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Have you ever wondered what the best detox pills for weed are? Looking for marijuana detox pills and wondering how to use them? If you’ve been looking for options on how to get THC out of your system, don’t worry. With a little forward thinking, detoxing from weed and THC is possible. 

It’s no wonder that so many people are looking for the best detox pills and drink options on the market – it’s one of the most effective ways to pass for a drug test if you’ve recently taken cannabis. Whether you need to detox from marijuana for a drug test or just want to get the remaining THC from your system as quickly as possible, detoxing THC is a good option to consider.

However, before we go any further, we first need to make an important point. You must never use a weed cleanse to learn how to flush weed out of your system for illegal cannabis use. Indeed, you must only ever use cannabis legally in line with your state’s laws. So, if you’ve taken illegal cannabis, you must not take a detox for marijuana before a drug test.

Fortunately, most states that have legalized recreational cannabis use have protections in place for employees. However, it’s still not uncommon for employers to request a random marijuana drug test, which can be uncomfortable. Let's take a detailed look at the best detox pills for weed.

How to Detox From THC, Weed, or Marijuana

If you’d like to learn how to detox from THC, weed, or marijuana, one of the best options to consider is to try a detox kit. Indeed, even if you have looked into questions such as “what is clean weed,” there’s no way to escape THC lingering in your system. 

What are the Best Detox Pills for Weed?

Knowing where to start can understandably feel tricky if you’ve been looking for a detox THC solution. However, there are plenty of excellent THC detox kit options on the market, and finding the ideal option can sometimes seem hard. Still, there are plenty of simple options out there that can help you detox from THC. 

From specialist short-term THC detox kits to products designed to give a longer-term cleansing result, these top options are well worth considering. And remember: there’s a reason places like Walgreens don’t offer synthetic urine – so it’s important to be fully honest if you’re doing a drug test. 

If you’ve been wondering how to pass a drug test with a pill bottle for work, using cleansers to defraud the drug test could get you into a lot of trouble. Detox kits should only be used as a personal drug test cleanse from Walgreens (or the like) for your own information and well-being. 

How to Get Marijuana Out of Your System Fast: The Best Same-Day Detox Cleanses

For many people, detox drinks for weed need to provide a quick, last-minute solution (e.g., before a home drug test). With this thought in mind, the following detox drinks for THC are designed to get to work quickly, cleansing your system of THC rapidly and lasting for several hours.

Typically, same-day detox cleansers are not designed to fully cleanse your systems. Instead, these are generally the best detox for weed users who need a quick turnaround – such as for an upcoming drug test.

#1 Nutra Cleanse – Fail Safe Kit

Nutra Cleanse Fail Safe Kit. Clean shot and Clean caps.

If you need quick results from your detox for weed, Nutra Cleanse’s Fail Safe Kit might be the perfect option! Indeed, this extra-powerful same-day THC detox kit is designed to provide a reliable, effective, and thorough cleanse for almost any cannabis user. 

Indeed, the clue’s in the name – this excellent product really does provide rapid and reliable results, no matter how heavy your use has been! However, for best results, try to avoid unwanted toxins for at least forty-eight hours prior to taking your test. 

The Nutra Cleanse Fail Safe Kit comes with one Clean Shot weed and THC detox drink concentrate (plus four capsules) and an additional twelve clean capsules. In total, taking the detox takes around 45 minutes, and results begin to work within 90 minutes, providing up to six hours of coverage. Ideally, try to take your home drug test (e.g. CVS) around 4-5 hours after the initial cleanse.

Overall, there’s no doubt that the Nutra Cleanse Fail Safe Kit is one of the most thorough and effective drug cleansers on the market. It’s primarily intended for people who know their toxin levels are high – however, if you’re unsure, it can still be used by people wanting a slightly less intense option.

Alternatively, if you only need a very mild detox to ensure the last remnants of THC are out of your system, you can purchase the two parts of the Fail Safe kit (Clean Shot and Clean Caps) separately for a gentler cleansing experience.


#2 Rescue Cleanse

If the Nutra Cleanse kit doesn’t do it for you and you want a slightly simpler option, the Rescue Cleanse detox formula could be a good option to consider. It’s not quite as effective as a detox for marijuana’s effects; this THC detox can be a very good option if you need a drug test cleanse, so long as you use it at least 48 hours after using cannabis for the last time. 

The Rescue Cleanse detox is great for last-minute weed cleanses if you plan on taking a test quickly, so long as you’ve allowed enough time in between taking marijuana and the detox. If not, though, another option could be better. All Nutra Cleanse products rank higher for effectiveness over Rescue Cleanse.

#3 Detoxify Mega Cleanse

If you’ve been looking for ways to clean out your system in 24 hours, Walmart’s Detoxify Mega Cleanse could be an ideal option to consider. Indeed, as some of the best detox drinks for THC and toxins, the Detoxify Mega Cleanse eliminates the need for a pre-cleanse. This is thanks to the inclusion of a MegaBoost capsule. This helps provide very quick results to remove toxins and impurities from your body.

The Mega Cleanse includes numerous different ingredients, such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, and a whole lot of fiber, to help detox your body quickly. Plus, the gentle tropical flavor is very pleasant for many people, making it much easier to take.

#4 Toxin Rid Detox Kit

If you’ve been looking for an effective tox rid kit, the Toxin Rid 1-Day Cleanse could be your best detox for THC (among other toxins). Better still, it’s available from numerous retailers, making it a good option for cleaning your weed system.

