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Las Vegas, renowned for its casinos, acclaimed dining establishments, performances, and dazzling glamour, has another dimension and lifestyle in the mix most cities do not, recreational cannabis.

While approved by voters in 2000, Nevada's medical cannabis program wasn't fully implemented with operational dispensaries until 2015.

Recreational cannabis was legalized in 2016 although sales did not start until 2017.

Marijuana Consumption Laws in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, cannabis consumption is allowed in some designated areas but smoking or consuming marijuana in public places is generally not permitted.

Places You Can Smoke Marijuana in Las Vegas

Cannabis Consumption Lounges

people sitting around smoking in a Las Vegas cannabis consumption lounge

Las Vegas is home to some of the first cannabis lounges in the US. Adults 21 and over can consume marijuana products on site in a regulated lounge like setting.

Currently there are 19 approved cannabis lounges open or opening in Nevada.

Here are some that are open in early 2024.

Smoke & Mirrors Cannabis Lounge

Smoke & Mirrors opened in early 2024 and is located in near the Las Vegas strip. It offers a legalized space for consumers to lounge and consume cannabis.

Customers must be 21 or over and show a valid ID. Customers can purchase products ranging from flower, pre-rolls and dabs to espresso, mocktails and bud beers infused with THC. No alcohol is served.

Smoke & Mirrors describes their lounge as “a place to step into where vintage glamour collides with contemporary elegance”

Sky High Lounge

Sky High opened in early 2024. It is located downtown Las Vegas inside NuWu Cannabis.

They offer indoor and outdoor lounge areas, 2 dab bars and events through out the week like live music, open mic night and more.

Like Smoke & Mirrors, customers must be 21 and older with a valid ID.

You can make reservation on their website and they offer packages. Anything not consumed on site you can take with you.

They are open everyday from 12pm-1am.

Dazed Lounge

Dazed Lounge opened on April 5th, 2024. It can be found inside Planet 13, a cannabis entertainment complex located close to the strip.

Dazed provides a range of package options tailored to accommodate groups of varying sizes. Conveniently, guests can even book their reservation online in advance.

In addition to cannabis they have games, shows, food trucks, and other entertainment offerings.

Private Residences

Adults 21 and over can consume cannabis products in private residences.

Cannabis Tours

Select tour companies offer cannabis-friendly bus/vehicle tours where consumption is permitted inside the vehicle during the tour.

These tours consist of visiting some of the most popular dispensaries and lounges the city has to offer along with some history of the cannabis scene in Las Vegas.

Recreational Dispensary Rules and Regulations

Las Vegas sign

Purchase Limits:

  • Recreational customers are limited to purchasing up to 1 ounce of cannabis flower, or up to 1/8 ounce of concentrated cannabis products like oils or waxes, per transaction.
  • There are also limits on the number of cannabis-infused products like edibles or topicals that can be purchased.

Out-of-State Visitors:

  • Out-of-state visitors can purchase from Nevada dispensaries with a valid government-issued ID.
  • However, you cannot legally transport any cannabis products across state lines back home.


  • Dispensaries are cash-only businesses. Debit cards may be accepted at some locations.
  • Credit cards cannot be used due to federal banking regulations around cannabis.


  • There is a 10% excise tax on all recreational cannabis purchases in Nevada.
  • Additional state and local sales taxes of about 8.25% are also applied

These are the most popular dispensaries near the strip:

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  1. Planet 13
  2. Essence
  3. The Source
  4. Jardín
  5. Reef
  6. The Apothecarium
  7. The Apothecary Shoppe
  8. The Grove

Final Thoughts on Where to Smoke Weed in Las Vegas

While recreational marijuana is legal in Nevada it is important to pay attention to the consumption laws. Fines can be given for consuming outside of the designated areas.

Discreetly consuming certain products like edibles or tinctures may reduce the likelihood of issues. Most importantly use your best judgement.

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