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Smoking cigarettes is becoming a thing of the past. The new way to enjoy nicotine or quit the habit is with e-liquid devices. Whether you want to quit smoking cigarettes or just want to enjoy nicotine in a wide range of flavors while you’re on the go, check out Hyde vapes.

What Is Hyde Vape?

Hyde Vape is based out of the United Kingdom and produces affordable and sleek vape devices with plenty of flavors. Best of all, Hyde vapes are disposable, and most of their vape products are rechargeable, too.

There are several rechargeable and disposable vaping products in the Hyde family, including:

  • Hyde N Bar Mini ($16.99)
    • Battery capacity – 800 mAh
    • Puff count – 2,500 puffs
  • Hyde Edge Recharge ($18.99)
    • Battery capacity – 600 mAh
    • Puff count: 3,300 puffs
    • Pre-filled e-liquid capacity – 10 ml
    • Nicotine – 50 mg
  • Hyde Edge Rave Recharge ($20)
    • Battery capacity – 600 mAh
    • Puff count – 4,000 puffs
    • Charging – Micro USB charger (not included)
    • Nicotine – 50 mg
  • Hyde Rebel Recharge ($25)
    • Puff count – 4,500 puffs
    • Nicotine – 50 mg
    • Charging – USB Charging port (not included)
  • Hyde N-Bar Recharge ($25)
    • Battery Capacity – 600 mAh
    • Puff count – 4,500 puffs
    • Charging – Micro USB charger (not included)
  • Hyde Mag Recharge ($25)
    • Battery capacity – 600 mAh
    • Puff count – 4,500 puffs
    • Charging – USB micro charger (not included)
  • Hyde Rebel Pro Recharge ($26.99)
    • Battery capacity – 600 mAh
    • Puff count – 5,000 puffs
    • Charging – Micro USB charger (not included)
  • Hyde ID Recharge ($25)
    • Battery capacity – 650 mAh
    • Pre-filled e-liquid capacity – 10 ml
    • Puff count – 4,500 puffs
    • Charging – Micro USB charger

Each Hyde product has a unique, colorful, and ergonomic design for easy and discreet vaping. Hyde vapes have a high e-liquid capacity, ranging from 2,500 puffs to 5,000 puffs per device. If you want more juice at an affordable price, try Hyde.

Hyde Disposable Vape

Hyde’s line of disposable vape pens comes with functional design features that allow you to enjoy a wide range of vape juice flavors with ease. They come with nicotine salt e-juice, available in an assortment of vape juice flavors, including cherry peach lemonade, peach mango watermelon, pink lemonade, aloe grape, and blue razz.

Hyde’s disposable vapes are small but mighty. They can fit in the palm of your hand and easily be tucked in your pants or shirt pocket, so you can puff wherever you go. Every Hyde product has its distinct logo on the disposable device.

In terms of price, Hyde offers disposable vape options that are competitively priced. They range from $16.99 to $26.99, more affordable than competitors in the vaping industry like Juul. If you want an affordable option that won’t break the bank, consider a Hyde disposable vape.

Hyde Vape Disposable Vape Products

How to Use Hyde Vapes

Using a Hyde disposable vape pen is pretty intuitive. There is no need to screw in a cartridge or pod or fill the chamber with an e-juice. It’s all ready to go. All you need to do is inhale and enjoy.

These disposable vapes produce a flavorful vapor. When the juice is done, just toss the device in the trash and pick up another to try different flavors.

How Is the Hyde Vape Experience?

Hyde’s disposable vape products offer users a flavorful and smooth vapor with no apparent flaws. It doesn't taste burnt or plastic-y like other products. In fact, each flavor is true to form. It tastes exactly how you’d imagine, and you can select from dozens of tasty flavors.

Hyde Vape Flavors

No matter what e-juice flavor you enjoy, Hyde has many amazing options, including pink lemonade, tropical gummy, and other flavors. Vape juice ingredients include vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, and natural and artificial flavors.


