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Here is how to make a glycerin-based cannabis tincture at home.

Cannabis is an amazing versatile plant that can be used to make a lot of products. Most commonly it has been used to make oils, hash, dabs and even tinctures. Glycerin- based tincture are gaining popularity as a suitable substitute for alcohol based tinctures that had previously dominated the scene.

A glycerin-based tincture is a versatile product that you can easily use to induce different foods and beverages. Making tinctures is also fairly simple for as long as you can lay your hands on the best available strain. Of course you will also need the right equipment and technique.

There are many ways to consume marijuana but a tincture works for most people because it is easy to use. All you need to do is to place one or two drops beneath the tongue and you will be good to go. This area is very well vascularized meaning that it has a rich supply of blood vessels. The CBD will quickly dissolve into the bloodstream and you will begin to feel the therapeutic effects of CBD almost immediately.

Tinctures can be made using different agents like honey and alcohol but in this article, we are going to look at how to make a glycerin cannabis tincture. The good thing is that you can make it from the comfort of your home.

Benefit of Using Glycerin to Make Tincture

It is an excellent solvent compared to alcohol if you want to enjoy your cannabis in a mild way that is not strong. Glycerin being a plant-based ingredient it means that you also will not feel intoxicated and you can also enjoy a glycerin tincture even at your workplace. It is also safe to use it at home even when you have children unlike with alcohol.

To make a glycerin-based Cannabis tincture you will need;

1.      A crock pot that comes with a warm and low setting. Don’t use a regular pot.

2.      A cheesecloth

3.      A large bowl

4.      15g cannabis flower

5.      3 cups of food grade vegetable glycerin

6.      Gloves

7.      A spoon, preferably wooden

8.      A mason or glass jar that is big enough to accommodate both cannabis and the glycerin

Steps to follow;

Mix cannabis and the glycerin together in the pot. Combine and stir well with your spoon until all the cannabis is saturated with glycerin. Now set the pot to low for about 45-50 minutes and ensure to stir well after every 5 minutes. You should now be able to smell an aroma of cannabis after 45 or 50 minutes. The aroma or rather odor is a sign that the decarboxylation process of cannabis is taking place.


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The decarboxylation process is the one that changes the non-psychoactive THCA that is in the cannabis to psychoactive THC. Once you have sensed the cannabis aroma now turn the pot from low to the warm setting.

You should cook the mixture in the warm setting for 13 to 20 hours. Stir regularly during this period. Ensure to stir with a lot of strength. Do not stir in a casual way. The glycerin is able to absorb more of the cannabinoids if you stir the mixture regularly.

After the 13 to 20 hours switch off your Crockpot and allow the mixture to cool for an hour or so. Your mixture should look like a dark soup that is oily. If it doesn’t look that way then you should know that there is a problem.

The next step is to take your cheesecloth and fold it well so that it can fit into your large bowl. The purpose of the cheese cloth is to separate the cannabis plant material from the now present cannabinoid– rich glycerin.

The next step is to lift up your folded cheese cloth that contains the mixture and squeeze thoroughly so as to obtain all the glycerin cannabis tincture. Remember that the harder you will squeeze the more glycerin tincture you will obtain. The purpose of squeezing hard is because most of the tincture may end up being left in the plant material.

The following step is to transfer your obtained tincture to a glass storage container. Ensure to repeat the cheese cloth filtering process until all the tincture is obtained. You don’t want to throw away your precious tincture.

The tincture you obtain should be light brown in color although a large quantity of tincture will appear like it has a dark color but in real sense it's still brown in color. Sometimes the finished product will also appear to have an amber color. You should also notice that the finished product of your tincture will have a smell and aroma like that of honey.

How to Consume Your Cannabis Tincture

The ideal way to consume your cannabis tincture is by placing a few drops under your tongue. Consuming this way will help in delivering the cannabis compounds into your bloodstream directly. This consumption method will also make you feel the medicinal effect quickly if that is your aim.

Remember to keep the dropper you will be using clean so that you don’t end up drinking impurities that might lead to serious health issues.

Benefits Of A Cannabis Tincture

1.      It enhances a proper dosage control. The proper dosage control will ensure that you are getting the right amount of cannabis tincture that your body needs.

2.      There is no smoking that is involved, if you want to enjoy the medical benefits of cannabis without smoking then a cannabis tincture will solve your problem.

3.      Tinctures have longer shelf life compared to other cannabis products like edibles. If you store them in a cool and dark place then expect the tincture to last you even for years.

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4.      It is a more discreet way to enjoy cannabis especially if you don’t want people to know that you are taking cannabis.

5.      Tinctures contain few calories. It is ideal to consume even if you are looking after your weight.

6.      Tinctures can be safe to be used by children. Since the tincture that is made doesn’t contain THCA then the child will not get high in order to experience the medicinal benefits of the tincture.


You should try making a cannabis tincture at home if you want to enjoy all the medical benefits of cannabis in a simpler way. The good thing is that it's easy and won't take a lot of your time even if you are a busy working person.

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