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CBD products can provide a wide range of health benefits without the high associated with THC products. Vaping CBD can provide fast-acting and long-lasting effects. If you are new to smoking or vaping, our guide can teach you how to vape CBD oil safely and effectively.

Steps To Use a Vape Pen

It is important to read the handbook in order to avoid any issues. Utilize the charger that was provided in order to charge the pen. Start the pen up by operating it without any juice in the beginning.
Fill the tank with e-liquid, making sure to avoid the hole in the middle, and then wait for it to soak into the coil for five minutes. To begin, press the button five times in quick succession, and then take a breath in via the mouthpiece.

How to use a vape pen

Vape Pen Advantages-How To Use a Vape Pen

The ease of use, low maintenance requirements, portability, and accessibility of vape pens are just a few of the devices' many selling points. They eliminate the need for intricate settings while providing a vaping experience that is both straightforward and pleasurable.

Popular Vape Pen Products

There is a wide range of costs for several popular vape pen products. Some instances are as follows:

Uwell CALIBURN Explorer 32W Pod System is available for purchase for $27.99.

dotmod Switch R 25W Pod System may be purchased for $13.99.

The Vaporesso LUXE Q2 SE Pod System can be purchased for $15.99.

Uwell Caliburn G3 25W Pod System is currently available for $21.99.

Aspire Minican 3 Pod System is available for $12.99.

Now that you know how to use a vape pen check out some of the affordable vape pens above.

How To Care For a Vape Pen

To properly maintain your vape pen, it is important to clean the mouthpiece, battery, and tank on a regular basis. To further extend the life of the gadget, make sure to replace the coils whenever the manufacturer suggests doing so and to carefully store it whenever it is not in use.

A good vaping experience is one of the potential outcomes and consequences of using a vape pen, however the specific outcomes might vary widely depending on the kind of e-liquid that is consumed.

Vape Pen Effects

The effects of using a vape pen include the inhalation of vaporized e-liquid, which can contain nicotine, flavorings, and other substances. The results vary from relaxation and pleasure to nicotine satisfaction, depending on the contents of the vape juice and the presence of nicotine.

As for maintenance, aside from regular cleaning and coil replacement, ensure the battery contacts are clean, avoid overcharging, and replace the battery if you notice a decrease in performance. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for the best experience and longevity of your device.

Vape pens are the portable option for smoking weed. That is not the only benefit, but it is the primary benefit. You can easily slide it into a pocket, backpack or purse. You don't have to fumble for a lighter or try to find a lost lighter as you would if you were smoking a joint. All you have to do is just to take out your vape pen, stuff it with weed or oil and hit the start button and then begin inhaling the odorless vapor, which is dispelled without clinging to the clothes you have on. Let's now talk about the versatility of vape pens.

Top Benefits of Vape Pens

The Versatility

You can expect to find vape pens as being versatile with the ability of being transported anywhere. If you are indoors or even outdoors, you don't have to be scared about upsetting anyone due to the smoke. You don't have to be concerned about the odor of weed lingering in your vehicle. You don't have to be concerned about doing the same to a restroom, if you want to use one of your vape pens while on a break. When you have finished smoking, all you do next is to put the vape pen in its place and just go about your business for the day.

The Longevity

When you use vape pens, you can expect that the first hit will be similar in strength as the last hit. No one wants to open up a jar of packaged flower and let the air get in so as to dry out the flower and then not have the best hit from it. In that case, the weed would lose its potency and taste. However, in the case of the vape pen, this would never happen. If you use concentrates, you can expect to have more longevity than the cannabis flower. Concentrates maintain their potency.

The Traditional Way

With your vape pens, you don't have to worry about buying too much weed to get a good smoke. Additionally, when you smoke weed the traditional way, you lose some of the buds by crumbling or carbonization. Moreover, weed in a bowl or joint may not burn as evenly as with the vape pens. And if you use a grinder, then you have to pick put stems and seeds. The puff is what you are vaporizing with your vape pens and then rest of weed remains in its cartridge.

The Consistency

Over time, the potency and the impact on the marijuana flower will diminish. In addition, there are some variations, which are normal within the same cannabis strain from one harvest to the next. Each marijuana grower strives for consistency, but this is almost impossible because of how complex the terpene and cannabinoid production is in the marijuana plant. It is easier to replicate concentrates from one batch to the next.

Of course, this will have a slight variation because of the flower that is used. However, concentrates tend to have a higher level of terpenes and cannabinoids and so those differences will go unnoticed.

If you have not tried one of these yet, it won't hurt to give it a shot. However, you might have some questions as to its benefits and how to use it and also any drawbacks that it might have. So, we have addressed those concerns for you and put together some of the advantages and disadvantages of cannabis vape pen cartridges. We will address the advantages first. Let's begin with the convenience.

The Convenience

For convenience, vape pen cartridges are the best, especially for those who want to switch from smoking joints. This device is portable and easy to fit into someone's pocket. So, it is not noticeable and no one will know you have it on you. All you have to do is to attach it to a battery and begin inhaling it to produce the vapor. Some of the vape pen cartridges have a ‘push button' feature, but it all depends on the kind of battery that you choose to use.

Fewer Aromas

When you smoke weed, you have to be prepared that the smell will get you noticed. This is highly noticeable when you are smoking joints. However, if you opt for vape pen cartridges, you won't have to worry about the odor because it is not as strong as when the actual marijuana flower is burning. Moreover, the vapor from the pen goes away much quicker and you won't smell it on your clothes or hand.

Longer Lasting Shelf Life

If vape pen cartridges are sold in a dispensary, the owner does not have to worry about it not having a long shelf life. In fact, its shelf life is longer than many cannabis products such as the cannabis flower, which loses its taste and odor over a period of time. In many cases, it depends on how the flower is dried and cured by the grower. In comparison to the vape pen cartridges, the taste and odor are not lost, no matter how long they are on the shelf.

Consistent Hits

When the smoker takes a hit, the quality of each hit could be different while smoking cannabis flower. The first hit is the best and then each hit afterward is diminished in its quality and strength. The opposite is true with the vape pen cartridges where the hits are consistent in its quality. Now let us look at some of the disadvantages as we promised.

Rate of Defect

Because the vape pen cartridges are so fragile, the rate of defect might be high in many cases. There are two instances where you might see a defect. It could be in the beginning where the device just doesn't work for whatever reason and it could be due to an issue with the electrical conduction. Another way is if it is blocked after being used for a while.

Battery Charging

When you use the device, it has to be charged from time to time because the battery might run down with constant use. For some consumers, this is no big deal while others might not want to be caught with a dead battery while on the go.

The Variety

You can opt for a vape cartridge, which you will find at a marijuana dispensary. These cartridges already have specific marijuana strains stored in them. Many of them are color coded so you know which ones to buy, whether sativa, indica or hybrid. Some companies that produce concentrate will also provide CBD cartridges to the consumer, especially those who want to find fast treatment for an injury or pain relief.

The Cost

The cost of vape pens is also important to reaping the benefits. This is a small investment to get the benefits that it provides. You will usually pay less than fifty dollars for any good vape pen. Most of them have the same cartridge size. You can buy replacement cartridges for $20 or less.

What Is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the two main cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, alongside delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). While THC can provide a euphoric high, CBD is not intoxicating and provides a more relaxing and calm high.

CBD oil contains a concentrated amount of CBD and can be ethanol or vegetable glycerin-based. CBD oil can be derived from either high-THC cannabis or high-CBD hemp. Hemp is a legally distinct marijuana plant that must contain under 0.3% THC in the U.S. 

What Is CBD Vape Juice?

different colors of cbd oil isolated on white

CBD vape juice combines CBD oil and a carrier liquid for easier heating in the vape pen. The CBD e-liquid flavor varies depending on the product type, extraction process, or your desired flavoring if you plan to make your own CBD vape juice at home. Learn how to make your own CBD oil.

.Compared to other consumption methods like a topical application or oral administration, vaping CBD e-liquid enables the cannabinoid and other essential oils to reach the alveoli in the lungs, which are a direct route into the body's bloodstream. 

In just a matter of minutes, users will feel the effects coming on quickly. When orally consumed, cannabinoids must go through the digestive system, taking between an hour or two to take effect. In addition, vaping CBD can offer a higher bioavailability than other methods.

