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Oregon cannabis jobs and marijuana careers are on fire. The Beaver State continues to break sales records on the West Coast. Its strong growth is a great sign for job seekers. The state’s market has a variety of open jobs in entry-level and advanced work. Work directly in the field or on the retail floor. There’s plenty of choices in this thriving industry.

Industry Snapshot: Oregon

Oregon’s weed market boasts some of the finest weed around. It’s tight rules ensure consumers buy some of the country’s most pure pot. That's what keeps them coming back for more. In 2019, the state saw a 20 percent increase in year-over-year sales. It sold over $800 million and employed 18,274 full-time pot jobs last year.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the state is bringing in more sales than ever. In July 2020, it made about $106 million in medical and adult-use sales. That’s the third month in a row that the state has made more than $100 million in sales. Growth in states like Oregon could give momentum to the legal weed movement, which would bring in more tax revenue and jobs.

Oregon’s pot job count is slowly, but surely rising. In fact, its job numbers put it fourth in the country in weed industry jobs. That’s an increase from 2018’s job count. In 2018, Leafly’s report found that the state had about 13,069 full-time pot jobs.

The state’s job numbers don't even include its hemp market. Hemp is quickly gaining steam. Growing has increased from 584 farmers in 2018 to 1,957 in 2019. Hemp processors grew from 212 to 573 during the same time period. Oregon’s hemp farms are seeing a positive upward trend.

Requirements to Work in the Industry

If you want to work in Oregon’s weed industry, you must be at least 21 years old. All pot workers must get a Marijuana Worker Permit from the OLCC’s website. Choose from job segments including producer, processor, wholesaler, or retailer. Applicants must pass a test with at least a score of 70 percent.

The OLCC website has educational materials in English and Spanish for review. After review, you can register online to take the worker permit test. If you pass, you’ll get a certificate of completion with a certificate number. You’ll need to upload this to your application along with your photo ID.

You’ll get an email letting you know if your application has met the background check requirements. A permit fee of $100 applies. Applicants can pay online with a credit or debit card. After submitting your payment, you can print your permit and start applying for weed jobs in Oregon. An OLCC worker’s permit is valid for five years before it needs to be renewed.

Dispensary Jobs

Oregon's pot shops provide medical and adult-use shoppers with a range of therapeutic products. Entry-level jobs include budtenders and inventory specialists. Each job works together to improve the customer experience and store's sales. Retail stores prefer applicants with previous retail and customer service experience.


Budtenders help medical and adult-use shoppers find the right strain or product. Budtenders answer questions about consumption methods, strains, and product types. As a retail associate, you’re in charge of handling cash, organizing inventory, and using a point-of-sale (POS) system.

Inventory Specialist

Inventory specialists are in charge of ensuring the retailer is well stocked up front and in the back.  The inventory associates move products from the back storage to the front. They must display the products in a visually appealing way to increase sales. Inventory specialists may need to prepare work orders for new products from their vendors.

Security Guard

Security guards protect the people inside the store and its inventory. As a security guard, you’ll be monitoring the store for suspicious activity. Security guards regularly walk the perimeter and check camera systems. CPR and first aid experience are usually required. Prior security experience is preferred.

Administrative Assistant

A store's administrative assistant goes by many names. Their main function is to be a gatekeeper for the store. As an assistant, you’ll field calls and welcome guests. You’ll check their IDs and verify their documentation. Administrative assistants are the first impression a customer gets of the store.

Farm Jobs

Oregon’s farm jobs are plentiful. There’s always a need for help in indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor farms. Whether you’re farming hemp or weed, head growers need help watering, feeding, defoliating, and harvesting the plant. Entry-level farm jobs can be a great start toward higher-paying farm jobs.

Weed Trimmer

Pot trimmers carefully prune and harvest flower buds. Trimmers need to cut buds based on company standards. Trimming requires repetitive and precise movements to remove the foliage from the buds. Some trimming jobs may require workers to roll and package pre-rolls.

Grower’s Assistant

Grower's assistants can take on a variety of farm duties. Assistants may be responsible for the daily monitoring of plants for pests and quality. Entry-level farm assistants help out from the start to the end of the plant’s life cycle. Assistants must be knowledgeable about growing techniques, especially for large-scale farms.

Processing Jobs

Weed processors in Oregon convert the raw plant into a range of infused products. With a growing hemp market, the state's processors are scaling inside and outside the state. This job includes anyone that deals with formulating, producing, and packaging products derived from pot or hemp.

Processing Specialist

Processing specialists must have incredible attention to detail when filling, labeling, and sealing weed products. Packagers work with edible, concentrate, and dried flower products. Proper packaging is essential to remaining compliant with state laws. As a packager, you may need to document inventory. You must keep your work area clean and organized.

Extraction Technician

Extraction technicians turn dried weed into a translucent crude oil. This weed oil can be infused into a variety of products. These include edibles, capsules, topicals, tinctures, and more. As an extraction technician, you’ll work with lab-grade equipment and flammable solvents. Prior lab experience is preferred.

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Ancillary Jobs

Pot ancillary jobs don’t directly deal with the plant. Instead, they provide a wide range of supplementary business services. Most weed companies outsource certain services to independent businesses. No matter what your job skills are, there’s bound to be a pot job for you. Here are just a few of the many ancillary jobs available in weed:

  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Consulting
  • Real Estate
  • Security
  • Insurance
  • Legal

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