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Have you ever taken a poll or survey before? If you haven't, there are some things you need to consider before you reject taking polls and surveys. In many cases, these are sent to you to get an idea of what you think and how you think about things like marijuana decriminalization. Some experts though think that polls and surveys are sometimes ineffective. The results of a survey do not determine whether it was taken with any seriousness. Or it could be that everyone answers differently.

Advocates and Non-Advocates

For those who are advocates of marijuana decriminalization or any other social or political issues, the polls that are created tend to be done by various analytical companies. So, the questions are not always the same. Marijuana decriminalization is more of a moral aspect than a political one. However, many supporters of the strict laws will usually see it as political.  PEW put out a survey and the results suggested that at least 61 percent of Americans think that cannabis legalization is a good thing. It is quite encouraging to see this number because years ago, this would not be possible. If a referendum was held nationwide today, more people would see marijuana decriminalization and legalization as something positive.  However, the people that make the decisions do not look at surveys as a means to direct them to the moral aspects of marijuana decriminalization. They are going to create their own policies that the public has to follow.

The Feds

It is important to note, though, that marijuana is not part of the consideration when it comes to federal law. It is still thought to be a dangerous drug and on so many occasions, the feds will raid even a marijuana dispensary that has their marijuana license. The feds will also charge and incarcerate someone who is following the marijuana possession laws of the state they live in. Each time a state legalizes marijuana, it becomes morally accepted by more people in society. So, what are the feds going to do about it? This is something that we have to watch and see.

The Supportive and Opposing

Most of the younger adults or millenials tend to be the ones who have a liberal view about marijuana decriminalization. However, other older people are catching on, especially those who think that medical cannabis is beneficial for their health. The people that are more conservative are strictly against marijuana decriminalization and legalization.

If a poll was done with the question about the moral aspect s of marijuana consumption, the results might be one sided since more people in society are accepting of legalization of recreational marijuana.

The Participants

In such a poll, 78 percent of the participants thought that it was morally acceptable to consume alcohol and 65 percent of the participants thought that it was morally acceptable to consume marijuana recreationally or medically. Remember that the acceptance of alcohol has been part of society for many more years than cannabis, even thought, there are DUI laws because too much alcohol can be harmful to someone's health. In the contrary, overconsumption of marijuana only gives you a high that will go away, but it is not harmful to someone's health as alcohol is.

Final Thoughts

Religion is what used to shape morals. However, when it comes to the results of the poll participation, people don't usually think about religion when they give their answers unless the participant is asked.  Experts and advocates of cannabis think that moral values against cannabis consumption deteriorate when it is sold illegally. However, marijuana decriminalization is accepted as long as everyone follows the laws. Go to the Cannabis Training University, the leading weed college to learn more.

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