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South Africa and marijuana now has an exciting relationship as it relates to its legal framework and where things are going for the country in the near future. It is safe to say that recent developments have occurred and are still taking place.

In South Africa, the word, ‘dagga' is used to describe marijuana. Recent news stories have indicated that there are significant policy changes and documented court cases that show a shift in the conversation, leaning toward progress as it relates to the use of dagga or marijuana.

With these recent developments, activity and a lot of excitement has been sparked from local residents in debates, marches, continued Internet dialogue and media interviews. There is noticeable progress made on medical and recreational marijuana. At the South Africa Marijuana School, you will learn more about all this incredible news about weed and its momentum and movement towards legalization since 2014 and it is getting closer to being a welcomed approval by those who need it for medicinal use.

The Student

As a student at the South Africa Marijuana School in collaboration with the Cannabis Training University, you will get an in-depth review of the cannabis industry and learn the laws governing marijuana in each state within the United States as well as on the global front, in places like South Africa. With a minimal fee, you will be able to enroll in a program that provides a whole host of topics that will enlighten and educate you on different aspects of the marijuana plant and its place in society and in the marketplace.

You will see ways that you can use the information learned to change your career goals and possibly enter the cannabis industry where growth is obvious and where this growth offers numerous job opportunities.

In fact, at the South Africa Marijuana School, you will learn how to become a budtender and also how to land a job in the cannabis industry using the skills you already have and the information that you will be taught.


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The Process

You do not necessarily have to live in South Africa to take advantage of the courses being offered. You can live anywhere in the world because all the courses can be done on the internet within the confines of your home. So, you can actually do this in private as long as you have a laptop or computer and access to the internet. Once you go to the Cannabis Training University, you will see an enrollment form. It is a short form so it is easy to fill out and doesn't take long. Once completed, you will be taken to a new page to pay the small fee and then you get to pick your username and password.

After that, you will be taken to the portal where all the courses are stored, updated and maintained. You will be able to start the first course, which includes a basic introduction to the marijuana industry. There are six courses altogether and as you go through each course, you will learn things like:

  • How to grow marijuana
  • Medical conditions that qualify for medical marijuana
  • Planting weed outdoors and indoors
  • The cannabis laws
  • Marijuana bud trimming
  • Benefits of marijuana
  • Medical and recreational marijuana

Whether you live in South Africa or Colorado, once you complete all six courses and pass the final examination, you will receive a certification and be able to apply for a cannabis job right away.

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Now that you see how instrumental the South Africa Marijuana School could be for your immediate future, it is now your responsibility to take action. So, take action now by going to the Cannabis Training University to begin the enrollment process for your marijuana training.

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