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How to Become A Nurse In The Marijuana Industry. Stethoscope on scrubs with weed leave.

How to Become A Nurse In The Cannabis Industry

You can become a nurse in the cannabis industry, if you play your cards right. However, even when you get a nursing degree, you will need the appropriate cannabis training so you can become knowledgeable about medical cannabis. With training, you will realize the benefits of medical cannabis. You will become familiar with the laws and you will be able to better serve the cannabis patients that you come in contact with.

Yes, the cannabis industry needs trained and experienced nurses like you. And more importantly, this is an urgent need because many nurses might not want to venture into the cannabis industry because of fear of not knowing enough about it.

The Federal Government

We all know that the FDA is still fighting against cannabis use and possession. The cannabis plant is not recognized as a medicine by the feds. In fact, the federal government thinks it is a dangerous drug. However, here is where the hypocrisy lies.

The feds have allowed two medical cannabis pills to be available on the market and both of them were made from the cannabis plant. There are 33 states that have regulated medical cannabis and in the midterm election, there are about four or five other states that have cannabis on the ballot; one is Michigan and another is Utah.

A poll that was conducted in 2015 by SERMO indicated that sixty eight percent of the doctors in the United States approve of the legalization of cannabis. Hospitals and groups of physicians, nurses and managed care facilities are catching the wave.

Why? It is because people are looking for alternative medicine to cure their ailments and people in the medical field realize this. The American Cannabis Nursing Association is an organization that was formed to create potential employment for nurses who want to get into the medicinal cannabis industry.

The Benefits

If you want to become a nurse in the cannabis industry, you must examine and get to know the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant. You have to know which disease it can treat and which qualifying medical conditions are state-approved for medical cannabis treatment. The THC that is contained in cannabis allows the user to reduce nausea and improve the appetite.


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For that reason, it is a basic treatment used by cancer patients and people with chronic pain. The FDA has approved both “Nabilone and Dronabinol,” which are two drugs made using cannabis and have enough THC to be used for nausea reduction and appetite building during chemotherapy and radiation.

The CBD Component

CBD or cannabidiol is also of interest to the medical community and should also be something that nurses find out about. THC is psychoactive and not everyone can withstand its strong effect. For that reason, CBD (also contained in cannabis) is used as the alternative, even though a small portion of THC might be contained in the product.

If more CBD is there, then it has been shown to reduce the number of times someone has a severe seizure. This is especially true in children. And that is why it cannot be psychoactive.

The Body

As a cannabis nurse, you already have enough information about how the body is made up, but you might not necessarily understand how the endocannabinoid system works in conjunction to the cannabis plant. This is something that cannabis training can fix.

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You will learn that all human beings have an endocannabinoid system that will work with the endocannabinoids in the cannabis plant to result in an improved outcome as it relates to illness or even getting a high. As a cannabis nurse, you will get to test cannabis strains to learn the difference so you can educate patients. You will get to administer various doses to maintain safe consumption. Your goal is to foster wellness and treatment.

Final Summary

A good cannabis training course will be the start to your career in the cannabis industry. You will be able to perform various tasks that you would have learned at a reputable cannabis school and that includes everything associated with providing treatment to people with qualifying medical conditions.

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