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South Africa is on the verge of becoming a cannabis industry powerhouse over the next few years. Personal cannabis use decriminalization has opened up many job and business opportunities in the Rainbow Nation.

Become part of the exciting transformation in South Africa’s cannabis industry by enrolling in South Africa Marijuana School, brought to you by Cannabis Training University (CTU). Here’s how industry certification from CTU can help you achieve your cannabis dream.

Affordable Online Education

We provide students around the world with affordable higher education entirely online. Our Master of Cannabis certification program is a flexible option that can open up opportunities for employment in South Africa’s sprouting marijuana industry.

No need to commute to classes or work around your class or work schedule. CTU courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any internet-connected device. We make it easy for you to learn about cannabis while still working and advancing professionally.

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World-Class Faculty

South Africa Marijuana School is proud to have a broad range of leaders in their field, from expert cannabis growers to the best budtenders in the business. Our faculty has decades of experience working in the industry and is ready to share their knowledge with you.

Twelve Weeks of Access to Course Content

When you enroll at South Africa Marijuana School, you get 12 weeks of access to our Master of Cannabis certification, featuring 10 certifications for the price of one. Twelve weeks is enough time to go through all the courses and pass the final exam. After passing the final exam, you get downloadable certificates that you can also include in your resume and cover letter.

Grow Cannabis at Home

In 2018, South Africa’s Supreme Court decriminalized cannabis use within the privacy of one’s home. Today, South Africa allows for the possession and cultivation of cannabis on private property. Public cannabis consumption is not legal.

Our Master of Cannabis program teaches you how to set up an indoor or outdoor cannabis garden in a secure space away from public view. We’ll guide you through every step of the process, from germinating seeds to harvesting and storing cannabis flower.

Make Edibles and Extracts

Since home cultivation for personal use is decriminalized in South Africa, you can use your flower, sugar leaves, and trim to make various infused edibles, concentrates, and topicals. We show you how to work in the kitchen to safely make cannabutter or canna oil.

Use Cannabis as Medicine

Cannabis has been used as medicine for thousands of years. We provide the latest scientific research on cannabis’ health benefits and show you how you can use this plant to treat various symptoms and conditions.

Find a Career

South Africa does not allow cannabis sales but does allow CBD products with 0.2% THC or less to be sold and used. This has opened the door for hemp cultivation and production of CBD oils, vapes, skincare topicals, and beverages.

In this growing market, there are a lot of career opportunities, including a CBD store manager, retail assistant, cannabis grower, extraction technician, edibles chef, and so much more. We teach you how to create a resume and cover letter and succeed in these jobs.

Start a Business

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has committed to streamlining the country's path toward hemp and cannabis regulation. This came a few months after the country’s agriculture department released a national strategy that estimated the country’s industry size at 28 billion rands ($1.9 billion).

Our Master of Cannabis program gives you the skills to start or manage a business. We show you how to find a location, impress investors, create a business plan and pitch deck, and run a successful cannabis business.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

marijuana extraction course - Johanna Rose
Makes $24.50 @ THC +

Industry-Leading Ebooks

Once enrolled, you get access to eight ebooks by Ed Rosenthal, a legendary cannabis author, horticulturist, and advocate. These industry ebooks provide hours of additional content not tested on the final exam on cannabis cultivation, cooking, extraction, and more.

Enroll in South Africa Marijuana School Today!

Start your path toward the cannabis industry by enrolling at CTU. Our affordable online cannabis training allows you to learn at your own pace on your schedule. Learn how to grow weed, find a cannabis job, or start a business with our Master of Cannabis program.

Fred Hernandez - Cannabis industry expert writer
Fred Hernandez

Fred Hernandez is a highly accomplished and versatile writer, boasting an extensive background in the cannabis industry. With an in-depth understanding of various sectors including cultivators, processors, retailers, and brands, Fred's expertise spans across the entire cannabis landscape. As a prominent contributor to CTU, he consistently delivers insightful articles exploring the latest developments, news, and regulations shaping the cannabis industry. Whether it's delving into the intricacies of cannabis products, cannabis strain reviews, or providing comprehensive analyses of cannabis laws, or sharing expert insights on cannabis cultivation techniques, Fred's wealth of knowledge positions him as an invaluable writer and educator for all cannabis-related subjects.

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