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Residents of New Mexico can now take advantage of attending the New Mexico Cannabis School that is operated by the Cannabis Training University. If you want to get into the marijuana business or embark in the cannabis industry or learn more about the benefits of medical marijuana, you can do so now. The marijuana industry is now opened in many states and many countries around the world.

Many states have legalized marijuana, even the federal government still considers weed illegal. However, the states have jurisdiction within the confines of the law and this has opened the door for both recreational marijuana users and medical marijuana patients. For that reason, this opens up cannabis jobs to residents of New Mexico. However, if you do want to get into the cannabis industry, it is best to get the proper training and that is what CTU offers at their New Mexico Cannabis School. There are only six courses that you have to take along with quizzes and a final exam, which when passes allows an award of a marijuana certificate. Let's dive in!

The Courses in New Mexico                            

The six courses offered at New Mexico Cannabis School  are comprehensive and includes interactive videos and electronic books, which are the materials that students used to get the best out of the program and which aids them in passing the final exam to get their certificate. The courses are both basic and complex, but with guidance from the instructors, students will be able to pass the courses and become certified. With a laptop or computer and online access, students will be able to cover topics such as:

  • How to grow marijuana successfully
  • Recreational marijuana and medical marijuana legalization
  • Marijuana laws in each state
  • Becoming the owner of a marijuana dispensary
  • Becoming a budtender and cannabis trimmer
  • Cannabis seeds and cloning
  • Making cannabis products like hash oil, edibles, tinctures, hash oil and dabs
  • Growing marijuana in a hydroponic grow system
  • Obtaining a medical marijuana card
  • Medical conditions that qualify for medical marijuana
  • Growing weed outdoors and indoors

One student of the New Mexico Cannabis School talked about the course materials, “I was so glad that the school offered so much material so I didn't have to do any research on my own. He material is easy to understand and follow along. I found them really helpful. I liked the fact that they were online so I could access them at any time. You are not allowed to download the electronic books, but why would anyone want to do that when they are always there? I found the videos to be interactive and easy to follow along. I think this program is one of the best online and would definitely recommend residents of New Mexico and all over the world to consider becoming a student.”


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The Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is on the way up and people are experiencing profitable businesses and in need of more workers. If you want to work in the cannabis industry, you should think about receiving training to prepare you for a rewarding career. Don't be left behind because it is evident that as more states make marijuana legal, more doors are going to open up. The New Mexico Cannabis School has a place here for you. Get on board now and learn at our own pace. Enroll today so that you can change your future and become an employee in the thriving cannabis industry.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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Enroll in Cannabis Training University's marijuana certification classes today. It is easy to enroll and only takes a few minutes and you will be on your way to a better future.

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