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If you are not familiar with the marijuana prices on the legal cannabis market today then you may not know what you should buy and for how much. It can be quite tricky, if you are not aware. You could shop around first and look for discounts, but it can be a laborious and time consuming process. You may find some good deals, but you have to know where to look and what you are looking for. Let's explore.

What to Expect

If you are trying to find marijuana prices for buds or dried flower, you will pay an average of about $10 for a gram. Oils, derivatives and concentrates carry a higher price tag. Sometimes marijuana prices may vary, from one extreme to the next. There are a few retail locations with marijuana prices for as low as five bucks for a gram. In contrary, there are marijuana strains that are sold for as much as $40 for a gram. So, it is safe to say that there is a noticeable variability as it relates to pricing. If you are a novice or don't have any chronic medical condition that will require more CBD than THC content, then you may spend about $10 to $12 per gram.

How to Begin

The ideal way for you to begin is to conduct your own research. There is easy access to various related websites and apps that will help you to understand what you should look for, how much you will pay and where it can be found. For accurate marijuana prices, you should consider using because this website is known for its pricing of weed. Make sure you explore the many options out there on the Internet.

Major Factors

As with other purchases, you should look out for other requirements or restrictions to marijuana prices when you are shopping for weed. There are some major factors that go into ultimate cost. One is taxes and others are the specific location, quality and supply. It is similar to buying alcohol or a beer. If you want the best wine, you have to pay more. Let's look into this some more.



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Taxes have the most impact on marijuana prices. The taxes on alcohol can turn a low cost beer into a high priced one in no time. Every state has its own tax rules. So it will depend on where you buy and what the tax rates are. In Washington State, for example, you will pay 37% in sales taxes. Some marijuana dispensaries will just go ahead and include the taxes in the shelf price so as to reduce the blow when consumers get to the cash register. The same is true for the state of Oregon, but their taxes is 25%. The state of Colorado's sales taxes is 2.9% for retail and an extra 10% for a special tax.


So, you see the importance of taxes as it relates to marijuana prices, but location is just as significant when purchasing weed. If you live in an expensive part of town, then you can expect to pay more on marijuana prices. Certain parts of the cities across the United States have a higher demand and the higher the demand, the higher the price will be.

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The quality of the marijuana strains is going to drive the price. For strains that are better in quality, the marijuana prices will be higher across the board. The higher the THC level for recreational use, the higher the price. The higher the CBD level for medical use, the higher the price. Learn more about marijuana prices from the Cannabis Training University.