It’s made from all-natural ingredients and helps cleanse the saliva, urine, and blood within as little as an hour – making it a good option for same-day testing. However, if you have more time until you need to take your drug test, longer-term weed detox kit options are available as part of this range.

#5 Stinger Detox

Another popular last-minute same-day drug test option is the Stinger Detox, which is exceptionally potent. It’s watermelon flavored, although some people may not necessarily appreciate the detox’s strong flavor; still, the benefit of this detox drink for THC is that you won’t need to take very much of it. As such, if you’d prefer to get the detoxing over and done with, this could be the ideal THC cleanse for your needs.

The Best Total Body Cleanse THC Detox Kits, Pills, and Drinks

If you are looking for a longer-term solution for cleansing, there are plenty of detox options for weed users on the market that could help. Total body marijuana cleanse options offer an excellent answer to questions such as “how to get weed out of your system fast?” And, if you’re planning on quitting marijuana for good, these can be a good way to start a permanent THC detox.

As such, if you want to ensure that your body is clear from THC, be it before your regular home drug test cleanse or just for general well-being, the following THC detox drinks, kits, and pills are great for more thorough cleansing purposes and to pass a drug test.

#1 Nutra Cleanse – Ultra Total Body Cleanse Program

Nutra Cleanse Ultra Total Body Cleanse Program

If you’ve been looking for a total body cleanse, finding the right THC detox kit is important – and luckily, the Ultra Total Body Cleanse Program is ideal for removing even high levels of THC from your system. The cleanse requires around ten days to complete fully, so it’s incredibly thorough, and this will help cleanse THC from your hair, blood, and urine alike.

The Nutra Cleanse Ultra Total Body Cleanse Program contains a huge array of different products designed to provide the most effective level of detox for your system. The pack includes two bottles of the Nutra Cleanse ten-day capsules, Nutra Cleanse Clean Caps, Nutra Cleanse Pre-Cleanse Formula, a Folli-Clean Shampoo, and additional detox and meal planning guides. 

Moreover, to check that you’ve fully detoxed your system, these drug test detox kits include three utest+  tests for nicotine (COT) and marijuana (THC).


#2 Ultra Cleanse – Total Body Cleanse Program

If you don’t need quite as much of a kick as the previous Ultra Cleanse plan provides, the 5-day Ultra Total Body Cleanse Program could be a good alternative. This excellent marijuana detox kit is effective for most light or moderate users.

The components of the Ultra Cleanse Total Body Cleanse Program include the same products as in the Ultra program but for a five-day course rather than a ten-day detox. It also includes two home testing kits (one less than the Ultra pack but more than enough to ensure you’re fully free of THC).

#3 CVS Health 14-Day Cleanse Detox Kit

If you’ve got plenty of time to spare and aren’t in a rush to cleanse your body of THC and toxins, the CVS Health 14-Day Cleanse Detox Kit could also be a good option. This excellent product supports efficient digestive health and is sometimes also used as part of a THC detox program.

This excellent total body cleanse THC detox kit is ideal for use alongside a CVS drug test, giving you the reassurance that your body is as clear as it can be of THC. Better still, it’s also available with numerous additional brands, such as Walmart. 

#4 Renew Life Total Body Reset

If you’ve been looking for the best option for detox drinks or pills near me, the Renew Life Total Body Reset could be a good option to consider. In short, it might be a good option to use if you’ve been searching for a “pass a drug test kit at Walgreens.” 

This THC detox is a three-day program easily integrated into your daily routine. Simply take two of the morning formula capsules and one evening formula capsule daily for three days to achieve the best results.

The Total Body Reset cleanse is made with numerous different ingredients, including Cape Aloe leaf, milk thistle extract, rhubarb, taurine, and more, to help cleanse your systems of toxins. Many people find themselves feeling much more revitalized after taking it, too, so this detox kit for THC might be worth a try. 

How Long to Get Weed Out of Your System? 

By now, it’s worth considering: how long does it take for weed to get out of your system? It’s not always clear on how to get weed out of your system with a detox kit, which can leave people just waiting for weed to clear from their system. Unfortunately, though, this isn’t always a fine art.

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In most cases, if you’ve had a one-off smoke of marijuana, it will clear from your blood and saliva from weed within a day or two, and your urine should be free of THC within a week. So, if you haven’t smoked in two weeks, you might be wondering, “am I clean now?” 

Unfortunately, it’s not this clear-cut. If you’re a regular cannabis user, it may remain in your system for around a week. However, urine tests may be positive for over a month, and if you’re doing a hair test, the THC could stay in your system for up to 90 days. 

Of course, there’s only so much a detox drug test kit can help with. So, this is worth keeping in mind if you’re looking to learn how to get weed out of your system fast, completely. Feeling ready to buy the best detox pills for weed?

Final Thoughts

Have you have wondered, “what is the best THC detox drink to flush your system?” If so, there are plenty of awesome brands on offer – but the Nutra Cleanse range is generally a good option to consider first.

If you have recently taken cannabis – or if you used to be a regular cannabis user but have since stopped – it’s often worth knowing how to clean your system of THC. Whether this is just out of general interest or if you’re looking to find out how to pass a drug test for weed or THC at home, these options could all be very useful! But, of course, it’s important to remember that home weed cleanse kits shouldn’t ever be used to defraud an employee’s drug test dishonestly. 

Still, if you’re just curious about the different ways to pass a drug test at home, or want to rid your body of toxins, learning how to clean your system of weed is a great place to start. And don’t worry – detoxing THC from your body is actually pretty quick and simple, so it’s well worth considering. What are the best detox pills for weed? The best detox pills for weed are made by Nutra Cleanse.

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