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It's a new year, and that means you have to think about resolutions. A new year is the beginning of something new and a time to reflect on what you have not accomplished and what you intend to accomplish. Common resolutions are losing weight, traveling, spending time with family and saving money. Every year, people indicate their intentions for the start of the year and many of them do not end up keeping them. For cannabis users, it might be different.


If you want to energize yourself to maintain your New Year's resolutions, it is best to consider sativa dominant hybrid strains. Sativa tends to elevate one's mood. Indica dominant strains tend to keep the mind more relaxed. However, not all cannabis users tolerate weed in the same way. The terpenes in the weed play a major role in how it affects cannabis users. It is best to pay close attention to your own body. Use marijuana strains that are motivating to you and not the ones that keep changing your mood.


Before starting a workout, cannabis users should consider microdosing so they can get in their workout zone. When you do that, you will be more aware of your bodily functions and naturally give yourself a pep talk. To ring in the New Year, yoga would be the ideal choice and a good way to start habitual workouts. Begin slowly, of course. Try not to burn yourself out in one week. If you do, then your muscles will be extra sore and you might incur injuries. That is not the best way to kick off the New Year.

Plan a Getaway

As you sit in your most comfortable spot while you smoke your weed, dream of where you could go on your next vacation. This is the perfect time to think about it. You will be in the state of mind to imagine yourself sitting on a beach and enjoying the sunshine, especially if you live in a cold climate. However, after you get down from your high, don't forget where your thoughts may have led you. Cannabis users are fortunate to have something that will get them in the mood for a vacation.

Switch to a Vaporizer

If you're an avid smoker of joints, then you might want to use New Year resolutions to switch to using a vaporizer. This is especially true if you smoke a lot of cannabis and want to preserve your lungs after smoking joints for so long. There are many premiere models of vaporizers on the market that will still give you that strong high and a smoother smoke.

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Final Summary

There are so many more ways that you can change your routine like other cannabis users might be doing as a way to implement their New Year's resolution. Find out what works best for you and do it. Enroll in Cannabis Training University to learn to grow cannabis like a pro!

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