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The cannabis industry is booming therefore the demand for cannabis jobs are rising. Cannabis jobs are increasing everyday in the Unites States. More and more people are looking to get into the exciting and explosive marijuana industry.

There are a handful of states where the demand for cannabis industry jobs are higher.

States with the Most Cannabis Jobs

Most cannabis jobs can be found at this time in: Washington, Montana, Oregon, Colorado, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii, Michigan, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, Washington DC, New Jersey, and Nevada.

Other states expected to soon have more cannabis jobs are: Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Illinois, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Ohio, New York, and Vermont.

Some US states are on the cusp, about to most likely get on board and become cannabis states. These states include:
North Dakota, Texas, Florida, and North Carolina.

The most popular cannabis jobs are that of: cannabis grower, budtender, dispensary owner, dispensary manager, cannabis edibles chef, and cannabis trimmer.

The marijuana job market is one of the fastest growing markets in the United States.

The industry has brought many people new cannabis careers, cannabusinesses, and a fresh start on life.

The best way to begin a cannabis career is to get educated at an online cannabis college.

Cannabis Training University was the first online cannabis college.


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CTU today is the clear leader in online cannabis education, with over 200 video lessons, more than 5000 pages of cannabis ebooks, and online cannabis quizzes, leading to the industry's most accepted and recognized cannabis certification.

CTU has graduated more students than all other online cannabis colleges combined. CTU is the premier cannabis training destination, with classes for all levels of learners.

Cannabis Training University has recently won the “best cannabis college” award by Cannabis Reports.

Cannabis Training University is the only cannabis college that is accepted across the entire United States and Canada as a place of higher learning.

CTU is the top marijuana school in the United States and Canada, with three times more content than all other cannabis schools, plus a lower cost.

Cannabis Training University recently added courses on: How to Write a Cannabis Resume, How to Write a Cannabis Cover Letter, How to Find a Cannabis Job, How to Write a Cannabis Business Plan, and Where to Invest in the Cannabis Industry.

Anyone interested in the thc university type industry should enroll at Cannabis Training University.

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There are no schedules at CTU. All students learn on their own time, at any pace, 365 days a year.

Anyone can enroll at Cannabis Training University.

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