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Vermont sign. Cannabis jobs in the green mountain state.

Welcome to Vermont State Sign

If you want to work in the Green Mountain State’s cannabis industry, check out our guide on how to get cannabis jobs in Vermont. Vermont has legalized cannabis for medicinal and recreational use. However, Vermont’s adult-use cannabis market is expected to launch at least in late 2022. Get ready for the state’s green rush by enrolling in CTU’s online cannabis college.

Vermont Cannabis Jobs

For now, Vermont’s cannabis job market is limited to medical cannabis employment. However, the state’s pending adult-use market will bring significantly more job opportunities over the coming years. Cannabis jobs can be found in retail, cultivation, processing, and ancillary segments. Get your start by working in any of these cannabis jobs in the medical market.


  • Budtender: Answer questions about products from patients and help them find the right type of relief for their medical condition.
  • Receptionist: Greet and check-in new and existing patients, all with a friendly and welcoming personality.
  • Security officer: Patrol inside and outside the facility while checking for suspicious activity. Prevent theft, loss, and injury on site.
  • Delivery driver: Deliver cannabis products to patients’ homes in a timely and compliant manner. Review and validate orders before delivery.
  • Dispensary manager: Ensure all store operations are running smoothly. Most importantly, ensure employees are compliant with state and local regulations.


  • Grower’s assistant: Help the head grower and other cultivation assistants maintain cannabis plants healthy. Duties include planting, watering, feeding, cleaning, and harvesting plants.
  • Trimmer: Assist in post-harvesting activities such as cutting the flower buds from the plants. Weigh, label, and package trimmed flower buds.
  • Master grower: Oversee the day-to-day operations at cannabis production facilities. Manage employees, inventory, irrigation system, and more.


  • Packager: Weigh, label, and package cannabis flower or other infused products. Package goods in a speedy manner while remaining compliant with labeling rules.
  • Quality control specialist: Ensure all supply chain operations are in compliance with state and local regulations. Regularly monitor the quality of goods throughout the production process.
  • Inventory specialist: Receive and process orders well keeping track of inventory. Perform regular inventory audits and daily cash reconciliation.
  • Edibles chef: Prepare and cook cannabis infused edibles in the production kitchen.

Minimum Age Requirement

Under state law, all cannabis industry employees in Vermont must be over the age of 21 to work at any cannabis facility. While patients 18 and over (and minors with an authorized caregiver) can buy medical cannabis, anyone under the age of 21 can't work in a cannabis business.

Legal Requirements for Cannabis Jobs in Vermont

Legally, all cannabis employees (including principal officers and board members) must apply for a registry identification card and complete a criminal background check. Job applicants must not have any disqualifying offenses or pending charges. All related fees are paid for by the employer.

Are There Any Training Requirements?

Vermont cannabis laws do not require a cannabis employee to undergo any specific job training. However, getting online career training from Cannabis Training University can make your resume glow with achievements. In this highly competitive job market, online industry certification is an affordable and convenient way to add value to your resume.

How to Get a Cannabis Job in Vermont

  1. Read up: Read as many books, blogs, and industry publications about the industry. Understanding how the industry operates can help you find the perfect job.
  2. Enroll in Vermont Cannabis College: Enroll in Cannabis Training University’s industry certification program. Learn about every major aspect of the industry including the following:
    1. Cultivation
    2. Medicine
    3. Careers
    4. Business
    5. Cooking
    6. Extraction
  3. Gain work experience/skills: Gain skills that are relevant to the job you're looking for. Working at a job with similar duties can help you become a more attractive candidate for the job.
  4. Connect: Connect with like-minded individuals and business owners in your area. Look online for industry events and online groups where you can be the first one to find out when there's a job available.
  5. Apply: Once you have your skills and experience, you can craft a resume and cover letter to send in with your job application. Don't forget to reach out after a week if you don't hear back.

Vermont Cannabis Career Training

Are you ready to join Vermont’s cannabis industry? Do you have what it takes to stand out from the competition?

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