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Smoking weed in an Amsterdam coffeeshop is on every stoner’s bucket list. If you're planning a trip to the Netherlands and want to stay on the right side of the law and have a good time, here are the Amsterdam weed prices and rules you can expect. 

Is it Legal to Smoke Weed in Amsterdam?

You’ve probably heard stories and seen movies depicting carefree cannabis use in Amsterdam, but did you know that marijuana is illegal in the Netherlands? However, there is an exception if you buy weed (5 grams or less; twice a day maximum) from a licensed coffeeshop. Medical marijuana is distributed by pharmacies. Smoking in public is not allowed.

Be sure to research the cannabis laws in Amsterdam before visiting the city. If you are caught with more than the decriminalized amount of soft drugs, you may get fined and face a prison sentence. If caught with under 5 grams of weed, the police may confiscate the drugs.

Growing cannabis at home is not legal. However, growing less than five plants of cannabis at home is decriminalized. If you are caught with under 5 plants, the authorities may confiscate the plants.

How to Buy Weed in Amsterdam

dispensary counter with wood shelves, Amsterdam weed prices

Are you looking to buy cannabis from an Amsterdam coffeeshop?

Here’s how simple it is:

1. Find a Coffeeshop

It's not hard to find a coffeeshop in Amsterdam. All you have to do is look for the locations that have the coffeeshop sign. Licensed coffeeshops are required to have a green and white flag sticker on their window that says “coffeeshop.” Amsterdam has 160 different coffeeshop locations, many of which can be found in the city’s center

If you're a tourist, you will only be able to go inside an Amsterdam coffeeshop. In other areas of the Netherlands, they have banned non-locals from buying weed. In 2012, a federal Dutch policy only permitted Dutch residents over 18 from visiting coffeeshops. The Amsterdam Mayor is also looking to ban tourists from the city’s coffeeshops.

2. Look at the Cannabis Menu

Menus are usually near the register, or you can ask the person working the register for product recommendations based on your tolerance and desired experience. Do you want a light potency edible? Looking for a high-potency hash? Popular products offered at coffeeshops include cannabis flower, pre-rolled joints, edibles, and hash.

Check out our guide on how to buy the best hash in Amsterdam.

3. Order Cannabis at the Counter

Most coffeeshop employees speak English, so you will be able to easily order in your native language. You will have to present your ID to ensure you are 18 years or older. In some establishments, you may need to be 21 years or older to enter. 

4. Pay for Your Weed

Once you’ve chosen your weed products and all the necessary accessories (lighter, filter, rolling papers, etc.), you’ll have to pay with the coffeeshop’s preferred payment method. Some coffeeshops only accept cash, while others only accept cards. Be sure to look this up beforehand.


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5. Smoke Your Bud

After buying weed at the counter, you can find a nice spot indoors or on the terrace to enjoy your cannabis products. Most coffeeshops sell beverages and some bar snacks and provide entertainment such as tv or music to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Serving alcohol and smoking cigarettes are not permitted.

Don’t want to stick around? No problem. You can take your bud with you to a private location. Just make sure that you can legally and are permitted to smoke in the location of your choice. You may not be able to smoke weed at hotels or Airbnb's. Smoking in public is not allowed.

Amsterdam Weed Prices for 2023?

Amsterdam weed prices vary based on various factors, including strain genetics, potency, product type, and coffeeshop location.

Here is how much you can expect to pay for weed in Amsterdam:

  • 1 gram of cannabis – €7-€20
  • Pre-rolled joint – €5-€12
  • Cannabis edible (brownie, cookie, etc.) – €5-€15
  • Hash – €5-€35

Generally, the weed cost goes up higher the closer you get to the center of Amsterdam. If possible, avoid coffee shops in touristy areas to save some money. 

Best Amsterdam Coffeeshops

What is the best coffee shop in Amsterdam? There are so many good ones to choose from. Here are just a few.

  1. Coffeeshop Sloterdijk
  2. Boerejongens West
  3. Abraxas
  4. De Tweede Kamer
  5. Coffeeshop Amsterdam
  6. Grey Area
  7. The Stud
  8. Voyagers
  9. Easy Times
  10. Barney’s Coffeeshop
  11. Het Ballonnetje
  12. The Spirit
  13. The Point Coffeeshop
  14. The Original Dampkring
  15. Coffeeshop Relax
  16. Coffeeshop Get Down To It
  17. Coffeeshop Pacific
  18. Katsu Coffeeshop & Gallerie
  19. The Bulldog
  20. Coffeeshop Papillion
  21. Paradox

Buying Cannabis in Amsterdam

If you visit Amsterdam, stop at one of their legendary Dutch coffeeshops. Amsterdam weed prices tend to be higher in the city’s center but can also be more convenient when exploring the city’s landmarks. 

Are Amsterdam coffeeshops open to tourists now?

Coffee shop Amsterdam

It is currently illegal for tourists to buy cannabis in Amsterdam coffeeshops. This ban was just put into place in 2023.

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How much is a joint in an Amsterdam coffeeshop?

The price of a joint of cannabis in an Amsterdam coffee shop ranges from €4 to €35 per gram.

Is there an Amsterdam cannabis college that is accredited?

Cannabis Training University is accredited by IACET and has all the latest cannabis laws for Amsterdam included in its online courses.

Do coffee shops accept credit cards for weed in Amsterdam?

Yes, some coffeeshops accept credit cards for cannabis in Amsterdam, while some others still only accept cash.

Are there cannabis jobs in Amsterdam?

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