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It is obvious that since 2018 started, there has been a lot of upheaval. It is one of those years that voting as an American has become more important than ever. There are so many issues that voters are going to tackle come November 2018. In addition to gun violence, Americans are gearing up to vote for marijuana legalization in states where it has not yet been on the ballot or ever considered. Now that other states have lifted restrictions for medical marijuana use, the remaining states want to have their residents enjoy the same medicinal benefits. There is a varying outlook in relation to each state's view on marijuana legalization. Be sure to pay attention at the ballot when you vote in November. Look out for more bills for medical and recreational cannabis. Let's look at each state.

State of Michigan

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In the state of Michigan, marijuana legalization might be possible at the ballot on Election Day. 365,000 Michigan residents signed the initiative for marijuana legalization and it was filed in 2017. If this vote for marijuana legalization is successful in the next election, many residents will be happy as it will allow adults who are 21 years and older to consume marijuana for their own personal use. Residents will be allowed to grow as much as 12 marijuana plants in their homes. This initiative currently has a million dollars in funding to educate residents on the measures at the ballot when it needs about 7 million more to do so. Yet, folks are still optimistic.

State of New Jersey

Phil Murphy is the most newly elected democratic Governor of New Jersey and he has boldly claimed that he would consider marijuana legalization within the first hundred days of being in office. He started his tenure in the month of January and all the supporters of marijuana legalization are eagerly waiting to see if he fulfills his promise. Marijuana legalization in the state of New Jersey may cause other states that are in close proximity to also consider doing so. A lot of eyes are now on the governor. Let's see what happens while he is in office.

State of Ohio

A push for marijuana legalization in the state of Ohio is being spearheaded by Jimmy Gould and Ian James, business partners and leaders in the marijuana industry that exist in the city of Columbus. Their effort began in 2015, but it was voted out at the ballot in the last election. Now, both business men are pushing for an approved proposal where the age of requirement is 21 years and older. They want the state to use similar laws used for alcohol drinking and DUI. Both men feel confident that the bill at the ballot is a better representation of same laws in other states.

State of Arizona

For the state of Arizona, the prospect for marijuana legalization looks a little bleak as it lacks the support of residents throughout the entire state. In fact, the initiative failed in 2016 on the day of the election. Many think that the law was flawed and that it may be the main reason for the failure. No one knows what will happen at the ballot this year. We are yet to see.

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State of Vermont

The marijuana legalization of recreational weed almost made history in the state of Vermont. However, Phil Scott, republican governor of the state vetoed the bill once it got to his desk. He is open to taking a look at the bill again once it is revised. Many believe that the marijuana legalization bill, if revised, could pass the ballot in 2018. Learn more about how other states will fare at the polls this November 2018 as it relates to marijuana legalization by visiting the Cannabis Training University today.

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