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Do you want to learn how to become a budtender in Nevada?

Our in-depth blog post covers what you need to know to become a budtender: a budtender’s responsibilities, qualifications, and salary in the state of Nevada.

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What are the Marijuana Laws in Nevada?

If you want to get hired in the cannabis industry, staying on top of the latest state and local regulations in your state, county, and city is important.

In Nevada, medical cannabis use was legalized after two ballot measures passed in 1998 and 2000, but commercial operations weren’t approved until 2013. Recreational use laws went into effect at the start of 2017.

Purchasing limits*:

Medical – up to 2.5 ounces within a 14-day period

Recreational – up to one ounce of flower or up to one-eighth of an ounce of concentrate at one time

*A 10 percent excise tax does not apply to medical marijuana sales

As a budtender, you must know the purchasing limits and ensure that you do not oversell cannabis to customers.

How to Get a Marijuana Agent Registration Card

If you’re over 21 years of age and want to start working in Nevada’s cannabis market as a budtender, you’ll first need to obtain a Marijuana Agent Registration Card. An employee in the state’s marijuana industry can apply through the Nevada Department of Taxation’s Marijuana Enforcement Division.

Agent Card Application

To complete the agent card application, you must provide your basic personal and contact information and choose between the following job categories: cultivation, dispensary, production, distributor, and laboratory. To become licensed to work as a budtender, choose the dispensary agent registration card category.

The application includes an Attestation Form that states you haven’t been convicted of an excluded felony, have had an agent card revoked, or committed other excluded violations.

The application’s Dispense/Divert Pledge Form states that you will not give cannabis products to unauthorized individuals.

The application also requires you to sign a fingerprint background waiver. You must visit a state-approved fingerprinting office in Nevada to undergo a background check.

On the application, you must indicate if you’ll be working for a medical dispensary, recreational dispensary, or both. If you will be working in a medical and recreational dispensary, you’ll be applying for the dual license establishment option (requires two fingerprint records).

Include a copy of your passport photo, government-issued identification, and signature to complete your registration application.

Registration fee: $75 for new and renewal cards

Dispensary agent registration cards must be renewed annually. Renewals must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the expiration date to ensure that your card does not expire while you are employed.

Payment options include check, money order, or cashier’s check payable to the Department of Taxation. Mail your application and/or payment with your application information (name on the application, application type, and date applied) to:

Department of Taxation

Attn: Agent Registration

1550 College Parkway Suite 115

Carson City, NV 89706

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What Does a Budtender Do?

What is a budtender and what do they do in a dispensary? Budtenders in Nevada must be friendly, outgoing, reliable, and knowledgeable about cannabis and the many different strains and products available.

Budtenders welcome customers, check their IDs, answer questions about products and how to use cannabis, assist medical patients and recreational users in choosing products, handle cash, and complete the transaction at the register using a point of sale (POS) system.

Budtenders must possess outstanding customer service, organization, problem-solving, time management, communication, and teamwork skills. They must ensure that customers are of legal age, they do not oversell to customers, the store is cleaned, and all state and local rules are being followed.

Other responsibilities commonly found in a budtender job description include:

  • Keep up with the store’s events and promotions to inform customers
  • Assist with inventory management
  • Bag the purchased products according to state regulations
  • Open and close the store
  • Maintain displays organized

How to Become a Budtender in Nevada – Requirements

Budtending positions in Nevada may require applicants to have a high school diploma or GED. Prior experience with cannabis and cannabis products is preferred. Cash handling experience is required. Cannabis certification can improve your chances of getting hired.

