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If you are knowledgeable about cannabis and have a passion for growing plants, a cannabis cultivation job is the perfect fit! Whether you have no experience or decades of experience, you can find work in the fast-growing cannabis industry.

Cannabis farms, greenhouses, and indoor facilities are the backbone of the industry. If you want to work in this physically demanding but rewarding segment of the industry, check out these 5 amazing cannabis cultivation jobs.

1. Post-Harvest Specialist (Trimmer)

Cannabis cultivation facilities may hire seasonal or year-long entry-level bud trimmers to assist in the harvesting process and additional work around the facility when not trimming. Harvesting includes trimming leaves and stems from the cannabis flower, weighing, labeling, and packaging the product.

Bud trimmers must have excellent hand-eye coordination and work at a fast pace. The job involves performing repetitive hand movements for long periods of time. Trimmers can expect to process at least two pounds per day.


  • High school diploma or equivalent (preferred)
  • Cannabis plant and industry knowledge (preferred)

Salary: $15-$17/hour

2. Post-Harvest Manager

A post-harvest manager is responsible for handling all post-harvest tasks including trimming, drying, curing, quality control, packaging, and waste disposal. The manager is responsible for ensuring team members follow the best sanitation practices to keep products contaminant-free.

Post-harvest managers must also ensure the proper operation and maintenance of harvesting equipment such as trimming machines and proper product storage to maintain the highest quality. They must also maintain accurate records of daily production and communicate with management.


  • High school or equivalent (preferred)
  • Cannabis industry knowledge (preferred)
  • Experience working as a cannabis harvester

Salary: $50-75k/year

3. Cultivation Technician

field of marijuana plants, cannabis cultivation jobs

A cultivation technician, also known as a grower’s assistant or associate, is responsible for performing various cultivation activities from planting to harvest. Cultivation technicians may be responsible for a specific section of the cultivation facility like a vegetative or flowering room.

Common cultivation tasks include cloning, transplanting, feeding, defoliation, topping, flushing, drying, curing, trimming, spraying, pest management, and waste disposal.

Growers must have technical knowledge of grow equipment and cultivation procedures such as application of nutrient, fertilizer, pesticides, and maintaining optimal humidity, temperature, and light.


  • Degree in related science field including horticulture or botany
  • Experience in cultivation

Salary: $16-$19/hour

4. IPM Manager

An integrated pest management (IPM) manager is responsible for overseeing all IPM tasks, including training team members to perform regular pesticide and biological control applications. They must also develop pest management strategies for specific pests.

IPM managers must ensure support staff adhere to the proper PPE use when applying pesticides. In addition, they must maintain a clean and sanitized facility and maintain all equipment.


  • Horticultural pest management experience (preferred)
  • Commercial cannabis cultivation experience (preferred)
  • Managerial experience (preferred)

Salary: $50-$60k/year

5. Cultivation Manager

Last on our list of cannabis cultivation jobs is the highest paying one. The cultivation manager, also known as the master or head grower, at a facility, is responsible for the cultivation program's success from seed to cure. The cultivation manager must hire, train, and delegate tasks to their support team to meet the production goals while continuously improving grow procedures.

Cultivation managers must also develop and update standard operating procedures (SOPs) and provide assistance to their support team when necessary. Cultivation managers must maintain a constant line of communication with the team and regularly monitor the plants to maintain optimal plant health and prevent diseases and pest outbreaks or equipment failure.

Beyond the day-to-day cultivation tasks, a master grower must also balance budgets, pay employees, perform facility maintenance, and other logistical Necessities in operating a large-scale cultivation facility.


  • Experience in cannabis cultivation
  • Experience as a cultivation manager
  • Degree in a related science field including botany, agriculture, or horticulture

Salary: $100-$250k/year

How to Land Cannabis Cultivation Jobs

Interested in getting a cannabis cultivation job at an outdoor farm, greenhouse, or indoor facility? If you are qualified to work in your state’s cannabis industry and have the right experience, you can apply to a wide range of cannabis cultivation jobs.

Step 1: Build your experience

Find work outside of the cannabis industry in the cultivation space to get the necessary hard and soft transferable skills needed for the desired position. Working in cannabis retail and manufacturing segments can also provide you with the necessary knowledge to land a cultivation job.

Enrolling in a cannabis cultivation certification program can give you the complete education you need to start working at a cannabis farm. While cannabis industry certification is not a requirement, getting certified at a renowned cannabis training institute can make all of the difference.

Step 2: Look for work

Cannabis cultivation jobs can be found on traditional job boards, cannabis-specific job boards, trade magazines, social media, and through good old-fashioned in-person networking at local and national cannabis industry events.

Step 3: Create a resume and cover letter

A clear and concise resume and cover letter show your work experience, education, and skills, related to the job. In your cover letter, you can provide more information about why you are the best fit for the job.

Step 4: Impress the job interviewer

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At the job interview, dress professionally and arrive early with a few questions for your interviewer showing you are engaged and prepared. Maintain an open and confident body language.

Step 5: Start your dream career!

If hired, you may need to obtain a cannabis worker's permit if your state requires it or complete certain cannabis training. Once you meet all your government requirements, you are ready to start working with cannabis plants!

Online Cannabis Cultivation Training

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