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There’s quite a lot of skepticism surrounding the subject of using cannabis to enhance sex. To begin with, is marijuana an aphrodisiac? What is the best weed to smoke for sex — Indica or Sativa? More specifically, what are the best strains for sexual arousal?  

We’ll not only answer these questions here, but we’re also going to learn the many different varieties of marijuana strains that are best for sex, as well as the relationship between THC and sex

According to a study reported by Psychology Today, a number of women and men were kept under investigation while smoking cannabis to ascertain the impact of smoking cannabis on their sexuality. The same observations were carried out over another group that didn’t smoke marijuana at all.

Findings from this research showed that the group of men and women who smoked marijuana had more sex than their non-marijuana smoking counterparts during the period of observation.

In fact, the users explained that they had better libido and enhanced pleasure while at it. Generally, the women had a 34% increase, while a 22% increase was recorded for the men.

However, another review in 2015 established that chronic use of cannabis for sex might reduce sex drive. Currently, there’s no conclusive study detailing how cannabis improves libido in humans. Research though is still ongoing, but many users anecdotally suggest that using certain types of cannabis may improve sexual pleasure.

Best Marijuana Strains for Sex

You might’ve heard claims that certain strains of marijuana are best for female arousal or a particular type of cannabis increases your libido.

Well, according to scientific research to date, no cannabis strain is proven to increase your libido. Instead, users anecdotally suggest that certain strains are best used for certain kinds of situations.  

There’s minimal research investigating the personal effect of the different cannabis strains on sex. Still, most research currently suggests that dosing and administration can be manipulated to enhance sexual experience.

Choosing a Suitable Strain

Honestly, depending on the mood you’re aiming to achieve in the bedroom, you may find that a different strain works better for your partner than you. Also, if you’re interested in self-pleasure, you may want to explore another choice.

By and large, a high CBD strain will benefit you if you’re feeling anxious. If, instead, you’re looking for a spark of energy and creativity in the bedroom, you may want to go for a Sativa. Indicas will serve you better if you want to increase the sensory experience of your sex time.

At the same time, a hybrid of Indica and Sativa are perfect if you’re looking to tap both the energy and sensory enhancement.

Here’s a review of 6 of the best marijuana strains for sex.

#1 Wedding Cake

Wedding cake is also known as pink cookies. It is a hybrid of Sativa and Indica, but mostly Indica. It can help you relax your nerves and enhance your senses, while filling you with a rush of euphoria in the first hit. Wedding cake is made up of 23-25% THC and is intended for protracted sexual engagement — even the name says that much.

One to two hits of wedding cake should get you in the groove for a good time. Be careful not to smoke too much of it, as paranoia and weakness may set in, ruining the moment entirely.

#2 Green Crack

Green crack is a Sativa strain of marijuana that promises to fill you with enough euphoria and energy for a long time in the sheets. It comprises about 17% THC. Many users recommend this weed, which is why it features at the top of the list of highly effective strains.

#3 Girls Scout Cookies

Otherwise known as GSC — and also dubbed the best strain for female arousal. Girls Scout Cookies is a hybrid containing 19% of THC. It has a beautiful appeal accompanied by a herbal aroma. GSC can be a mix of purple flecked leaves and bright, appealing colors.

GSC is the ideal cannabis for people looking to enhance their sensory experience while getting inspiration for creativity.

#4 Do-si-dos

Do-si-dos is a hybrid strain with a high THC content of about 20%. It is an Indica dominant hybrid strain. The floral peppermint scent is sure to instantly send your senses into reels of euphoria and enhanced sensory pleasure.

Typically, because of its high THC content, taking about two to three hits will do the trick for you. It’s a highly effective strain that will give you a fulfilling sex experience.

#5 Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a Sativa strain with a THC content of 18.5%. It also has a small amount of CBD (about 2%) in it, and is one of the few strains of marijuana that has CBD in them. Remember that CBD is effective for relieving anxiety, hence sour diesel, according to most users, is suitable for dispelling anxiety from your bedroom.

But unlike Indica-dominant strains like Do-si-dos and GSC, it has a rather pungent chemical aroma. However, it packs a punch when it comes to its effectiveness.

#6 Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a hybrid strain that packs 19% THC. It is known for producing high feelings of euphoria accompanied by an energy boost that creates the perfect level of confidence you need to be at your best in the bedroom.  

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The Amnesia Haze strain will undoubtedly inspire a user to cross the boundary between regular and weird. It tends to fill your head with ideas of better ways to enjoy your partner’s presence. One or two hits is just enough. Otherwise, you may slip into the uncharted territory of euphoria, inevitably ruining the experience for yourself and your partner.

General Tips and Tricks For Using Marijuana Strains for Sex

  1. It’s best to try out solo sex with your preferred strain of marijuana before foraying into the world of cannabis together with your partner. This helps you find out what works and what doesn’t, as well as your threshold as far as cannabis goes in sex.
  2. If you’re new to the concept of cannabis and sex, you’re better off starting with low dosing and going slow as you increase your intake. Also, discuss with your partner to know their expectations and avoid surprises.
  3. Negotiate with your partner before you start dosing and consuming. Not communicating this can seriously impair your sexual relationship. You need to let your partner know your preference and also learn theirs before getting down. It is also an excellent time to define boundaries and decide how high you want to get during sex.

Getting More Out of Cannabis

Budtenders are often looking for the best ideas to serve their clients. Likewise, cannabis users are interested in learning the newest trends in the world of cannabis.

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