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Let's test your CBD knowledge! These days, CBD is almost everywhere you look on the market and across the industry at large. In fact, it is being discussed online, in news outlets and also in media broadcast.

A lot of people and institutions are catching the CBD wave and how it is helping to heal people's illnesses in a natural way. However, even with that, there is still so much that you may not know about CBD and so, let us test your CBD knowledge to see how much of the facts you are aware of.

For one, marijuana has a very long history of having benefits to improve one's health. However, over the last ten years or so, it has become more dominant and is now known for being the alternative treatment used in children to help with their seizures and epilepsy.

CBD is short for cannabidiol and it is one of the natural compounds found in the cannabis plant, which supports the largest self regulatory systems in the body. Below are several facts to test your CBD knowledge.

CBD and Where It Comes From

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant and hemp plant. There is a common misconception or myth that CBD is only from the marijuana plant, but that is one of the misinformation found on the Internet. If you were to consider the marijuana plant and the hemp plant, be aware that CBD is found in the plant's flowers, stalks, leaves, stems and seeds.

This is testing your CBD knowledge to the max because you may not have known this fact. Compared to both the hemp and the marijuana plant, CBD is lower in the marijuana plant and higher in THC. The opposite is true of hemp. CBD dominates the makeup of that plant.

The Hemp Plant

From all our CBD knowledge, the high CBD levels in hemp are the most important because it is the ideal source for CBD oils. In addition, hemp grows faster than cannabis. This allows the growers to plant a large crop of hemp for each season in more sustainable environment so as to reap a better crop.

There are thousands of hemp varieties, which are unique to each variety and they all contain different levels of CBD. The cultivators use hemp to create CBD oil in high concentrations. Let's look at some more CBD knowledge and facts.

The Attention

In the cannabis industry, CBD has gotten a lot of attention and this is due to its many natural benefits. One of the CBD knowledge tidbits is that it has more than a hundred cannabinoids in it as some scientists have discovered so far. Both THC and CBD content are prominent cannabinoids discovered in marijuana.

However, there are many more cannabinoids present in cannabis, but with lower CBD levels. They are still beneficial to the body's health. Even though, more cannabinoids were discovered, most of the attention is spent on CBD and THC because of their health value.

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The Cannabis Grower

Not every marijuana plant has the same level of cannabidiol or CBD in it. There are many strains with less or more. The concentration of CBD differs from one strain to the next. It all depends on how the cannabis grower crossbreeds the strains during cultivation.

Is It Psychoactive?

Most growers and researchers say that THC is psychoactive, but CBD knowledge says that this might be misleading. While it does not produce a high, CBD does affect you mentally and so the non-psychoactive label would be an inaccurate description. If you want to learn more CBD knowledge, visit the Cannabis Training University, the world's best marijuana college.

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