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Looking to break into the booming cannabis industry? Look no further than Cannabis Training University (CTU) which offers the top online cannabis courses and certifications. CTU was the first online cannabis school, founded in 2009, and has successfully trained and certified an industry most over 60,000 students from around the world.

CTU is IACET/ANSI accredited, meaning their courses meet the strictest standards for developing, administering, and continuously improving adult education and training programs. The IACET (International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) accreditation provides third-party credibility that CTU's cannabis curriculum follows best practices in instructional design, learning methodologies, and overall quality.

One of the biggest advantages of Cannabis Training University is the ability to take their affordable online cannabis courses anytime, anywhere, on any device – even your smartphone.

Our mobile-friendly platform allows you to conveniently study and earn cannabis certifications around your current work schedule. No more antiquated classroom schedules to work around.

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Online Cannabis Courses

CTU offers a comprehensive catalog of cannabis courses online, covering all major areas of the plant's cultivation, products, laws, and businesses:

  1. How to Grow Cannabis – Master legal cannabis cultivation methods for indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse environments. Learn growth strategies, curing, pest management, and more.
  2. How to Cook with Cannabis – Proper dosing, food safety, infusion techniques, and recipes for delicious sweet and savory cannabis-infused edibles.
  3. How to Start a Cannabis Business – From seed to sale, craft a professional cannabis business plan, secure funding and real estate, manage operations and compliance.
  4. How to Open a Dispensary – Specialized training in cannabis dispensary management, customer service, inventory, point-of-sale systems, and legal regulations.
  5. Cannabis Extractions – Extraction methods and best practices for producing oils, waxes, shatters, tinctures, and other concentrated cannabis products.
  6. Budtender Certification – Everything cannabis retail staff need – sales, customer service, product knowledge, legal compliance for medical and recreational markets.
  7. Cannabis 101 for Beginners – The complete introduction covering cannabis history, science, laws, culture, medical uses and more.
  8. How to Open a CBD/Hemp Business – Separate curriculum focused on regulations, licensing, product sales and marketing for the CBD and hemp industries.

For those wanting a comprehensive full-stack cannabis education, CTU also offers the Master of Cannabis Certification program. This “cannabis master's degree” provides expert-level training across all disciplines.

With a cutting-edge online learning platform, CTU ensures all course content reflects the latest legislative updates and rapidly shifting cannabis laws at the state level, federal level, and international level across the U.S., Canada, and over 50 countries worldwide. CTU's cannabis law instructors work continuously to keep the curriculum current.

The cannabis job market is rapidly expanding, with businesses big and small eagerly seeking knowledgeable professionals certified in cannabis plant sciences, product manufacturing, legal compliance, business operations and more.

There has never been a better time to gain the credentials and expertise to launch a successful cannabis career through Cannabis Training University's convenient and respected online programs.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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Makes $24.50 @ THC +

Take CTU's online cannabis courses and begin your exciting and new cannabis career. No matter where you live, now is the time to begin your journey towards working in the cannabis industry.

Jeffrey (Jeff) Zorn-CEO Cannabis Training University picture
Jeff Zorn

Jeff Zorn, a collegiate basketball player, discovered the transformative power of medical cannabis after a significant injury. He founded Cannabis Training University (CTU), a groundbreaking institution dedicated to disseminating comprehensive information about the cannabis industry. With a team of skilled educators and faculty members, CTU has reached thousands of students worldwide. As an esteemed cannabis business expert, Jeff regularly contributes thought-provoking articles online, providing invaluable guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs. CTU has grown from a single student in 2009 to a global phenomenon with over 80,000 students.

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