Common budtender qualifications and requirements in Nevada include:

  • High school diploma or general education degree (GED)
  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Must not have been convicted of a felony offense
  • At least one year of experience in a relevant field
  • Knowledge about the cannabis industry and its products
  • Ability to lift and move up to 25 pounds
  • Ability to stand or sit for long periods of time
  • Must have an open and flexible schedule
  • Ability to use a digital scale to accurately weigh and measure product
  • Must be able to obtain a cannabis agent card

Budtending Jobs in Nevada

As of September 2021, Nevada has 86 dispensaries in operation, 47 of which are located in Las Vegas and unincorporated in Clark County. Reno has 8 dispensaries and North Las Vegas has 7. Nevada has a strong cannabis user base and also boasts a thriving tourism market with tens of millions of visitors coming in every year.

The availability of budtender jobs depends on where you live in the state, the dispensary, and their need for new employees. Nevada is full of great medical and recreational dispensaries, but some of the best to work at include:

  • The Source
  • Essence
  • Jardín
  • The Grove
  • The Apothecarium
  • Euphoria Wellness
  • The Apothecary Shoppe
  • Reef Dispensaries
  • Planet 13
  • MedMen
  • Exhale Nevada
  • Curaleaf
  • Thrive Cannabis Marketplace
  • Nevada Made Marijuana
  • Jade Cannabis Co.

Budtending careers are an excellent entry-level job if you’re interested in advancing in any field in the industry. Outstanding work performance can be rewarded with promotions to lead budtending, assistant manager, and dispensary manager positions over time.

Budtender Salary in Nevada

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How much does a budtender make in Nevada? Budtender salaries vary based on dispensary location, dispensary ownership, and your job experience/skills.

Budtenders in Nevada can earn anywhere between $10.50-$13 an hour. Budtender benefits for full-time workers include health, vision, and dental insurance coverage. Budtenders also enjoy store discounts and tips.

How to Get Hired as a Budtender in Nevada

There are many job opportunities in Nevada's cannabis market. In retail, budtending jobs are some of the most in demand. If you want to learn how to be a budtender in this competitive job market, here are some tips to make your job search much easier.

Research State and Local Laws

Check your state and local laws to ensure you are eligible to work in Nevada's cannabis market. Research possession limits, qualifying conditions, cultivation limits, prohibited activities, and other industry regulations so you can answer questions from first-time users and ensure you are complying with regulations at all times.

Become Familiar with the Products

Nevada cannabis laws allow the sale of flower products and cannabis derivatives such as concentrates, tinctures, edibles, capsules, and topicals for medical and recreational users. Knowing the difference between different strains and products can help you recommend strains and products to customers depending on their needs.

Get Industry Certification

Getting a job as a budtender does not require any industry certification but it can help. Budtender certification from a reputable training institute can show your commitment to the industry and willingness to learn new things. Budtender training also prepares you for work in this fast-paced environment.

Create a Resume and Cover Letter

Once you have the right experience and skills, you can create a concise resume highlighting your work history, education, and transferable skills to work as a budtender. Learn how to create the perfect resume with a budtender resume example by reading our blog post on how to create a budtender resume.

A budtender cover letter is one of the most important parts of your job application and not many people do this. It's essentially a few paragraphs describing your experience and skills. Learn how to create a cover letter for the cannabis industry with our blog guide.


In some cases, jobs can be filled through word of mouth. Attending local events and inquiring about job openings in-store can help you create relationships with local business leaders and industry employees.

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Engaging with dispensaries on various social media platforms can also help you land a budtender job. Some companies post their job ads on there. You can also message them directly about available jobs.


It can be as easy as searching online for “budtender jobs hiring near me.” Many budtender jobs in Nevada can be found in job boards such as Indeed, Glassdoor, Simply Hired, Monster, and Craigslist. Look up cannabis-specific job boards which may not have as many jobs but still have good leads. Make sure to apply everyday to have a better chance of getting hired.

Prepare for the Interview

Look up common budtender interview questions and practice your answers alone or with a friend. Arrive 10 minutes early and dress nicer than you normally would. In addition, prepare a few questions for the interviewer about the job and company to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Get Your Budtender License

If you're hired, you must get your agent registration card as soon as possible to begin work. Once you've gotten that, you can start working.

Nevada Budtender Training Online

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