CBD vape oil can be discreetly consumed in a vaporizer and produce smaller plumes of vapor (depending on the vaporization device) compared to smoking cannabis flowers. In addition, the vapor has a more subtle aroma compared to cannabis smoke.

How to Vape CBD Oil

If you are new to inhaling CBD vape liquids, here is how it is done.

Start Low, Go Slow

Before you start vaping CBD vape liquid, determine your ideal dosage. While vaping CBD oils is not known to produce severe adverse effects, we recommend starting with the lowest dose possible. 

If you are new to vaping, start with 5 mg or 10 mg of CBD and wait 15 minutes to half an hour to determine how your mind and body react. If you feel like you need a higher dose, you can take it right after or wait several hours before increasing the dose of CBD e-juice.

How much CBD should you vape? Some CBD vape oil products offer metered doses, while others provide a total cannabinoid content on the packaging with an estimated number of draws (3-second pull). Divide the estimated draws by the total cannabinoid content to determine the dose of each puff. Keep in mind longer draws mean a higher intake of CBD.

The following factors can affect how much CBD you need:

  • CBD oil ingredients
  • CBD concentration
  • Chemical profile of CBD vape oil (other cannabinoids and terpenes)
  • Your metabolism
  • Your height and weight
  • Your medical condition and severity of symptoms

In general, CBD can be tolerated in high doses, although there may be some adverse side effects, including:

  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Interactions with medications 

Finding the correct dose, in the beginning, can take some guesswork. That's why we recommend starting with the lowest dose possible to avoid adverse effects. From there, you'll have to do a bit of experimenting to find the correct CBD dosage depending on your desired effects. Consult with a doctor before you consume CBD.

Source the Right CBD Vape Oil

In the wide world of CBD, it can get confusing to choose the right product to consume. It can be easy to mistake traditional CBD oil and CBD vape oil. CBD vape oil is for use only with vaporizers or dab pens.

CBD oil is generally mixed with food and drinks or applied sublingually (under the tongue) for faster absorption. CBD oil, on its own, should not be vaporized and inhaled.

 CBD vape oil is the only CBD product type that can be vaporized. CBD vape oil contains a carrier oil that gives it the right consistency for vaping.

Use a High-Quality Vaporizer-How to Vape CBD Oil

A high-quality vaping device is essential to have a great vaping experience. 

Here are your main vaporizer options:

Disposable CBD Vapes

Disposable vape pens are an affordable and convenient option for first-time users or those on the go. Disposable pens feature a vape battery, heating element, and a pre-filled CBD oil cartridge all in one. Once you've finished vaping your CBD vape oil, you can toss the disposable CBD pen and buy another one.

CBD Oil Vape Cartridges

CBD cartridges are screwed into a 510 thread battery. Usually, they can hold about 1 ml of CBD. When you are done vaping the entire product, you simply replace the CBD oil cartridge with a new one.

Refillable CBD Vape Pens

Refillable vape pens can be slightly more expensive than other options but can offer more functionality and longevity over time. Refillable vape pens usually have a battery, heating coil (will need replacement), a refillable tank, and a mouthpiece. To use your CBD vape pen, fill the device with your favorite CBD vape oil, heat, and inhale.

CBD Pods

CBD pods are proprietary cartridges that work with specific batteries. They are similar to pre-filled vape tanks in that you can replace them when you are done.

Take Short and Slow Draws

When vaping CBD vape oil, we recommend taking short and slow draws for the best experience. A 3-second pull is all you need to start and then slowly exhale. You don't need to keep the vapor inside your lungs for long since it immediately enters the bloodstream.

After taking your first draw, wait about 10 minutes to determine how it affects your mind and body and if you need a second pull. How often you vape CBD depends on your desired experience and the severity of your medical condition.

Vaping CBD FAQs

Is It Safe to Vape CBD Oil?

While vaping CBD oil is generally considered safe, there may be a low amount of risk. One of the main drawbacks of vaping CBD can be its adverse side effects for users who consume too much. However, these side effects are mild and go away quickly. 

In addition, some manufacturers may produce CBD vape oils that are not tested for contaminants or purity. We recommend buying CBD vape oil from manufacturers that can provide a certificate of analysis (COA).

Does Vaping CBD Oil Get You High?

If you vape CBD oil, you will not experience any intoxicating effects. Hemp-derived CBD oil must contain under 0.3% THC, a negligible amount that won't cause intoxication. Stay away from untested CBD products to avoid undetected THC.

Common CBD Vaping Mistakes

How do you effectively vape CBD oil? 

Here are a few mistakes to avoid when vaping CBD.

Not Checking the CBD Concentration

Consider the concentration of CBD and the volume of CBD vape juice. For example, a higher volume bottle of CBD vape juice than a lower volume bottle with the same concentration of CBD will affect you differently. The same amount of CBD will be diluted in the higher volume bottle than a lower volume bottle with the same amount of CBD.

Confusing Hemp Oil with CBD Vape Oil

CBD oil and hemp oil are different products. Hemp oil, also known as hemp seed oil, is made of the hemp plant's seed and does not contain a high concentration of CBD compared to the high concentration of CBD in a vape oil.

Vaping Pure CBD

CBD oil, or tinctures, should not be vaped alone. Due to CBD oil's consistency and chemical profile, it is not designed to be vaporized or inhaled. CBD e-juice, however, contains the right carrier oil, which allows it to be heated by a vaporizer and inhaled.

Avoid CBD with Nicotine

CBD and nicotine can lead to a shorter shelf-life for your product. CBD with nicotine may not produce the same effect as inhaling CBD vape juice alone.

A Detailed Guide to CBD Oil Consumption When Vaping

Vaping is among the most cutting-edge of the many methods of consumption that have emerged in tandem with the growing popularity of CBD (cannabidiol), which comes from the cannabis plant. Users should expect a faster rate of absorption, more mobility, and a potentially more pleasurable experience when they vape CBD oil.

On the other hand, just as with any other health product, it is necessary to understand how to utilize it in a way that is both safe and effective. This article explains all you need to know about vaping CBD oil.

What Exactly is CBD?

One of the various chemicals that may be extracted from the cannabis plant is called CBD. CBD, on the other hand, does not induce the “high” or psychoactive effect that THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) does. It has been investigated for the possibility of acting as a medicinal agent, with studies looking into its effects as an anti-inflammatory, an anti-anxiety, and a pain reliever.

Various Techniques for Vaping CBD

CBD Vape Juice is a special formulation of CBD oil that is designed to be used with electronic cigarettes. It is not the same as conventional CBD oil, which is designed to be taken by mouth. CBD is often mixed in with a thinning agent, such as propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, when it is included in vape liquids.
CBD Cartridges are like disposable e-cig tanks that are very thin and are filled with CBD e-liquid.

They attach to a regular battery and make it simple to start vaping CBD by providing a convenient entrance point.

CBD Pods are comparable to cartridges, however they are designed to be used with JUUL batteries or other devices.

Concentrates and Isolates of CBD: These are the most potent form of CBD and can be inhaled through the use of a device known as a dab rig, which is a specialized type of vaporizer.

Essential Items of Equipment

Whether you decide to use a Vape Pen or a Vaporizer, you will need a device that is appropriate for the approach you select. This might be a straightforward vape pen, or it could be a more complicated dab rig designed for concentrates.

Vape Product Containing CBD: Whether it be an e-liquid, a cartridge that has already been pre-filled, or a concentrate.

Battery: If you are going to use cartridges or pods, you need to be sure you have a battery that is compatible with them.

What to Expect When You Vape CBD

Because of the speed with which it produces effects, vaping CBD is frequently selected. When CBD is inhaled, the compound bypasses the digestive system and goes straight into the bloodstream where it can exert its effects.

Because of this, CBD gets absorbed into the body more quickly and may be utilized more effectively. Users frequently describe feelings of relaxation, serenity, and an improvement in mood after using the product.

Various Vape Brands on the Market

The market for CBD vaping products is dominated by a number of recognized brands. Some examples of this are as follows:

Vape Bright is well-known for producing cartridges of a superior quality.
Pure Hemp Botanicals provides a selection of different strengths of their products.
CBDfx is well-known for offering a diverse selection of flavors and intensities.
Koi CBD offers full-spectrum CBD vape juices to their customers.
Always check that the company you're buying from is reliable and that they have their items tested by an independent lab before you buy anything from them.

Vaping Risks and Things to Think About

The importance of quality cannot be overstated because not all CBD products are created equal. Make sure the goods you're purchasing is of a high grade and devoid of any contaminants. Always make sure to examine the results of independent labs.

