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With the boom of the marijuana industry recently and the new laws passed with the recent election, no doubt people are looking for jobs in this thriving industry. Here are some jobs in the industry you may have not known about.


There’s security at the door of the store, security in the grow room, security around the register – a marijuana operation is like a casino. What’s more, the marijuana you buy at a dispensary is almost never grown there – and since that green stuff is like gold, it doesn’t travel without protection. Security companies are popping up all over the state to ensure everything runs safe and secure.

Edible Maker

With marijuana being legalized and numerous medical dispensaries and retail shops finally being able to market their products, the need for edible creators to create more variations of food made with marijuana has increased. In fact, there are already plenty of marijuana-infused versions of common foods and drinks, which include coffee, candy, baked goods, oatmeal, and soda.

Cannabis Reviewer

Talk about a dream position! As with the wine and beer businesses, marijuana has its critics and connoisseurs. Perhaps the most popular is Jake Browne, whose job is to review various pot strains for the weed-centric site, “The Cannabist”.

Browne is a former buyer from dispensaries and a comedian, who uses a healthy dose of humor along with his knowledge of the plant to describe his experiences with each strain. So yes, with the marijuana industry growing, there is a need for marijuana reviewers. (That sounds so cool!).


If you’ve ever been to a retail marijuana store, these are the people that help you at the counter. If you haven’t, think of them like a mixture of a bartender and a non-sleazy salesperson. A budtender's  job is to be incredibly knowledgeable about the product, its effects, dosage, etc., while dealing with giddy (read tourist) customers.


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Analytic Chemists

A lab director at a product testing facility in Denver, Colorado works with various chromatographers and scientists for testing the potency of marijuana and monitor microbial bodies, heavy metals, and pesticides.

Their job is to make sure all marijuana products have a consistent quality and are safe for human consumption. Therefore, as pot is legalized in different states, there could be new cannabis job openings for analytical pot chemists.

Now these cannabis jobs are no longer jobs in the marijuana industry you did not know existed!

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If you were not excited about joining the marijuana industry now, you should be. There are a lot of opportunities opening up just for you! To learn more about these opportunities or to get the training you need visit Cannabis Training University for more information.