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The farm bill of 2018 had a far-reaching effect on the hemp industry, paving the way for a wide range of innovative products like CBD edibles, tinctures, oils, and more recently, hemp honey.

In this article, we review Colorado Honey Hemp, one of the most popular brands around, and discuss the benefits and uses of hemp honey.

Colorado Hemp Honey Overview

Hemp honey, also known as CBD honey, is a combination of honey and CBD oil. While each of these ingredients has multiple health benefits, they're even better together. Hemp honey is often used as a cooking ingredient, wellness product, and anxiety reliever.

Colorado Hemp Honey is distinguished from other brands by the fact that it is made from a carefully selected blend of pure, unrefined Colorado honey, high-quality Colorado hemp oil, and organic essential oils to create a rich organic superfood.

Quality Control

Each of the ingredients used in the manufacturing process is tested at least three times for purity and potency before it’s made into a final product. The raw materials reach the production facility with verifiable certificates of analysis provided by the suppliers.

These ingredients are tested a second time during the in-house production process to ensure potency. The finished products are shipped to a third-party testing facility for a third test to ensure compliance with quality standards.


A large amount of the hemp used in the manufacturing process is grown on a company-owned farm in Colorado. The company also cooperates with reputable farmers in the Colorado region.

Colorado hemp is non-GMO and cultivated without the use of pesticides. The hemp plants are continuously tested for contaminants to guarantee purity.

CBD Content

Colorado Hemp Honey has an average CBD content between 2.12 and 2.25 mg per 5-gram teaspoon. The CBD extraction process mainly runs on renewable energy, and the hemp is heat-treated to minimize the risk of health hazards like botulism.

How Hemp Honey Compares to Other CBD Oils

Hemp honey provides greater bioavailability than hemp oils. This arises from the fact that it coats the receptors in the throat and mouth, which increases absorption before it reaches the stomach.

While absorption rates vary between individuals, it can take as little as 15 minutes for the CBD in hemp honey to enter circulation.

Is Colorado Hemp Honey for People or Pets?

Nearly all mammals have a neurological and biological system specifically designed to receive and process plant-based cannabinoids like those from hemp.

While Colorado Hemp Honey is designed to be human-grade, the company also offers several pet-specific products.

How to Use Hemp Honey

Add it to Your Coffee

What better way to start your day than with a cup of fresh, home-made hemp-infused coffee? It gives you the wake-up you need with an extra boost and is the perfect beverage for a drizzle of hemp honey.

The coffee itself contains several natural terpenes, cannabinoids, and phytonutrients. Adding a hemp honey stick enhances the CBD content and sweetness of your brew.

Use it as Lip Balm

There’s no need for pricey lip balms when just a touch of honey will work just as well. Applying the honey onto your lips will keep them moist while the CBD is absorbed through your skin.

This way, it will keep your lips from drying out while giving you that calm CBD feeling.

Use it to Treat Your Allergies

There is still some argument on the matter, but it’s largely believed that eating honey can alleviate the effects of pollen-induced allergies.

Hemp honey goes a step further. It gives you the allergy-fighting benefits of pure honey combined with the soothing properties of full-spectrum CBD.

Give it to Your Pets

Your pets experience discomfort as much as you do. While you need to watch what you give them for aches and discomfort, there are several healthy treatment options.

Pet CBD products exist, and they're specially made to be safe and effective for your friends. The products are made from a combination of hemp honey, pollen, and hemp extract, meant to soothe seasonal allergies, give your pet pain relief, and much more.

Colorado Hemp Honey Benefits

First, it’s essential to clarify that the CBD used in hemp honey differs from THC, which causes the feeling of intoxication. Hemp honey does not have any psychoactive properties, so it is legal. The two ingredients combine to give your body several benefits.

Cough Suppressants

Honey-infused hemp is a proven remedy for sore throats. Some studies suggest that it is more effective than over-the-counter medications like dextromethorphan.

It has several anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that counter respiratory infections. Furthermore, its viscous nature coats the throat, causing a soothing effect that prevents the cough reflex.

Treating Hypertension

According to research from the national institute of health, CBD may be an effective remedy for high blood pressure.

Its potent antioxidant and stress-reducing properties can reduce the inflammation and cell death that come with heart disease. Hemp-infused honey could also help regulate glucose levels, thereby preventing vascular damage.

Pain Relief

CBD blocks the neural pathways which transmit the sensation of pain to the brain. This property helps limit chronic pain, muscle pain, arthritis, and spinal pain. You can also have hemp honey for anxiety.

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Nutrients and Antioxidants

Honey contains various minerals and vitamins that are essential for the survival of the human body. CBD does not offer much in the way of calories, but it contains vital amino acids.

Combined, CBD and honey deliver a potent cocktail of nutrients that boosts the body's immune response and healing abilities.

Endocannabinoid System Regulation

The CBD found in hemp honey helps regulate the endocannabinoid system. Although the human body can create endocannabinoids of its own, there are scenarios where it may fail to do so, potentially leading to conditions like Parkinson’s disease and fibromyalgia.

Verdict on Colorado Hemp Honey

Colorado hemp adheres to the highest quality standards, and it uses a proprietary manufacturing process to ensure you receive all the goodness their hemp honey has to offer. The product is not cut with syrup or pasteurized under high pressure.

The product effectively combines the benefits of CBD and honey, so it’s definitely worth a try.

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