Concerns Raised Regarding the Lungs: Concerns have been expressed in response to the recent uptick in vape-related lung problems, in particular those linked to the use of illicit THC vapes.

Even though these occurrences have not been definitively linked to the use of CBD vapes, it is still important to educate yourself and exercise caution.

Liquids Used as Carriers: Inhaling thinning agents like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin over an extended period of time has been cited as a potential source of some health risks. Even if this topic has to be researched further, it is important to be aware of it.

Dosing: Begin with a modest dose and gradually increase it until you reach the level that is most effective for you.

Vaping CBD oil is one method that may be useful in achieving possible CBD advantages in a more expedient manner. It provides a modern means of consumption that can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including the alleviation of tension and suffering as well as the pursuit of relaxation.

However, you should always put safety first, do research on the goods you plan to use, and talk to a healthcare expert before getting started.

Vaping CBD oil is easy and convenient if you have the right hardware and products. If you want to learn the best way to grow cannabis, make your own CBD vape e-liquid, and consume cannabis effectively to relieve your medical condition or symptoms, enroll in CTU’s online expert cannabis training today

There are several types of cannabis vaporizers, but you make the choice depending on the way that you would like to use it. There are vaporizers for marijuana buds and there are those for hash oil and hemp oil. Also, there are e-cigarette vaporizers, table top vaporizers, vape mods, wax vaporizers and other vaporizers specifically for electronic cigarettes.

You can also use cannabis vaporizers to smoke a combination of concentrates and dry herb. And more importantly, there are vape mods that are customized to give you a better vaping experience.

Table Top Vaporizers

For table top vaporizers, it is best to use when you are an avid smoker and not someone who casually smokes. Instead, they are great for people who get together to indulge in group smoking. It is also good for people who don't mind engaging in smoking a full bowl of weed, all at one time.

Table top vaporizers cannot be considered at the portable scale because it is so large. That means you are unable to carry it around. The cost is higher, but it offers exact temperature control settings so that you can use it with both concentrates and herbs, which vaporize at varying temperatures for better flavor. So, if you are going to use table top cannabis vaporizers, make sure to invest in a good one for the best flavor.

Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano vaporizer is also a table top vaporizer and the most popular in the cannabis industry. It is more flexible when it comes to budget and the user has a great vaping experience. There are two designs, digital and classic. This is one of the cannabis vaporizers that were made in the year 2000 in Germany. It is well known for its high quality design. It allows you to use either the whip method or balloon method, depending on how long your vaping session will last and your particular preference.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

There are cannabis vaporizers specifically for dry herb. These are ideal for recreational marijuana enthusiasts who move from place to lace and need something portable. These have the same functionality as the table top vaporizer and can also be used with concentrates.

They are battery operated and compact in design, easy to store, but more fragile. So, be extra careful when taking it along with you in a pocket or purse. The features are limited in comparison to the table top vaporizer. The newer ones do have temperature control features, but the older ones may not.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are similar to cannabis vaporizers for dry herb and perfect for users who want something portable and smaller in size. If you love marijuana concentrates, then the vape pen would be the best choice. Moreover, it is lower in cost and can fit any budget while at the same time, giving the user a great vaping experience.

Just like its name, these look similar to the basic pens and are quite popular. To replace the battery is inexpensive too and the hash oil used gives a smooth smoke and also lasts longer. The battery life may be shorter than other cannabis vaporizers and leakage might be an issue, but it depends on which one you choose to use. They are all made differently, depending on the manufacturer.

Vape Mods

Vape Mods are quite popular and are small enough to be portable. They are customizable and have powerful features and functions that include touch screen, larger tanks, shatter resistant glass and improved airflow control. Prices range from cheap to very costly. For more details about cannabis vaporizers like electronic cigarettes and vape pens, go to the Cannabis Training University, the leader in marijuana certification.

n the world of cannabis, there are many different products to consider, each with its unique advantages and disadvantages.

Ultimately, all cannabis products can provide relief. Finding the right products for you depends on your desired effect, tolerance, food allergies, and other preferences.

Our edibles vs tinctures vs vapes guide cover three of the most popular products on the market. We’ll describe the pros and cons of each to help you choose the perfect products for you.

Here's what we'll cover:

Table of Contents

  • Cannabis consumption method
  • Different types of cannabis products
  • Cannabis edibles
  • Cannabis tinctures
  • Cannabis vapes
  • Which product is right for you?

Ready to find the best product for you?

Cannabis Consumption Methods

Cannabis products come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, potencies, and forms. There are so many products available that there's bound to be an ideal product for you.

Each type of consumption method offers different onset of effects and duration of effects, which can affect the treatment of your symptom or condition.

Here are the main delivery methods:

Inhalation (Smoking and Vaping)

Cannabis can be inhaled through smoking and vaping cannabis flower and concentrates. Inhalers use a propellant to blast the medicine into your lungs. Inhaling marijuana boasts a faster onset of effects than any other consumption method but provides a shorter duration of effects.

When inhaled, cannabinoids and terpenes in the plant or concentrate are absorbed through the lungs and enter the bloodstream. As the blood pumps through your body, the cannabinoids bind to CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Vaporization offers users an experience free from combustion, smoke, and carcinogens compared to smoking flowers. Vaporizing concentrates can provide a higher potency than smoking, which may not be tolerated well by new users.


Cannabis can be ingested in a variety of forms including capsules, edibles, oils and tinctures, and beverages. Generally, ingestible products have a longer onset and duration of effects. New users are encouraged to start with a low dose and slowly increase the dosage if needed.

When ingested, THC binds to CB2 receptors in the digestive system. Then, it is metabolized in the liver, eliminating much of the concentration of cannabinoids, however, the new metabolite is 3 to 7 times stronger than THC.


Intraoral administration such as sublingually under the tongue or buccally absorbed in the cheeks. Intraoral products include spray tinctures and tablets. These products are usually paired with a base to improve absorption in the mouth.

When a tincture is taken sublingually, there is a quicker onset of effects. They are a good starter product for new users who want to dose precisely and increase to their desired effects.


Topical products include salves, lotions, balms, creams, and transdermal patches. These products are applied directly to the skin and provide localized relief for minor aches and pains, inflammation, and other skin issues.

Except for transdermal patches, topicals can penetrate the upper layer of the skin but are not absorbed into the bloodstream. Topicals are non-intoxicating. Transdermal patches, however, do absorb into the bloodstream and cause intoxication.

Cannabis Products for Every Need

Whether you prefer quick-acting effects, long-lasting effects, localized relief, or discrete consumption, there is a compatible type of product for your medical or recreational needs.

Different Types of Cannabis Products

There is a wide range of cannabis product types. New users may feel overwhelmed with the sheer variety of products at their local dispensary.

Here are the main cannabis product types:

  • Flower: Dried herb, joints, blunts
  • Extracts: Shatter, wax, crumble, live resin
  • Edibles: Savory and sweet treats, drinks, capsules, tinctures
  • Tinctures: Alcohol-based extracts
  • Topicals: Creams, lotions, salves, balms, transdermal patches

Choosing the right one takes a bit of trial and error and depends on a variety of factors including your tolerance, desired effects, and budget. To help you zero in on a preferred product, we’ll describe edibles, tinctures, and vapes in detail below.

Marijuana Edibles

marijuana edibles
Marijuana Muffins

Cannabis-infused edibles are products that can be ingested, either through eating or sublingual application (under the tongue). They are an alternative to inhalation methods. Cannabis edibles is a broad umbrella term for many forms ranging from drinks to foods to capsules to tinctures (yes, technically they are edibles, but we'll discuss that later)

So, how do edibles work? You don't smoke then, so what happens when you eat them?

When edibles are ingested, they go through your body's digestive system and are metabolized in the liver. Whether it's a brownie, pill, infused cocktail, or cannabis oil, the cannabinoids are metabolized in the liver, which takes some time.

Note:  Unlike most edibles, nanoemulsions (tiny cannabis oil particles that can be easily mixed with water) can enter the bloodstream in the upper gastrointestinal tract producing faster-acting effects. Since these products have tiny particles of cannabinoids they can take effect in 10 to 15 minutes.

Here's where it gets interesting. The liver can convert THC into a stronger and longer-lasting metabolite known as 11-hydroxy-THC.

