling product recalls and returns. Teach your dispensary employees how to make the hard or soft sell, recommend products, and be informed about the latest offers.

Product Knowledge

Budtenders, in particular, should be knowledgeable about a dispensary’s different product offerings. Budtenders must also know how each product and consumption method can affect a person. 

Our Master of Cannabis Certification program gives you an in-depth understanding of different product types, effects, adverse effects, medication interactions, and more. Learn about the plant’s therapeutic compounds, what factors affect their effects, and how they interact with the body.

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In addition, students learn how cannabis is grown, extracted, and processed to make various infusions, such as edibles, tinctures, capsules, and topicals.

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