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CBD consumption has risen and is going to be on the rise for years to come. In fact, you can get CBD products on the shelves of many marijuana dispensaries, health food stores, and wholesale stores, online and pet stores.

This is considered to be a marijuana-based product and so, it might need special licensing in some states and so you need to check with the legal regulations in the state where you are purchasing the product for CBD consumption.

Once you have purchased the CBD product, you might want to know how long it will stay in your body. We have come up with some answers for you as to what happens the minute after CBD consumption.

CBD Reputation

CBD products have earned their reputation as being potent to handle various health issues and natural enough to be safe to consume. Many of these products contain properties that are good for calming you and fighting different forms of pain.

No matter which way you consume CBD products, your body will only process 35% of the contents consumed. The remaining CBD content will be wasted. After you inhale CBD, high concentrations of its compound reach the blood in only a few minutes.

The Processing

With CBD consumption by tincture or edible, you should expect that it will take up to an hour and a half to go through the blood stream. After it goes through the blood, it is then processed by your liver. It can make its way out of the body through the kidneys or digestive tract or it could go into the fat cells and be stored.

In the same way that THC is intoxicating and potent, CBD products that are consumed are passed through the body and into the stool within a day or two after consumption. The urine gets about a quarter of the CBD product as waste.

The System

There are several things that factor into how long CBD consumption of products will stay in the body and in your system. It is known that CBD was discovered before the THC component was. It is no surprise that there are many research studies that are done on the human body provide that THC metabolizes in the system while CBD consumption does not prove this.


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However, more research is being done on CBD consumption and so we can expect to learn new things about this compound. Stay tuned!

The Dosage

If you consume a single dose of CBD, in three days, it should not be in your system. If you moderately use the compound, you should expect it to remain in your system for up to five days. If you repeatedly consume it, then you should anticipate removal in ten days or more. Bear in mind that these are only estimates since everyone's body takes differently to both THC and CBD.

Repeated CBD consumption for up to six weeks consecutively will possibly show an elimination half-life that goes up to five days. This means that it will take two days or up to five days to get half of the CBD compound out of your system. There are some factors that might influence the process.

The Influence

Apart from the half life variations, we found several huge factors that would influence the length of time CBD compounds stay in the system. If you don't already know this, the molecules in the CBD compound is fat soluble.

This means it has the ability to build up in the system and go directly to your fat cells. Some of the relative factors that would allow this to happen are someone's body weight, lifestyle, personal biochemistry, and level of CBD consumption.

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