Because they have to go through the digestive tract, edibles can take effect between 60 to 90 minutes. The onset of effects can be influenced by the ingredients, amount consumed, and your tolerance.

Effects from edibles can last much longer than all other consumption methods. The effects can last between 6 to 12 hours and peak at 2 to 5 hours. The long-lasting effects can be good for certain conditions such as sleep issues.

For some, the long-lasting effects can be heaven-sent. For others, the metabolized THC can cause too much intoxication. If you become too intoxicated with edibles or any other product, refer to our blog resource on how to avoid greening out and what to do if you do.

The best way to consume cannabis-infused edibles is to eat them with saturated fats (LDLs)  since they can help deliver the cannabinoids through the body. Edibles that have a low-fat content, should be eaten with food that has a high saturated fat content for better bioavailability (the efficiency of absorption into the bloodstream).

People with compromised digestive tracts may have trouble feeling any effects from an edible.  If you have a compromised digestive system, consider other consumption methods such as tinctures taken sublingually.

If you are new to cannabis edibles, it's best to start off with the lowest dose possible and build your way up. Even if you are a seasoned cannabis smoker, consuming edibles is entirely different and can produce intense effects, so be careful.

For new users, we recommend starting off with a low dose (2.5 to 5 mg). Take a dose, wait about an hour or two to gauge the effects, and take another dose if needed to reach your desired effects. It can take some trial and error to find the perfect dose.

Most cannabis edibles contain a maximum of 100 mg and are divided into 10 mg servings. Commercially-produced edibles can offer a more consistent product compared to homemade edibles which may have inconsistent dosing and effects.

  • Pros:
    • No active components are destroyed by heat or lost through exhalation and no noxious byproducts are created
    • THC is converted to a metabolite that is 3 to 7 times stronger
  • Cons:
    • Inconsistent results
    • Interacts with other medications
  • Percent bioavailable: 4 to 12%
  • Time until onset: 60 to 90 minutes
  • Duration of effects: 6 to 8 hours

Cannabis Tinctures

cannabis tincture
Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures, a type of edible, work a little differently than traditional edibles. Cannabis tinctures can be added to food or consumed sublingually under the tongue with a few drops of marijuana-infused oil.

When absorbed sublingually, the cannabinoids are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream through blood and lymphatic vessels in the mouth. Since they absorb at a quicker rate than traditional edibles, they can take effect in as little as 30 seconds to 5 minutes and effects can last up to 3 hours.

In the early nineteenth century, tinctures were widely popular in the U.S. and were infused into ethanol. Today's tinctures are infused in oil in a dropper bottle. The tincture dropper allows users to get a precise dose in milligrams. The tincture has its potency on the packaging.

Tinctures offer users unparalleled versatility since they can be used in many different ways. A tincture can be added to your favorite food or drink, they can be absorbed under the tongue, they can be used in feeding tubes, and can also be applied topically or through capsules.

It's important to make note of a few different varieties of tincture that you may come across including the following:

  • Full-spectrum: Full spectrum products contain the entire chemical profile of the plant including all cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, phenols, and proteins providing a true-to-form aroma, flavor, and experience
  • Broad-spectrum: Broad-spectrum products contain all of the same cannabinoids as full-spectrum products, except for THC. THC is removed through a remediation process so you can enjoy the health benefits of tinctures without intoxication.
  • Distillate: Distillate is also a common oil that removes all the cannabinoids except for one and combines it with a carrier oil.

One of the advantages of cannabis tinctures over traditional edibles is the higher bioavailability of the cannabinoids in the oil. In fact, sublingual cannabis has double the bioavailability or more than edibles and inhalation methods. That means that a smaller dose is needed to produce the same effect.

Sublingual administration

  • Pros:
    • No active components are destroyed by heat or lost through exhalation and no noxious byproducts are created
    • Fast onset of effects makes this method easier to titrate than other methods
  • Percent bioavailable: 40 to 98%
  • Time until onset: 30 seconds to 5 minutes
  • Duration of effects: 2 to 3 hours


Cannabis Vape

Vapes are one of the most convenient, fast-acting, and easy-to-use cannabis products on the market. Vapes can either refer to devices that heat up dry herb or concentrate or pre-filled cartridges that screw into a 510 threaded battery and disposable THC vape pens (CBD varieties are also available).

Vaping concentrates can produce fast-acting effects within 1 to 5 minutes after inhalation. The effects can last for 2 to 3 hours or longer depending on the person. Generally, vaping takes effect at temperatures between 311 to 424º F. In terms of bioavailability, 36 to 61% of the active ingredients in cannabis are absorbed into the bloodstream.

When referring to vaping, there are a few different ways to consume marijuana vapor. At home, tabletop vaporizers offer more power and temperature control when vaping cannabis. Handheld and portable vape pens offer convenience and portability.

For the ultimate convenience, you can buy disposable vape pens that come with a cartridge and battery combo or pre-filled vape cartridges that can attach to a battery. You can also buy reusable cartridges and fill them with your own cannabis oil.

When it comes to vape cartridges, it's important to consider the ingredients used to make the products. Watch out for harmful additives such as propylene glycol (PG), polyethylene glycol (PEG), and vitamin E acetate. These are used to make the viscosity of the oil easier to vaporize by the battery. When heated, they can turn into harmful toxins in the body.

Vaporizing flower

  • Pros:
    • Convenience and discreet
    • No carcinogens, carbon monoxide, smoke, or butane inhalation
  • Cons:
    • May destroy some terpenes
    • Odor, cough, carbon monoxide
  • Percent bioavailable: 31 to 61%
  • Time until onset: 30 to 90 seconds
  • Duration of effects: 2 to 3 hours

Vaporizing pens with concentrate

  • Pros:
    • No smoke, carbon monoxide, or butane inhalation
    • Portable, convenient, and discreet
  • Cons:
    • Odor, carbon monoxide, cough
    • May contain unhealthy residual toxins and additives
    • Potential for increased tolerance
  • Percent bioavailable: 31 to 61%
  • Time until onset: 30 to 90 seconds
  • Duration of effects: 2 to 3 hours

Which Product Is Right For You?

Now that we covered the three main types of cannabis products, it's time to choose one but you'd like to try out. Even within these categories, there is so much variety in terms of potency, flavor, ingredients, and so much more.

If you're unsure of what to try, you can always ask your budtender to give you recommendations based on your specific needs.

Cannabis product effects vary by person depending on their genetics, metabolism, gender, age, and tolerance. If you want to have a better idea of what cannabis products to start with, here are a few factors to consider.


How strong do you need your marijuana to be? Do you need to treat chronic pain? Cannabis edibles, tinctures, and vapes can provide a high potency. Check the label for potency. If you're not sure how you would react, start with a low dose and gradually increase until you find your desired effects.


You'll run across several products with two of the main cannabinoids: THC and CBD. While there are many more minor cannabinoids in cannabis, these two are the most commonly found. THC produces a more intoxicating feel while CBD produces no intoxication with clear-headed effects.

Consider the other types of cannabinoids found in the product if it is broad-spectrum or full spectrum. Does it have CBN, CBG, CBC, or terpenes? All of these can also have synergistic effects alongside the two main cannabinoids. Make sure to research these cannabinoids to check for effects and intoxication.


Terpenes are the aromatic compounds found in plants and herbs that are responsible for their unique aroma. Common terpenes include limonene, pinene, linalool, beta-caryophyllene, and myrcene. While there needs to be more research, terpenes are thought to enhance the health benefits of the plant.

Vaping is a relatively new practice that involves inhaling and exhaling aerosol produced by an electronic device, such as an e-cigarette, disposable vapes, pod-based system or mod.

Vaping has become increasingly popular in the past decade, especially among young adults and former smokers. However, vaping is also controversial, as its health effects, regulation and social implications are still being debated.

In this article, we will explore the history and evolution of the vaping culture and industry, and how they have shaped the current landscape of vaping.

The Origins of Vaping

The idea of using an electronic device to vaporize a liquid substance dates back to the 1920s, when Joseph Robinson patented a device that he called an “electric vaporizer”. However, his invention was never commercialized and remained obscure.

The first modern e-cigarette was invented by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, in 2003. He was motivated by his own addiction to smoking and the death of his father from lung cancer.

He designed a device that used a battery-powered heating element to vaporize a nicotine solution, which he called “Ruyan”, meaning “like smoke”. He patented his invention in China and later sold it to a company called Dragonite International.

