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How Aging Adults Benefit From Marijuana Consumption. Old lady smoking a joint.

How Aging Adults Benefit From Cannabis Consumption

It is safe to say that cannabis consumption can be an alternative way to treat certain medical conditions and compared to doctor prescribed medication, it has fewer side effects. No one has ever had a THC overdose or died from cannabis consumption as they may have on pharmaceutical drugs. Furthermore, cannabis consists of strong antioxidants that provide relief from several ailments that seniors face such as IBS, Hepatitis C, lupus, inflammation and other chronic medical conditions.

No Addiction

In addition, cannabis consumption will not lead to addiction. Aging adults were misinformed about drugs during the time that they grew up. Many of them still believe that cannabis consumption will cause addiction once they start to use it. But, this is not true. Many avid stoners use cannabis on a daily basis and other than getting high; there is nothing else to it. In fact, there are many stoners who will take a long break from smoking cannabis and not feel as if they are missing anything, especially those who do it for employment purposes. If an active user stops using cannabis abruptly, nothing will happen. The person won't have any unpleasant withdrawal symptoms as a cocaine addict would or even compared to someone who drinks a lot of alcohol or smokes a lot of cigarettes.

The Various Strains

There are a wide range of cannabis strains that all have their different effects and benefits. There will be cannabis strains intended to alleviate chronic pain and there will be those that keep the user focused and energized. There are also strains that help to treat lack of sleep or other sleep disorders. Users now have easier options as it relates to cannabis consumption of various strains.

CBD Strains

There are also cannabis strains that don't give you a high. These are heavy with CBD and have less THC. There are many seniors who do want to consider cannabis consumption, but are wary of getting high. However, what most seniors might not know is that there are strains high in CBD, which means they are non-psychoactive.


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Cannabis Consumption Method

There are different ways that you can consume cannabis. Many seniors are not aware that you can use a vaporizer or even ingest edibles, use oils, tinctures and topical creams. Most seniors might prefer the tincture option since drops are easily administered under the tongue and there is no joint to smoke. So, if you are an aging adult with no intention of smoking, the cannabis tincture or cannabis oil is your best bet. If you don't like the taste of these options, edibles are your next choice. However, you have to be careful how much of this you consume because too much can cause paranoia.

The Ointments

Seniors with arthritis problems can use cannabis-infused ointments or topical creams. These are medicated with cannabis and are proven to provide relief from back pain, sore muscles and injured joints. The cannabis-infused ointments are quite effective and they usually have a nice smell. In addition, you won't get high using these ointments and moreover, they are safe to use since it is on the skin and not by internal consumption.

Appetite Control

Cannabis consumption is great for appetite control. Many seniors have issues with lack of appetite and as they grow old, this grows worse and might result in weight loss. Cannabis consumption acts as a stimulant to a person's appetite and is successful in increasing appetite.

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Final Summary

Cannabis consumption provides a natural solution to so many ailments and conditions. The list is endless. Family members should consider having their aging parents consume cannabis to get rid of many of these ailments.

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