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As a cannabis enthusiast, when you have a weed grinder, it makes it easier to cut up your weed. But, what happens when you don’t have one?

When it is time to deconstruct your cannabis strain and find that you don’t have that cylindrical jagged companion, which you are accustomed to? Many legal marijuana enthusiasts have the ingenuity to find other ways to get this done without the need of a grinder.

Replacing the Technique

No, you are not going to be MacGyver when you have adapted the simple and replaceable techniques of cutting up weed. You just have to exhibit a little creativity, even if you have to use normal household items. Let’s take a closer look.

Tips to Breaking Up Cannabis Without a Weed Grinder

1. Sticky Hands

Using your hands is the most obvious solution. You can break down cannabis with your hands, despite that by the time you are done, you could have sticky hands. Cannabis has sticky residue that will show on your hands after breaking it down. The process can be a bit tedious and longer than a weed grinder, but it works.

One good thing, though, is that you build a relationship with your marijuana buds by preparing it with your hands. The structure, feel and saturation are a reminder of how much you can anticipate from your marijuana after you are done.

2. Forceful Handling

If your bud is dry, it may be time to forcefully handle those buds. You can use a sealed container if the buds are minced into smaller pieces.

3. Wax Paper

If you don’t want to get your hands sticky, you could use wax paper as the blockade between the buds and yourself. When you use wax paper, you don’t have to worry about sticky residue on your hands.

The surface of the wax paper is conducive to sticking. Prior to beginning, cut up some pieces of the wax paper and put between the fingers or you can also use the cut pieces as the blockade to breaking up the buds with a heavy object.

4. Set of Keys

If you don’t have wax paper nor weed grinder, you should have a set of keys that you are accessible to you. This is easy to do once you clean the keys and its edges.

Use the edges to do the cutting. Yes, the keys are going to get sticky, but are easy to clean off with alcohol swab.

You could also use one of your credit cards instead of the set of keys. The process is the same.

5. Scissors

Last, but not least, you could use a pair of scissors to trim and cut up your cannabis companion. Use a shot glass or wide surface to be the receiver of the clippings. Be careful that you don’t cut your hands in the process.

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Conclusion on Tips to Breaking Up Cannabis Without a Weed Grinder

These are the tips of breaking up cannabis when you don’t have a weed grinder. They are easy and simple methods of getting the job done. If you want to know more about this and other cannabis topics, contact the Cannabis Training University.

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Gavin Kushman

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