The Rise of Vaping Industry

The e-cigarette market expanded rapidly after Hon Lik's invention, as more companies entered the field and developed different types of devices and e-liquids.

According to Euromonitor, the number of adult vapers worldwide increased from about seven million in 2011 to 41 million in 2018, and is expected to reach almost 55 million by 2021.

The global market for vapes and related products is now estimated to be worth $19.3 billion, up from $6.9 billion in 2014.

The United States, United Kingdom and France are the biggest markets for vaping products, accounting for more than half of the global spending.

The industry is also characterized by innovation and diversity, as there are three broad classifications of vaping devices: disposable (cig-a-like), closed reusable (vape pen, pod-based) and open reusable (mod).

Each type of device has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as battery life, functionality, cost and appearance.

Moreover, there are thousands of flavors and strengths of e-liquids available on the market, catering to different preferences and needs of vapers.

What To Do With Your Already Vaped Bud

Most people throw away their vaporized cannabis because they think that they have gotten all they can out of it. However, bet you did not know that there are things you can do with it? Yes, already vaped bud (AVB) can be reused in a positive way. What is AVB? Well, this is the weed that remains after you have used your vaporizer.

By then, the color of the weed is brown and has a toasted or smoked aroma. Most people will throw it away because by then, they think that there is nothing else left to get out of it. But, you might be in for a rude awakening.

The Proof

There is proof that vaporized cannabis can be reused in various ways once it has not yet turned black from vaping. In comparison to fresh buds, what is even better is that already vaped bud (AVB) offers a huge advantage in that you don't have to put it through the decarboxylation process to get it activated. Why? Well, it has already gone through the vaporizer and so has already been decarbed. What does this mean? It means that you can use the already vaped bud easily and in various ways. Let's give you some ideas of what you can do with vaporized cannabis so that you can get as much as you can out of it.

Making Edibles

You can use AVB to make edibles. You don't have to get cannabis buds from scratch and extract them when you have vaporized cannabis to sprinkle over your food and make all type of edibles including on salad dressings, in smoothies and in baked goods. You can even use it on your sandwich and any other meals that you might want to create. It will dissolve easily as soon as you sprinkle it on your food. Bear in mind that AVB has its acquired taste, but still a distinct weed flavor. It might just taste toasty since it has been vaporized already. You can combine it with certain flavors to complement the toasty taste. For example, you could make Nutella Fire Crackers.

Making Oil or Butter

If you don't like the toasty taste in your crackers, cookies or smoothies, you can use vaporized cannabis to make oil or butter and then use the oil or butter into making edibles. Doing it that way ensures that you reduce the toasty taste. It is easy to make cannabutter and cannabis oil. It usually starts with the extraction process, if you are doing this from scratch, but you already have the vaped buds and so you don't have to go back through the extraction process to make oil or butter from cannabis.

Smoking It

In the same way that you would smoke fresh buds, you can do the same to vaporized cannabis, using it to make a joint. Of course, by the time you use already vaped buds to make a joint, it won't have the same high potency as it did originally, but you can combine it with fresh buds to get the mellow feelings.

Making Tincture

You can use vaporized cannabis to make a tincture. You will be using alcohol along with the already vaped buds. Tinctures are used orally under the tongue usually and act more quickly than the classic edible. You can take according to specific dosage, if you want to reduce the ‘high' effect.

Popularity of Portable Vaporizers

Considering their current popularity, cannabis vaporizers are fairly new on the scene. While smoking will probably always be the common method of consuming cannabis and cannabis-concentrate products, vaporizers are quickly gaining popularity, particularly among the millennial generation, which is fond of dabbing.

Vaporizer pens used for hash oil are the most inexpensive and commonly used vaporizers on the market. With some notable exceptions, the majority of pen vaporizers are manufactured in China, and they work quite well most of the time. Cold temperatures can compromise their use, but all-in-all, vaporizer pens are a worthwhile, relatively inexpensive device to purchase, and they are very handy.

There are a variety of compelling reasons for the rise in vaporizer popularity, but the most obvious one is health related. We all know about the dangers of smoking tobacco, and the prevailing school of thought today is that vaping is far less likely to negatively impact lungs than smoking (not to mention that cannabis is much safer than tobacco).

Other reasons are more likely to be generational. With the popularity of dabbing and concentrates among the younger demographic of cannabis consumers, most likely many of these people want an all-new way of enjoying marijuana. Few would argue that a dab rig—or even a vaporizer pen—is far different than smoking a joint or using a pipe. For many, the reality that “This isn’t your father’s cannabis experience” undoubtedly has its appeal.

A third reason is closely tied to economics and a rapidly emerging market. Cannabis is big business now, and along with that comes a huge influx of new products and technology since the dollars are now there to support it. The introduction of new vaporizer products is at an all-time high right now, and the technology to improve them and make them work well is occurring at an unprecedented rate. A wide variety of portable vaporizers now takes up an entire segment of the legal marijuana products market. They come in all styles, sizes, shapes, and colors, and are popular products in weed subscription boxes.

Yet another reason for vaporizer popularity is discretion. While public approval of cannabis consumption is at an all-time high, there are still laws on the books in legal states limiting the areas where people can use it. With cannabis enthusiasts being the adventurous group they are, most want to use it while on the go—and portable vaporizers definitely deliver on this desire. No matches are needed to use them, they’re usually quite small and discreet, and the vapor that results from their use is much less apparent than smoke because it has far less odor.

A final reason for the rise in portable vaporizer popularity—and possibly the most compelling one of all—is the superior flavor and terpene experience. Nearly all cannabis enthusiasts love the unique flavors of individual strains, and vaporizers allow them to capture the subtle flavors far better than smoking can.

Forget old smoking practices like “cornering the bowl” to ensure more than one person can actually taste a strain. Vaporizers have that covered, and a few people are guaranteed a flavor-filled cannabis experience. There’s no doubt about it. Portable vaporizers are here to stay.

When using a flower vaporizer, one particular piece of equipment is essential: a good grinder. Finely ground flower will maximize the release of fragrant terpenes. Using a grinder will also increase the quality of the vapor itself. Thick, copious amounts of vapor will result when using a grinder as opposed to merely using hand-ground flower.

As previously mentioned, vaporizers come in many styles. The table-top variety works particularly well for groups of people who remain in a fixed area. The Volcano is a fantastic product that produces quality vapor for a circle of friends, but it’s not terribly practical for people on the go. That’s where portable versions come into play.

Dry Flower Vaporizers

The remainder of this article will focus on a specific segment of vaporizers: the portable, dry-flower vaporizers. There are a wide variety on the market, and many are quite good. We’ll focus on a handful of brands from the “crème de la crème” category. They may be a bit more expensive, but well worth it for the serious and regular cannabis consumer. Expect to pay $200-$300 for most of the elite vaporizers. This is a significant investment, so make a careful decision.

Without identifying a top pick as the best, the following vaporizer brands are all worthy of your attention. Some use high-tech features like phone apps to control temperature levels. The companies that produce these vaporizers have invested a lot on the R&D side to remain relevant in this increasingly competitive market.

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 is a very popular vaporizer that has a dedicated following of fans who will accept nothing less. As its name implies, this is the second vaporizer released by the company, and the design remains sleek and discreet, while producing top-drawer vapor from either dry flower or hash oil. The Firefly 2 has three temperature settings for flower vaping and one for concentrates. Multiple settings are the norm for the best vaporizer brands, and they control the flavor and richness of the vapor produced.

Firefly vapor quality rivals the best on the market, and it only takes a few seconds between packing the chamber with flower and taking your first pull. A couple of the drawbacks of the Firefly 2 is the small flower chamber and hot operating temperature. Expect a shorter vaping session and hotter vapor as a result—which may be a minor issue if vaping with a group of friends. These drawbacks are relatively minor considerations when you consider the overall construction, vapor quality and popularity of the Firefly 2, so this model is definitely worthy of consideration. Its dedicated legion of fans speaks volumes about its overall quality.

Pax 3

The Pax 3 is another winner that satisfies a discriminating and dedicated following of users. This is the sleekest and one of the smallest portable vaporizer designs on the market, and many people would argue that it’s the most attractive and best overall. When improving on the Pax 2 for its latest design, the Pax crew came up with some notable improvements (in defense of the Pax 2, it’s a fine dry flower vaporizer in its own right and is still available and in wide use). The Pax 3 looks identical to the Pax 2, but is 3 grams heavier.

