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You can get a budtender job by being adequately trained at a reputable cannabis training university. In being trained, you will have more to offer potential employers. You will also be taken more seriously. You will know as much information about the cannabis industry and you will be more of an asset to the employer.

With the advent of medical and recreational marijuana legalization, the cannabis industry is making waves and growing in leaps and bounds. For that reason, there are many cannabis jobs that are opening up for so many people. As the industry strengthens, it is recommended that more people consider 420 careers and subsequent training to be their best in a new industry.

The Career of a Budtender

One of the jobs that could be considered for a new career in the industry is a budtender. Now, who or what is a budtender, you may ask? Well, the budtender is the frontline person who meets the client first and is able to help with selecting the desired and best marijuana products for them. To become a budtender, you must know a lot about marijuana strains and so, you will need to get the right training.

The person with dreams of getting into the cannabis industry should be customer service oriented, organized, and professional and love to help people. If you want to find a budtender job, it is best to know what is involved. Reading the description is also of high importance so that you know upfront what the employer is asking for.  Let's now look at the benefits of applying for a budtender job.

The Benefits of Being a Budtender

This position is for someone who loves to work with people and someone with sufficient knowledge about marijuana, its strains and the plant itself as well as the marijuana laws.


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If you are open to learning, then you will find this job quite rewarding because of so many amazing people that you will come across. They will want to talk to you and share their life's experience with you. You also get a chance to learn of the newest cannabis products on the market and you may be able to try these products yourself so you will know more about them before they go on the shelf for sale. When you get a budtender job, you have a chance to be promoted, if you are an exemplary employee.

Budtender Job Description

There are certain requirements, some of which we have already discussed, that you need to become a good budtender. You have to be a sociable person with a knack for interacting and engaging the customer. Some of the other budtender job requirements include:

  • Clean criminal record
  • Reliability and trustworthiness
  • Organizational and communication skills
  • Know a lot about cannabis products including strains
  • Excellent customer service
  • Consumption methods
  • Knowing the Medical marijuana laws in your state
  • Recreational marijuana laws
  • Handling customer queries efficiently
  • Knowledge of the industry
  • Medical implications and impact on specific strains
  • Identifying the different aromas of certain cannabis strains

A budtender is more efficient when he or she can affect sales in a positive way. In so doing, you will be able to influence the customer experience.

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Obtain Certification

You can go into a budtender job as an entry level employee, but be mindful that the pay scale will be low. However, if you receive the right training, you can start this career, claiming a higher rate of salary. Upon becoming certified at a well-known cannabis training college, you will have something substantial on your resume. You may be a step ahead of your competition when you take this approach. Enroll in a cannabis training program at the Cannabis Training University today and then apply for your budtender job.

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