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As students are enrolling at the Cannabis Institute in Boston, the Cannabis Training University is offering everyone an invitation to participate. Why would you want to be a part of this educational phenomenon? Well, the cannabis industry has gotten very sophisticated and profitable. For that reason, it has opened up a lot of cannabis jobs. If you want to change careers or get into the cannabis industry, then you need to become more informed. This is what the Cannabis Institute in Boston offers. You will gain the skills, education and expertise needed to excel and be a competitive candidate for a cannabis job.

Industry Growth

As the marijuana industry continues to grow, it is the best move to become a student at the Cannabis Institute in Boston like Betty Arias did six months ago. Betty lived and worked in a little retail store in Colorado. So, she had the customer service and sales experience required to work in a cannabis job as a budtender or sales manager. Since the industry was growing in leaps and bounds, p in the state of Colorado, Betty decided to move into a role that was more lucrative than her retail store job. However, she wanted to be ready for the industry and its growth and the best way she decided was to become a student at the Cannabis Institute in Boston.

Becoming a Student

It is easy to become a student at the Cannabis Institute in Boston. All it takes is to pay the fee, which is minimal compared to what other similar schools charge. After paying the nominal fee, you will be given immediate access to the online platform at the Cannabis Training University. Once engaged on the platform, you would choose a memorable username and secret password. Jot down this information because you will need it every time that you want to log in.

The Courses

The Cannabis Institute in Boston has 7 courses altogether that students have completed and its associated quizzes that students have to pass before moving on to the next one. When all seven quizzes have been successfully passed, then the student will get the chance to take the final examination and pass with a percentage score of 84 or more. The courses include topics such as:


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  • How to trim buds
  • How to make cannabis products
  • Cloning
  • How to get a medical cannabis card
  • How to become a budtender
  • Growing marijuana indoors and outdoors
  • How to qualify for a medical cannabis card
  • Making hash oil and concentrates
  • How to cultivate marijuana in a hydroponic plant

When you attend the Cannabis Institute in Boston, you will make all your dreams become a reality. You will come to understand how the cannabis industry works and how you fit in. By graduating from the Cannabis Training University and Cannabis Institute in Boston, you will become certified and eligible for a marijuana job in a cannabis dispensary or other similar establishment.

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Final Thoughts

At the Cannabis Institute, you get world class training. This allows you to grasp the information faster and easier. You will find it smoother, more flexible and convenient to get through the courses with a higher level of understanding. Since CTU opened the Cannabis Institute in Boston, it has become the forerunner as it relates to providing the highest level of quality education. Because it is necessary to know something about marijuana before you embark on a cannabis career, it is important to attend this online school. Go to the Cannabis Training University to find out more about how to be successful in the cannabis industry and earn your cannabis certification.