The surface metal of the Pax 2 is brushed aluminum, which changed to a polished surface for the Pax 3. This seems like a questionable change, because the Pax 3 is more susceptible to collecting fingerprints and scratches. This is the only negative change on the Pax 3. It comes with a special concentrate insert that works quite well but is susceptible to breakage after heavy use (replacements are available online). Other areas of improvement for the Pax 3 is longer battery life and a quicker heat-up time (15 seconds as opposed to 45 seconds for the Pax 2).

The Pax 3 also has a useful vibration feature that the Pax 2 lacks. Once fully heated to a pre-set level (four heat level options), the unit vibrates, which is very handy if it’s in your pocket or hand. The Pax 2 requires a visual inspection to ensure it has reached its desired heat level. Give the Pax 3 serious consideration if you decide to take the plunge into portable vaporizers.

DaVinci IQ

The DaVinci IQ is another leading contender in the top tier of vaporizers. Among the vaporizers produced by DaVinci, this is the sleekest, smallest, and most advanced model available. It combines a sleek design with rugged features and durable construction. The rechargeable battery is easy to remove and takes three hours to charge, resulting in a unit that withstands heavy use for more than an hour.

The flower chamber is particularly easy to load with finely ground flower, and the vapor quality is very good thanks to the ceramic zirconia air path. A prominent mouthpiece taints the otherwise sleek design, and function trumps beauty when it comes to vaporizers. One minor complaint about the DaVinci IQ is that it tends to run a bit hot—but this is hardly unusual in the world of portable vapes.

Ghost MV 1

Touting itself as “next generation of vaping,” the Ghost MV 1 uses cutting-edge technology to create a formidable vaporizer that can hold its own among an elite and competitive class. Its futuristic appearance may not be the most attractive design, but this product is highly functional and worthy of consideration even among the most discriminating consumers. It feels good in the hand, regardless of its large size, compared to other vaporizers like the Pax 3, but this is a minor tradeoff considering the overall construction and vapor quality of this brand.

The smoothness and vapor quality of the Ghost MV 1—even when using a small quantity of dried flower—is second to none, which is largely due to the advanced vaporizer technology used to create it. The metal alloy body feels good in your hand, and smooth, dense vapor quality sets the Ghost MV 1 apart from many of its competitors. With a futuristic, functional design that delivers quality vapor, what more could you want? Consider the Ghost MV 1 to be a heavyweight in its class of top-tier vaporizers.


The Crafty is a reliable workhorse that offers a good value because it’s priced a bit more competitively than most of the other brands included here. Its vapor quality is excellent. In the looks department, the Crafty won’t win any awards—it looks more mechanical and apparatus-like than most other vaporizers. The Crafty comes from the same company that released the Volcano desktop vaporizer—a veritable favorite among vape fans—so expect the same fine quality. When using the Crafty, the vapor passes through a cooling chamber much like the water chamber of a bong cools off smoke.

The cool vapor is easier on the lungs and contributes to a satisfying vapor experience. On the downside is the Crafty’s size. It’s significantly larger than most of the other premier portable, dry-flower vaporizers, but it’s still small enough to fit in a purse or pocket for vaping on the go.

Considering the fine attributes of the Crafty, it should be on the short list of every person considering the purchase of a high-quality portable cannabis vaporizer.

The Emergence of Vaping Culture

Along with the growth of vaping industry, a vaping culture also emerged among some users who adopted vaping as a lifestyle choice, a hobby or a form of self-expression.

Vaping culture is influenced by various factors, such as motivations for use, identity formation, social interaction and community involvement.

Vaping culture can be seen in various aspects, such as:

Vaping Terminology

Screenshot 2023 05 26 at 2.21.45 PM 1

Vapers have developed their own language to describe their devices, e-liquids, techniques and experiences.

For example, “cloud chasing” refers to producing large amounts of vapor; “sub-ohming” refers to using low-resistance coils to increase power output; “steeping” refers to aging e-liquids to enhance their flavor; “throat hit” refers to the sensation felt in the throat when inhaling vapor; “dry hit” refers to inhaling vapor when the coil is not sufficiently saturated with e-liquid.

Vaping Media

Vapers have created various forms of media to share information, opinions, reviews and tips about vaping products and practices.

For example, there are numerous blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, Instagram accounts and Facebook groups dedicated to vaping topics. Some of these media outlets have gained popularity and influence among vapers and even non-vapers.

Vaping Events

Vapers have organized and participated in various events to celebrate vaping culture and community. For example, there are vape expos, conventions, festivals and competitions that showcase the latest products, trends and talents in the vaping industry.

Some of these events also feature educational sessions, advocacy campaigns and charitable causes related to vaping.

Vaping Subcultures

Vapers have formed different subcultures based on their identities, preferences and practices. For example,

•  Cloud chasers: These are vapers who enjoy producing large clouds of vapor with high-powered devices and low-resistance coils. They often modify their devices or build their own coils to achieve optimal performance. They may also participate in cloud competitions or post videos of their cloud tricks online.

•  Substitutes: These are vapers who use e-cigarettes as a substitute for smoking or as a harm reduction tool. They often prefer devices that resemble cigarettes or that are easy to use and maintain. They may also choose e-liquids that mimic the taste or sensation of smoking.

•  Hobbyists: These are vapers who enjoy experimenting with different devices, e-liquids and techniques. They often collect or customize their devices or make their own e-liquids. They may also seek out new products or flavors or share their discoveries with other vapers.

The Challenges of Vaping Culture and Industry

Despite the popularity and diversity of vaping culture and industry, they also face various challenges from different sources.

Health Risks

The long-term health effects of vaping are still unknown, as there is not enough scientific evidence or consensus on the safety or harm of vaping compared to smoking or other forms of delivery.

Some studies have suggested that vaping may have some benefits for smokers who want to quit or reduce their consumption, but others have raised concerns about the potential risks of exposure to nicotine, chemicals, metals and contaminants in e-cigarettes and their impact on the respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological and reproductive systems.

There have been reports of acute lung injuries, illnesses and deaths linked to vaping, especially among young people who used black market or adulterated products containing THC or vitamin E acetate.


The legal status and regulation of vapes vary widely across countries and regions, depending on how they are classified and perceived by authorities and public health agencies.

Some countries have banned or restricted the sale, use or advertising of vapes, citing health concerns, youth appeal or tobacco control policies.

The regulation of vaporizers may affect the availability, quality, price and variety of vaping products and practices, as well as the rights and responsibilities of vapers, manufacturers, retailers and regulators.

Social Stigma

The social acceptance and perception of vaping are also influenced by various factors, such as cultural norms, media representations, personal experiences and moral judgments.

Some people may view vaping as a positive, fun or fashionable activity, while others may view it as a negative, addictive or harmful behavior.

Some people may support vaping as a personal choice, a hobby or a harm reduction strategy, while others may oppose it as a public nuisance, a gateway drug or a tobacco industry tactic.

The social stigma associated with vaping may affect the self-image, identity formation, social interaction and community involvement of vapers.

Conclusion on Vaping Culture

The vaping culture has evolved rapidly in the past decade, as more people have adopted vaping as a practice that involves not only inhaling and exhaling aerosol produced by an electronic device, but also expressing their personality, interests and values.

Vaping culture has also created various opportunities for innovation, diversity and community among vapers, as well as challenges for health, regulation and social acceptance among non-vapers.

As vaping continues to grow in popularity and complexity, it is important to understand its history and evolution, as well as its current landscape and future prospects.

How to Clean Your Vaporizer

Regular cleaning is one of the best ways to get the best experience from your cannabis vaporizer. When your device is clean, you don’t get the smell and flavor of burnt cannabis. Just pure, clean vapor. 

This vaporizer maintenance guide shows you what you need to keep your device clean, how often to clean it, and step-by-step instructions on routine maintenance and deep cleaning.

Importance of Vaporizer Cleaning

No matter the cannabis smoking or vaporizing tool, a thorough cleaning ensures you can taste and feel the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes. Cleaning everything, from the heating chamber to the mouthpiece, improves your device’s performance and longevity.

Here are a few reasons why the vaporizing cleaning process is so important:

Improved Taste

For better flavor and aroma, use a clean vaporizer. With a clean device, you don’t taste the harsh and bitter flavor of resin from the previous sessions. You also get a better vapor quality.

