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Many new cannabis users beg others to roll for them instead of learning how to roll a joint themselves. Smoking cannabis from a joint is still the most popular method used worldwide, so it pays to learn how to do it yourself.

Here are some tips to become a master joint roller!

How To Roll A Joint by Hand

  1. Lay out the joint-paper, flat, glue-side up and facing away from you.
  2. Make your herb fine, as close to a powder as you can. Grate or cut your herb with scissors, or even better, using a weed grinder. (It is important to not have any stems sticking out)
  3. Spread the herb evenly on the paper from one end to another.
  4. Using both hands, pick up the herb and paper, and use your thumbs and fingers to bring the bottom end up near the top and begin shaping it all into a cone shape. Allow your thumbs to do most of the work.
  5. Don’t worry if some of the contents falls out of the ends. It happens to the best of them. Once a nice shape has been achieved roll the bottom end up until the middle of the joint.
  6. Make a crease and roll the joint inwards using your thumbs.
  7. Roll upwards until you reach the glue area. Lick the glue, and stick the glue down by finishing the rolling motion. Using the thumbs more than the fingers is very important.
  8. Let the joint dry for a few minutes unless of course your group is full of impatient people!
Cannabis Training University - Joint Roller

How To Roll A Joint by using a Joint Roller

  1. As with any joint, it is imperative to get rid of stems and anything that could puncture the paper. Start by grinding the herb and remove the stems.
  2. Fill the roller with herb, nice and evenly distributed.
  3. Load the paper into the roller so the sticky glue side is facing you and in an upward position.
  4. Roll the paper into the joint roller by pressing downwards with your thumbs.
  5. Continue to roll the paper up until only the strip of glue is showing.
  6. Lick the glue (not too much) and continue to roll downward with the thumbs.
  7. Take it out, let it dry, and spark it up!

For a great joint roller we recommend the 70MM ROLLER from Zig-Zag.

How to Roll a Cross Joint

  1. Roll a large, thick joint. This will act as the base.
  2. Roll 2 thinner joints.
  3. Use the tip of a pen to make two holes at the tip of the large joint.
  4. Stick the ends of the thinner joints in the holes and use glue strips to seal and hold the joints in place.
  5. Enjoy!

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