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The Best Substitutes For A Marijuana Grinder. Gold grinder with herbs in it.

The Best Substitutes For A Cannabis Grinder

Everyone uses a cannabis grinder at some time or the other, especially people who are avid stoners. The cannabis grinder makes it easy to make a spliff or joint as you have to ensure the buds are finely ground. However, did you know you don't really have to use a cannabis grinder? There are substitute methods that you may not have thought about before.

Some of the methods we found were so insane; you might not have even considered these. However, there are some methods that avid stoners are currently using as we speak.

The Obvious Options

It is obvious that the ideal way to prepare your bud for smoking is by use of a cannabis grinder. Every stoner has used one at one point or the other. But, what if you don't have one or you want another alternative? There are times, too that the grinder might be malfunctioning and you have no other option, but to look for a substitute. What do you do then? If you have no clue as to what you should do, then you could waste or ruin a good evening of positive vibrations, whether you are at a concert, festival or out camping. If there is one thing a stoner must have in his or her possession is a cannabis grinder and no stoner will allow this to stray far from their view, but what if you have other options to a metal grinder?

Use Your Hands

You can use your hand to pick at the buds, crunching and grinding until it is as finely ground as you would like it to be, but this might take longer than you want it to be. This method has been used for decades before the cannabis grinder was introduced to the marketplace. However, bear in mind that it can make your hand sticky, depending on how cured it is. And, of course, it can be messy too.

Use Scissors

If you don't want to get messy or have sticky hands, consider using a pair of scissors. This is a far better solution. It is quicker, efficient and cleaner. In fact, many stoners think this is the second best method to use of the cannabis grinder. You can cut up the cannabis into a container or in your hands.

Coffee Grinder or Blender

Bet you didn't know that you can use a coffee grinder or blender to cut up your cannabis? While this method is definitely something to consider, it is not something you can do while on the go. And so, you would have do grind a portion of cannabis and bag them so that you only carry out this method once or twice or reduce the time that you would do it. This method works well because it finely grinds the cannabis even more than the cannabis grinder does. However, be careful that your buds are not pulverized too much and you would have to dedicate a coffee grinder or blender to this activity because if you were to make coffee or smoothie in either of them, the taste would come out differently, especially if you are using high potency strains.

Chopping Board and Knife

Yes, you can use a knife and put your buds on a chopping board as you do your good deed. Be sure that the blade of the knife is sharp enough and is clean as well. The chopping board should also be clean before you use it.

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Final Summary

You could also use a pestle and mortar, but how many people are going to have access to these? However, if you do, be sure to use dry buds though. You could squish the cannabis using a hair straightener, but you have to careful not to burn it. In addition, you don't have to grind your cannabis. You can extract the oil and use a vaporizer. You can use the ice and water method of making hash or rosin. But, you should never ditch your cannabis grinder.

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