Better Performance

Without the resin, your cannabis oil or dry herb vaporizer can better heat the material evenly. A clean vaporizer reduces the likelihood of a clogged airway or burning resin in the heating chamber.


Taking care of your device ensures you don’t need to replace parts as often, and your device lasts you for years to come.


Smoking resin introduces more carbon byproducts, such as tar and ash, into your lungs than necessary. A clean vaporizer lets you consume fresh herb or oil, not its burned byproduct. Smoking resin can cause headaches, sore throat, and trouble breathing.

Saves Money

A longer-lasting device means less money spent on new ones and replacement parts. This is especially important since many vaporizers cost hundreds of dollars, so replacement is expensive.

Saves Time

Regularly cleaning your vape actually saves time in the long run because your device doesn’t get to the point where you need to remove the stuck-on bud, which can take hours to remove.

How Often Should I Clean a Vaporizer?

The more often you clean your device, the better. Ideally, you’d brush or wipe off the leftover material after every session, but that may not always be possible. Do your best to clean as much of the herb or oil from the heating chamber with every use.

How often you give it a deeper clean depends on how much you use your device and whether you clean it afterward with every use. Your vaporizer may need a deep clean if its performance is negatively affected.

What You Need

A complete vaporizer cleaning kit includes the following:

  • 99% isopropyl alcohol
  • Cotton swabs
  • Cotton balls
  • Small cleaning brush or old toothbrush
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Resealable plastic bags or container
  • Alcohol wipes (optional)

Best Way to Clean Your Cannabis Vaporizer: Routine Maintenance

After every session, we recommend cleaning your device. A quick brush or wipe can dislodge a lot of the leftover debris from the bud or oil.

Most components, such as the mouthpiece, screen, and oil or herb chamber, may be cleaned with a moist paper towel or a cotton swab or ball with isopropyl alcohol.

How to Clean a Cannabis Vaporizer: Deep Clean

For a deeper clean, you’ll need to separate as many components as possible (i.e., mouthpiece, screen, cooling unit). This makes it easier to brush or wipe away any resin.

Steel and glass components can be soaked in alcohol. The longer, the better, especially for stubborn resin. A deep clean soak can be as little as 30 minutes.

Most plastics shouldn’t be soaked in isopropyl alcohol. However, some high-density polypropylene or polyethylene can be submerged in rubbing alcohol. For most plastic components, a quick wipe with a cotton swab or cotton ball soaked with alcohol can do the trick.

When cleaning wood components, avoid using isopropyl alcohol since it can warp the material. Instead, use warm water and a cotton ball, and an old toothbrush for deeper cleaning.

Some vaporizer airways can be cleaned with a pipe cleaner soaked with water or isopropyl alcohol. When cleaning the vapor path, ensure the solvent does not get into sensitive components.

Avoid sharp and pointed objects near the heating element when cleaning oil vaporizers with a heating coil. It may help if you clean it when it's warm, making it easier to remove the sticky residue.

For best results, refer to your owner’s manual for cleaning and maintenance instructions.

After soaking the components in rubbing alcohol, rinse them thoroughly in water and let them air dry or use a paper towel. Once dry, reassemble them and enjoy your clean vaporizer.

Are Expensive Vaporizers Worth The Price?

As the cannabis industry and market continue to grow, there are new cannabis products that have made their way to the forefront. Expensive vaporizers are hitting the cannabis market and has been doing so for a few years now. Are these worth your time and money? Yes, some of these expensive vaporizers are pretty cool, but many of them, even at the high price points may not be worth anything. In fact, many of them are very delicately made and so, with constant use, even the most expensive vaporizers may get damaged.

As technology advances and new innovations take place, more and more in the cannabis industry are creating these types of products at alarming rates. So, you should expect to have a lot of choices and sometimes, this can become quite confusing, if you are not aware of what to look for.

Let's take a closer look at herb vaporizers that are quite competitive in the marketplace. In addition, we will help you to narrow your focus and judge the vaporizers that are worth the cost and your time.

The Quality

Even though, there are expensive vaporizers on the market, you will also find some cheap ones, but they may not last as long. Many of these are made from silicone and plastic. So, in other words, ‘you get what you pay for.' More importantly, if you put your expensive concentrates and marijuana strain inside the cheap vaporizers, it might taste like plastic after a few hits.

On the other hand, manufacturers of expensive vaporizers do not spare material when creating their products. On the inside and outside of the product, you will find that the material used to make them are costly, but of the highest quality. For example, the Pax 2 is made using an aluminum material on the exterior. The product ends up looking sleek with a quality finish. In addition, you do not have to be concerned about it melting after reaching a temperature of approximately 430˚F.

The Products

The Herbalizer product is made using plastic resistant to high temperatures up to 445˚F and for that reason, it too will not melt when in use. In fact, it is the same material used by NASA to make its spaceships and maybe that is why the price is $599. Inside of this expensive vaporizer is made in such as a way as to create the ideal flavor from the marijuana strain used. Some of these products utilize the zirconia ceramic element in the path of the vapor. That is a good sell since zirconia is high resistance and offer amazing insulation, which allows each hit to be cool and smooth. More importantly, zirconia ceramic has received approval from the FDA as being safe to use. In fact, dentists use this to make dentures.

Let’s just put it quite simple, portable vaporizers are another way for smoking medical cannabis and many cannabis patients find it gives them a smoother effect than smoking the weed outright from a joint. There is no other way around explaining it than to just give it to you straight. For that reason, many medical cannabis patients are seeking which vaporizer is the best on the cannabis market.

What Is A Portable Vaporizer?

What is a vaporizer? It is a device that is battery operated and used with weed, wax, or cannabis oil to produce vapor that looks like smoke. You don’t smell the weed as much as when smoking medical cannabis from a vaporizer as you would in smoking the joint.

Smoking medical cannabis from a vape pen is usually done for both recreational and medicinal purposes as long as it is legal.

How Does The Portable Vaporizer Device Work?

Portable vaporizers come with a heating component and tank, which stores the wax, cannabis oil or herb. The tank is the storage part of the device. The herb or oil in the tank comes in contact with the heating component, heats up and then turns itself into vapor.

The cannabis patient would then inhale the vapor. So, instead of saying that you are smoking medical cannabis; people would say you are vaping.

As long as medical marijuana or recreational marijuana is legal in your state, you can use a vaporizer. However, you can only use portable vaporizers if you are over the age of 18 and you can vape in public places. So, those are the main restrictions, even in a state where marijuana has been legalized.

The Different Portable Vaporizers

There are three main types of vaporizers for smoking medical cannabis and recreational marijuana. These are namely vape pens, portable vaporizers and desktop vaporizers. You can buy them in a pot shop or marijuana dispensary where it is legal.

When smoking medical cannabis, you will notice a light smell, but not the harsh smell as you get from a joint. There is absolutely no short term side effects associated with using a vaporizer for vaping or smoking medical cannabis. It is not known yet, if there are any long term effects, but it appears not, but you should always do your own research.

The Results

Portable vaporizers are not similar to bongs. With a bong, combustion is the process by which you smoke the herb and with this method, harmful toxins are released as in cigarette smoking. The ideal temperature for your vaporizer is dependent on the type of vaporizer that you are using.

It is safe to say that portable vaporizers usually perform better at a temperature between 330 and 420 degrees Fahrenheit. For the best vaping results, you should grind the herb at its finest state. The herb now has smaller particles, which makes it easier for the heat to go through. This produces a crisper flavor and a noticeable smoothness when you vape. In addition, the herb will be vaped thoroughly instead of wasting your herb.

The Inventory

Here are a few vaporizers that you may want to consider to get the best results:

For $150, you can get the MigVapor Matrix and for $1629, the V2Pro Series 7 vaporizers, which are both portable vaporizers. They are both worth the price. However, for even better options, you have the DaVinci Portable Vaporizer for $200. You could try a desktop vaporizer like Da Buddha for just $190. The Silver Surfer is at a little less than $210. For vaporizer that can accommodate dry weed, wax and hash oil is the Series 3.

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You will need extra cartridges to be able to use each of these materials in this three in one portable vaporizer. The V2 Series 3 is the best for traveling. It is easy to use and more durable.

The Alternative

As an alternative to ceramic,  materials like brass, aluminum and stainless steel are often used to heat up the vaporizer internally. However, brass is discovered to be very toxic and stainless steel tends to get hot quickly, but lose its heat even faster. So, it is hard to manage the temperature. Some weed smokers do not like stainless steel since the flavor of the cannabis strains is not consistent.

