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Maryland's cannabis industry has been exponentially growing the last decade. In 2014 Governor Martin O'Malley signed into law HB881 legalizing medical cannabis and establishing the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. It wasn't until 2017 though that operations began.

Recreational cannabis use for adults was passed in November of 2022 and became effective in May of 2023. Adults 21 and older can legally purchase, posses, consume and cannabis.

In Maryland, the cannabis industry offers a range of job opportunities across various sectors. Here are some key roles.

Top Cannabis Jobs in Maryland

Retail and Dispensary


A budtender is a great entry level job. They are a key employee in a dispensary.

Budtenders are responsible for assisting customers and providing them with information about cannabis products. They play a crucial role in creating a positive experience for the customer.

Dispensary Manager

A dispensary manager oversees day to day operations. They ensure smooth function and compliance with state regulations.

They are responsible for hiring, training and scheduling dispensary staff. They also manage inventory levels, place orders and track sales.

Cultivation Jobs


A trimmer is another great entry level job. They are responsible for trimming the harvested cannabis buds to prepare them to sell.


A Cannabis Grower, also known as a Cultivator, is responsible for the cultivation and production of cannabis plants.

Their job starts at the beginning of the plant production with selecting the right seeds or clones. They are also responsible for preparing grow mediums and ensuring optimal conditions for plant development.

They monitor the plants through all stages from vegetative to flowering.

Growers also have to keep in compliance with all state regulations and maintain proper documentation.

Cultivation Manager

A cultivation manager like a dispensary manager oversees day to day operation of the grow facility. They manage the staff, do the hiring, training and scheduling.

Ancillary Cannabis Jobs

Marketing & Sales

A marketing job entails developing and executing successful marketing strategies to promote cannabis businesses or products. A knowledge of cannabis is a must.

Education and Training

As the cannabis industry evolves and more research is done it is important to have current, up to date education. Regulations are always changing as well.

Where are the Most Cannabis Jobs in Maryland

Baltimore, Annapolis and Rockville have the most cannabis dispensaries. Rockville particularly has seen extreme demand and is expected to expand accordingly.

Additionally, Montgomery and Prince George's counties have a high concentration of dispensaries, contributing significantly to the state's cannabis sales​.

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