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Getting accurate weed measurements is helpful when harvesting buds or making edibles. However, if your scale is not calibrated or doesn’t have the right features, precision, or capacity, you may be getting inaccurate measurements. Here's how to pick the right weed scale.

What Is a Weed Scale?

Weed scales are mechanical or digital instruments that accurately weigh dry goods and liquids, including cannabis flower, trim, or infused products. Scales can Weigh an object’s weight in U.S. customary and metric units. Many models are affordable and portable.

Why Invest in a Weed Scale

A weed scale can revolutionize how well you extract concentrates and cook with cannabis. Estimating amounts won't produce consistent results. Only a well-calibrated scale can show you the exact amount you're working with.

Here are a few reasons why investing in a reliable scale is a must:

  • Avoid possessing cannabis over the legal limit
  • Verify the weight of purchased cannabis
  • Split cannabis between others
  • Determine the total yield after harvest
  • Weigh ingredients in the kitchen
  • Determine edible dosage

Can I Use My Kitchen Scale to Weigh Cannabis?

Kitchen scales may get the job done in a pinch, but they may not offer the level of precision you need to weigh weed. Scales for weighing cannabis usually can weigh down to 0.1 grams, while kitchen scales weigh down to the gram. Kitchen scales may also not have other functions. 

Factors to Consider When Buying a Weed Scale

Finding the right weed scale can take some time and patience. Consider the following factors to find the best weed scales.


Cannabis-friendly scales are usually made out of heavy-duty plastic or stainless steel. We recommend going with one made primarily of stainless steel, although it may have plastic components. Stainless steel provides better durability and longevity.


Weed scales have varying levels of precision, weighing down to 0.1, 0.01, or 0.001 grams. For most users, an precision of 0.1 gram provides the best value. 

A scale with a 0.1-gram precision can experience a maximum loss of just 1/20 of a gram from the margin of error compared to losses of up to ½ a gram when using scales with a one-gram precision.

Scales weighing down to 0.01 grams have a maximum loss of 1/200 of a gram, which can be helpful when weighing small things like cannabis concentrates. 


Will you be using your scale for on-the-go weighing or more at home or in a commercial facility? This can determine whether you need portable and discreet pocket scales or high-capacity scales for commercial purposes. Most users can get by with a pocket scale. Commercial cannabis facilities will need a larger scale.


A tare function allows you to place an object on the scale’s surface and zero it out so you can eliminate the weight of the container and just measure the weed.

The overload protection function on a digital weed scale prevents it from getting damaged. The overload protection will display an error message if you exceed the scale's capacity.

Make sure your scale can measure in your desired units, whether metric or U.S. customary. Small amounts of cannabis are measured in grams, while larger quantities are measured in ounces and pounds.


How much weed do you plan to weigh? Include the container weight in your calculations. Generally, scales with a higher precision tend to have lower capacities than scales with lower accuracy. Stick with a scale with a maximum weighing capacity of 100 to 200 grams if it's just for personal use.


Avoid getting stuck with an ineffective marijuana scale and go for one with an ironclad warranty. Some manufacturers offer up to 10 years of warranty, while others provide a more moderate 1, 3, or 5-year warranty.

1 gram of cannabis on a weed scale. Digital scale showing 1 gram with a cannabis bud on top

How Much Do Weed Scales Cost?

Cannabis scales can run anywhere from $10 to hundreds of dollars depending on their size, functionality, features, precision, and capacity. Pocket weed scales are about $10-$15.

Where to Buy a Weed Scale

One of the best places to buy an affordable weed scale is Amazon “Scales For Herbs”, featuring many options, plenty of reviews, and a good return policy. You can also purchase digital weed scales from online head shops and big box retailers. Some of the best weed scales can be found at Target and Walmart.

How To Tare A Weed Scale In 6 Easy Steps

“Taring” a weed scale resets its display to zero with an empty container or tray. This lets you weigh only the stuff you add subsequently, not the container. Taring a weed scale is handy for properly measuring little amounts of cannabis:

1. Turn on the Scale: Place your weed scale on a level surface. Turn it on with the power button. Wait for the scale to initialize and read “0.0”.

2. Place Container on Scale: Place your cannabis container or tray immediately on the scale's platform. When doing this, the container must be empty.

3. Press the Tare Button: Look for a “Tare” or “Zero” button on the scale. Use this button. The scale should reset to “0.0” with the container on it. This means the container weight was removed from the overall weight.

4. Add Cannabis to the Container: Add cannabis to the container. The scale was tared with the container on it, therefore the displayed weight is solely the cannabis.

5. Read the Weight: The scale now shows cannabis weight. Add or subtract product to get the right quantity.

6. Repeat as Needed: If you need to weigh various batches or use a different container, remove the current container, make sure the scale reads “0.0” or push the tare button again, and repeat.

For accurate measurements, ensure your scale is calibrated properly. This is an additional tip. If moved or inactive, some scales may need to be recalibrated.

Avoid Overloading: Overloading the scale can harm it and cause erroneous readings.
Carefully Clean: Be careful not to damage sensitive components while cleaning the scale. Remove clutter with a gentle brush or air.

Taring your scale before each use ensures accurate cannabis measurements without the container's weight. Accurate dosing is essential for medical patients and edibles.

Weed Scale Faq's

What is a weed scale?

Cannabis weight is measured on a digital or analog weed scale. These scales guarantee proper dosing and pricing for personal and business use by measuring in grams, ounces, or pounds.

Why Do I Need A Weed Scale?

Several reasons make weed scales important:

1. Medical and recreational users need accurate dosing to get the right amount of cannabis.

2. Scales ensure fair and transparent cannabis sales based on weight.

3. Commercial scales must be accurate to meet legal and regulatory tracking and sales requirements.

What are the different types of weed scales?

Types and sizes of weed scales include:

Pocket Scales: Small, portable pocket scales for personal use.
Tabletop Scales: Larger, more accurate, for business or heavy personal use.
Precision Scales: Used to measure small quantities precisely.

How accurate are weed scales?

Weed scale accuracy varies, but most digital scales are within 0.1 grams. Measure small amounts of cannabis or concentrates with high-end models' 0.01 gram precision.

How much does a weed scale cost?

A basic cannabis scale costs $10, while a professional-grade scale with superior precision and more features costs over $100. The scale's accuracy, capacity, and functionality determine its price.

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How do I calibrate a weed scale?

Weed scale calibration usually requires resetting the accuracy with a standard weight. Many digital scales can calibrate:

Start the scale and let it warm up.
When asked, place the calibration weight on the scale.
Complete calibration by following on-screen directions.
Note: Always follow manufacturer calibrating recommendations.

Can I use a kitchen scale to weigh weed?

Kitchen scales can weigh cannabis if they measure in 1 gram increments. A cannabis scale is advised for more precise measurements, especially of little amounts or concentrates.

How Do I Clean and Maintain A Weed Scale?

Cleaning and maintaining weed scales:

-Remove debris from the weighing surface using a soft brush or compressed air.
-Do not use harsh chemicals or water that could damage devices.
-Keep the scale dry and safe while not in use.
-To maintain scale accuracy, check and calibrate regularly.

Final Thoughts on How to Pick the Right Weed Scale

Finding the right cannabis scale can provide accurate measurements when cooking cannabis or harvesting your weed. We recommend a digital pocket scale with an accuracy of 0.1 grams for personal use.

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