What to Look For

Controlling temperature and flavor is important to getting the best out of your expensive vaporizers. Therefore, make sure you pay attention to the features and elements that make the product. You should also look to see what kind of warranty is offered.  

Do not go for cheap knockoffs or you will be wasting your money. For example, DaVinci and Pax both have ten year warranties with their high price tags. Would you want to buy expensive vaporizers that adequately support your weed smoking lifestyle or do you want a cheap knockoff that you have to keep replacing time and time again? You make the choice.

Cannabis Concentrate versus Marijuana Flower

When you purchase your vaporizer or vape pen, you want to think about whether you should fill it with cannabis concentrate or the marijuana flower itself. If you like to smoke weed and you plan on sharing the experience by switching from the vaporizer to the rolled joint, then you may want to consider buying vaporizers that take loose leaf. In that case, you don't have to buy both concentrate and flower. If you are going to only use a vaporizer because of health reasons, then you could consider committing to cannabis concentrates.

The Economics

Economically, both of these are difference. The cartridges for the cannabis concentrate cost roughly $40 each and they provide up to 200 pulls during a smoke session. In contrary, the marijuana flower used in the vaporizer operates from the normal bowl system where the chamber is average size and so the cost is going to depend on how much flower you need to fill the bowl, the provider and the quality of the cannabis strain. In terms of the choice of cannabis strain, flowers are better as they offer more in variety in comparison to cannabis concentrates. The vaporizer that uses the loose leaf will still give you the same smoking experience as the concentrate. However, due to fast market growth in the cannabis industry, the future looks bright for people who prefer marijuana concentrates.

The Efficiency

When you think about buying vaporizers, you have to think about the convection and conduction, which means that the transfer of heat has to be efficient while smoking for medical purposes or recreational use. The convection process moves the gas or liquid and gives off the steam. The conduction has to do with metal against metal, which means that it has to be sold. One conduction vaporizer on the market is Pax by Ploom, which has a metal chamber. This chamber appropriately heats flower that is grounded.

On the other hand, an example of the convection vaporizer is the Firefly. It heats up the flower using hot air. The convection option tends to be more reliable and efficient. Choosing and buying vaporizers that uses the conduction process means that your flower might smoke unevenly because of one part of the metal chamber receives more heat than the other. For that reason, it is not good to pack the chamber with too much flower. If you are going to use concentrates, you don't have to think about activating the cannabinoids. It is still better to go with the vaporizer that uses loose leaf.

The Convenience

How do you want to use the vaporizer? Do you want something that is easy and quick to use with up to two puffs? Well, cannabis concentrates would make more sense since you don't have to waste time with heating. And moreover these vape pens tend to be smaller and more inconspicuous. If you are buying vaporizers for a group session or using at home, then choose one that uses loose leaf flower. This will require time to heat and so this makes more sense to be done at home.

The Experience

The experience is also an important consideration when buying vaporizers. Not all products give the same experience. If you are smoking to feel good, and want to smell and taste the marijuana strain, you may have to go through a trial and error period to find the one that suits your taste. In general, though, loose leaf vaporizers give you a stronger smell and taste in comparison to cannabis concentrates. Learn more about buying vaporizers by visiting the Cannabis Training University.

Are Vape Pens Safe?

Are vape pens safe to use to vaporize marijuana extracts? Well, the THC vaping industry is relatively new and there hasn't been any standardization for the products.

There have been multiple reports of injury and disease risk with vaping pens for marijuana use. Is a vape pen bad for you automatically or is it more about the quality of the cannabis vape oil and the vape pen itself?

Vaping Vs. Smoking Cannabis

Using a safe vape pen for cannabis is theoretically a healthier choice than smoking marijuana. Marijuana smoke can cause excessive tar build-up in the lungs and lead to health risks over time.

While marijuana smoke seems much less carcinogenic than other types of smoke, any burnt material inhaled into the lungs will cause exposure to carcinogens. To what degree is up for debate still with cannabis smoke.

Vaping pot creates a vapor from cannabis oil instead of smoke. This reduces the chances of tar build-up and carcinogenic smoke.

In a perfect world, vape pens for weed would be better than smoking. However, the industry's lack of regulations means that not all vape pens are safe!

Vaping Vs Eating Marijuana

Is a dab pen bad for you when compared to consuming marijuana through food?

Consuming marijuana that has been cooked to the right temperature to activate the decarboxylation process of the cannabinoids may be the healthiest way to consume cannabis. 

There is no risk of harmful smoke or vapor from oil with harmful additives.

Many marijuana users note a distinct difference on the high when eating marijuana vs smoking or vaping.

Eating THC laced food will create longer highs that create a different experience altogether. Panic attacks and trips to the ER commonly get passed around cannabis smokers' circles, so it may not be a better choice automatically.

If a vape pen can confirm to strict standards of manufacturing and ingredients it could be just as safe as eating marijuana-laced foods.

Factors Affecting Cannabis Vaping Safety

There are some bad things about vaping marijuana in the current state of the industry. Dab pen dangers usually stem from the issues listed below. Wax pen dangers can be mitigated with proper manufacturing and cannabis extraction processes, making the use of a dab pen safe.

Pot Vape Additives

Are e-cigs safe if they are used to vaporize cannabis oil? Yes, if the additive used to thin out the liquid is safe.

But, are e-cigs bad for you if they contain Vitamin E Acetate, Propylene Glycol, or Polyethylene Glycol? Yes! 

Vitamin E Acetate is known to cause Popcorn Lung, other lung diseases, and even death when vaporized.

The other two ingredients are extremely carcinogenic when combusted. While vape pens shouldn't heat the oil to the point of combustion, many of them do! 

Are dab pens bad for you if they contain any additives? Not necessarily. The ingredients must be known to be safe though!

Marijuana Pesticides 

Are vapes bad if they are used to consume organic cannabis extracts? Nope.

Unfortunately, a lot of commercially produced cannabis isn't organic and growers utilize pesticides to keep their marijuana bug-free.

When extraction processes create a concentrated oil of Cannabinoids, they also create a concentrated combination of the pesticides still on the cannabis itself.

Pesticide inhalation through the THC vape pens isn’t studied enough to directly label as unsafe, but we have a pretty good idea that it isn't safe.

Weed Vaping Temperature 

Are dab pens dangerous as they heat to the desired temperature of 330°F? No, that is the desired temperature to vaporize marijuana. 

But, the vaping industry remains unregulated and many vaping units heat the pot oil to combustion-level temperatures, essentially creating weed smoke and causing carcinogenic exposure through the combustion of harmful additives. 

Are wax pens bad for you if the temperature isn't regulated? They definitely can be!

Cannabis Vaping Hardware 

Many vape pens are made with plastics too close to the heating elements. Too much heat can release carcinogens into the vape you consume. Cheaper units are typically guilty of this design flaw.

Exploding THC Vape Pens 

Are wax pens safe to vaporize marijuana? Not if they explode when you use them! While rare, vape pens have been known to explode on occasion. This is typically due to a battery malfunction. 

Factors Affecting Quality

The quality of your cannabis extract oil will alter the effects and safety of your vaping experience as well.

Weed Oil Terpene Profile 

Dab pen effects are typically much different than smoking cannabis. This is because terpene profiles are altered during extraction processes.

While some companies may label the products as full-spectrum cannabis extract, there are no regulations on using that term. Terpenes interact with cannabinoids, causing the entourage effect. This can be absent from vape oil.

Cannabinoid Concentrate Manufacturing

Vaping low-quality BHO extracts could lead to the inhalation of butane, which can carry health risks. Using extracts made with supercritical CO2 extraction for less solvent residue in the final product is a good idea.

Also, using a cannabis extract oil that has went through winterization is smart. This works for the removal of lipids that can build up in the lungs if present in vaping oil.

So, Are Vape Pens Safe For Marijuana Use?

The safest vape pen in the world using high-quality cannabis extracts could be one of the safer ways to consume marijuana.

However, the industry has no regulations and cheap products flood the market. If you can find a well-made vape pen and oil that labels all ingredients found in the oil itself that meets safety standards, vaping marijuana with vape pens can be safe.

But, are vape pens safe if they aren't held to those standards? It's hard to tell and might not be worth the risk to your health! You can learn more about cannabis extracts and consumption here at Cannabis Training University, the leading weed school.

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