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The nutrient film technique is a hydroponic growing technique used to cultivate plants without soil.

In this method a shallow stream of nutrient-rich water is continuously circulated past the bare roots of plants in a water tight channel.

This method has been used traditionally with growing cannabis plants quickly and has proven to be effective.

Key Components of the Nutrient Film Technique for Growing Cannabis

nutrient film technique for growing cannabis

1. Growing Channels

    Plants are placed in sloped channels or gullies where their roots are exposed to the nutrient solution. These channels are often made of food-grade plastic or PVC.

    2. Nutrient Solution

    A balanced mix of water and dissolved nutrients is prepared in a reservoir. This solution contains essential minerals and nutrients required for plant growth.

    3. Pump and Circulation

    A pump is used to continuously circulate the nutrient solution from the reservoir to the top of the growing channels. The solution flows down the slope, bathing the roots, and then returns to the reservoir to be recirculated.

    4. Root Exposure

    The roots of the plants are partially exposed to the air, allowing them to absorb oxygen directly. This helps prevent root rot and promotes healthy root development.

    5. Slope and Gravity

    The slight slope of the growing channels ensures that the nutrient solution flows evenly over the roots and prevents stagnation.

    6. Recycling

    The nutrient solution is collected at the bottom of the channels and returned to the reservoir, making the system efficient and conserving water and nutrients.

    The Benefits of the Nutrient Film Technique

    The Nutrient Film Technique For Growing Marijuana.

    There are several benefits to utilizing the NFT system. It conserves energy and water. The recirculating system reduces water and nutrient waste.

    NFT systems can be scaled up or down making them ideal for small or large grows.

    The exposure of roots to air promotes better oxygenation, enhancing root health.

    Disadvantages of NFT

    While the NFT system provides a lot of benefits, there are a few disadvantages of applying it while growing cannabis.

    The main disadvantage is since the roots have no medium to grow in, then moisture cannot be stored anywhere. Therefore, if the water pump burns out at any time, the cannabis plants won't receive any nutrients at all.

    For this reason, the cannabis plants will dry out and subsequently die. This is especially true, if you use powerful grow lights in your hydroponic lab operation.

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    To prevent this, it is best to check your filters and pumps on a regular basis. In addition, you should consider the installation of a water sensor so you can be notified when the water is drying out.

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