  • OJ
  • Loops


  • Peach mango watermelon
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Honeydew
  • Aloe grape
  • Summer LUV
  • Raspberry watermelon
  • Pineapple peach mango
  • Strawberry banana

Energy Drinks

  • Power
  • Energize


  • Tropical gummy
  • Peach gummy



  • Lemon crumble
  • Mango peaches and cream


  • Banana ice
  • Mango ice
  • Sour apple ice
  • Blue razz ice
  • Lush ice
  • Pineapple ice
  • Cola ica
  • Spearmint

Hyde Vape: Pros and Cons


  • Wide selection of e-liquids
  • Easy to use
  • 2,500-5,000 draws
  • 5% nicotine
  • Ergonomic
  • Discreet
  • High juice capacity
  • Perfect for travel
  • Reward points


  • Sharp edges on device 
  • Can become expensive if you go through many disposable vapes
  • Contain nicotine, addictive

Final Thoughts About Hyde Vapes

If you are of legal smoking age, Hyde’s disposable devices are an affordable and flavorful option for you. Hyde’s salt nicotine juice flavors are some of the best. Their devices are portable and pocket-sized, allowing you to have a convenient and discreet vaping experience.

Hyde Vape FAQ's

What are the most popular Hyde Vape flavors?

-Blue Razz Ice: A popular taste in vaping, blue razz ice is cool and pleasant.
-Rainbow: A tart and sweet fruit mixture.
-Philippine Mango: A taste of sweet, earthy mango that is realistic.
-Fuji Apple: A crisp, well-balanced sweet apple flavor.
Hyde Vape also offers a wide range of flavors, including various fruit, menthol, and dessert-inspired options. Some more of the popular flavors include Lush Ice, Mango, and Pineapple Ice, among many others.

Are Hyde vapes healthier than cigarettes?

Hyde vapes aren't exactly healthful, and they do contain nicotine, just like any other vaping gadget. They really contain more of this addictive substance than the majority of other e-cigarettes currently available on the market, so use caution.

What is Hyde Vape?

Hyde Vape is a brand that is well-known for manufacturing vape pens that are disposable. They are well-liked due to the fact that they are convenient and simple to use, and they come in a wide range of flavors. Hyde Vape gadgets are intended for a single use only and are discarded once the e-liquid or battery has been depleted.

What types of products does Hyde offer?

Vape pens that are disposable and available in a variety of flavors are the primary product that Hyde sells. Their product line consists of a variety of models, each of which comes with a unique assortment of flavor options, battery capacity, and e-liquid capacities. The Hyde Rebel, the Hyde Edge, and the Hyde N-Bar are just a few of the popular models that they provide.

How long does a Hyde Vape pen last?

A Hyde Vape pen's lifespan is contingent upon the particular model that it is, as well as the frequency with which it is used. There are certain models that are meant to function for approximately 450 puffs, while others that have a bigger capacity for e-liquid can function for up to 1500 puffs or even longer.

Are Hyde Vape products rechargeable?

The majority of Hyde Vape products are not rechargeable and are only intended for a single usage. The electronic cigarette is intended to be discarded once either the battery or the e-liquid has been used up to its maximum capacity. On the other hand, some more recent models might come with rechargeable capabilities.

Is nicotine present in Hyde Vape products?

Undoubtedly, nicotine is present in Hyde Vape products. Each product line and model has a different amount of nicotine, which varies from product to product. In most cases, they are comprised of nicotine salts, which, in comparison to conventional freebase nicotine, offer a more refined and pleasing sensation.

Can I refill Hyde Vape pens with e-liquid?

There is no provision for refilling Hyde Vape pens in their design. These devices are disposable, meaning that they are meant to be used until the e-liquid is depleted, after which they are to be discarded.

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Where can I buy Hyde Vape products?

The items manufactured by Hyde Vape are available for purchase at a variety of retail establishments, including vape shops and certain convenience stores. Additionally, they can be purchased from a variety of online stores who focus on selling things made specifically for vaping.

Are Hyde Vape products legal?

There are local laws and regulations that govern vaping and nicotine products, and the legality of Hyde Vape goods is contingent on such laws and regulations. Adults who are over a specific age, often between the ages of 18 and 21, are permitted to consume them in various locations. On the other hand, legislation can differ from one region to another, therefore it is essential to check the laws that apply in your particular region.

How do I dispose of a Hyde Vape pen?

It is important to dispose of Hyde Vape pens in a responsible manner. Due to the fact that they contain a battery and electronic components, it is recommended that you dispose of them at a facility that takes electronic trash or at an electronics recycling center of your choice.

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