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Organic elements are essential as it relates to the smell and flavor of the cannabis flower. Cannabis terpenes are the culprit when it comes to the aroma of the plant. Let's look at what they are, how they help consumers make a good buying decision and how they behave to benefit the user.

Cannabis terpenes are known as terpenoids and considered to be aromatic metabolites. These are found in the oils of every plant; not just the cannabis plant. There are in excess of twenty thousand terpenes that exist and about a hundred of them are produced by the cannabis plant.

The production of cannabis terpenes became known over time and is said to draw pollinators to the plant. It also acts as a defense compound. Female cannabis plants produce glands known as glandular trichomes. These glands have protruding growths of small hairs on the leaves and flowers. Trichomes have critical elements that include CBD and THC, terpenes and flavonoids.

Delicate Handling

When cannabis plants are delicately handled and trichomes stay intact throughout the processing and collection phase, you will end up with amazing cannabis with distinct and strong colors, flavors and smells. Cannabis terpenes naturally guide human beings to discover the kind of strains that our endocannabinoid system is most likely to benefit from and to enjoy.

The production of cannabis terpenes consists of governing factors like humidity, temperature and light intensity. These same factors are manufactured in reaction to stress. For this reason, emphasis is placed on normalizing the growth conditions for medical cannabis strains.

The Natural Version

Cannabis terpenes are thought to be the natural version of the plant's terpenoids. These go through a transformation during the curing and drying process. During the drying process, the growth conditions will usually change the way that molecules are transformed.


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Terpenoids are constantly used outside of the cannabis plant for their fragrant qualities. This is how essential oils, perfumes and spices are created. Additional research indicates that terpenoids do play a major role in the medical effects of cannabinoids.

Asking The Important Questions

When you have to consider which one of the cannabis strains you want to purchase, it is very helpful to narrow down the choices such as:

  • How you usually want to feel after consuming sativa or indica strains?
  • Do you want to enjoy the psychoactive activity of weed or the calming and healing effect
  • What kinds of flavors do you really like or respond to?

The bottom line is how you want to feel after you have consumed cannabis. With these questions and answers, you will be able to decide the kind of strains you enjoy, which ones you prefer and which ones your body tends to respond to more. The same way that a wine connoisseur would use black currant in a certain Merlot wine, it is the same way that cannabis terpenes is to a cannabis grower.

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Final Summary

Before innovative research was done on cannabis and terpenes, many individuals relied on the usual effects and traits of sativas and indicas. With more recent research done, it shows that cannabis terpenes significantly influences the smell and flavor of buds; in addition to amping up, lowering or changing the duration and intensity of the effects of various strains.

Experts think that more research has to be conducted to know more about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis terpenes. But in the meantime, it helps to counteract memory loss, improve lung health, is a muscle relaxant, promotes alertness, boost mood and immune system, relieve stress and increase appetite; just to name a few.