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Budtender's are employed by recreational and medical dispensaries. They assist in helping customers choose the appropriate product.

By receiving the necessary training at an accredited cannabis training institution, you can land a position as a budtender. You will have more to offer prospective employers if you receive training. Also, you will be given greater respect. You will be more valuable to the employer and have the knowledge needed to excel at the job.

The cannabis sector is generating buzz and expanding rapidly as a result of legalizing marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. Because of this, a lot of cannabis jobs are becoming available for many people.

The Career of a Budtender

A budtender is an entry-level position in the cannabis industry.

The budtender is the first person to interact with the customer and can assist them in choosing the most suitable marijuana products for their needs. You need to have extensive knowledge about marijuana and should be customer service oriented, organized, professional and love to help people.

The Benefits of Being a Budtender

This position is for someone who loves to work with people and someone with considerable knowledge about cannabis, including strains, the effects of cannabis and the ailments this plant can help as well as the marijuana laws and regulations in their area.

If you are open to learning, then you will find this job quite rewarding. Besides helping people, ou get a chance to learn about the newest and up and coming cannabis products on the market and you may be able to try these products yourself. When you get a budtender job, there is a lot of potential for advancement.

Budtender Job Description

There are certain requirements, some of which we have already discussed, that you need to become a good budtender. Having the ability to engage and converse with customers is a big plus.

Most states require cannabis industry workers to be 21 or older. Other budtender job requirements include:

  • Clean criminal record
  • Reliability and trustworthiness
  • Organizational and communication skills
  • Know a lot about cannabis products including strains
  • Excellent customer service
  • Consumption methods
  • Knowing the Medical marijuana laws in your state
  • Recreational marijuana laws
  • Handling customer queries efficiently
  • Medical implications and impact on specific strains
  • Identifying the different aromas of certain cannabis strains
  • Terpenes and cannabinoid benefits

A budtender is more efficient when he or she can effect sales in a positive way.

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Obtain Certification

Upon becoming certified at a well-known cannabis training college, you will have substantial certificates and accolades on your resume. You may be a step ahead of your competition when you take this approach. Enroll in a cannabis training program at the Cannabis Training University today and you will be ready to apply for a budtender job.

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