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The Black Cherry Pie strain comes from two juggernauts in the industry that you are sure to have tried in the past. Potency will continue to increase to a point where cannabis simply cannot get more potent. Breeders have made it a mission to see how much THC can be in a gram of flower. 

The following information will allow you to know what you need to about the Black Cherry Pie marijuana strain. 

Black Cherry Pie Cannabis Strain Genetics

Is Black Cherry Pie strain an Indica or Sativa?

Black Cherry Pie is a balanced hybrid of Cherry Pie and Blackberry Kush. The effects are going to hit you immediately leaving you in a happy mood. You will also feel the stress rush out of your body which is why this strain is great for being productive

Cherry Pie strain has been mentioned in popular culture via rappers like Kodak Black. The strain tastes like cherries and have up to 25 percent THC. Expect classic Indica effects as this strain allows your body and mind to unwind. 

Blackberry Kush delivers a flavor of diesel and berry. The strain tops out at around 20 percent THC so it is quite potent. Keep some snacks around as you will relax to the point of sedation and might even fall asleep. 

Black Cherry Pie Weed Strain Yield

Black Cherry Pie is best grown indoors for a variety of reasons including that the seeds are difficult to find. Indoors you can expect up to an ounce per square foot. Indoor grows are limited by the amount of space that you have to grow along with the seed genetics that you invest in. 

Figuring out yields might be very important when growing due to not being allowed to have over a certain weight of flower at one time. California has restrictions on how much concentrate or flower you can have at once. Take the time to figure out local laws so you don’t transition from a legal grow to an illegal one. 

Black Cherry Pie Strain Flowering Time

cannabis plant growing outdoors, black cherry pie strain

Black Cherry Pie has a flowering phase that lasts anywhere from 7 to 9 weeks depending on your growing environment. Expect very dark nugs to the point of being nearly black. There are orange hairs along with trichomes that have a tint of blue/purple. 

The appearance of a strain does not always tell the entire story. There are plenty of strains that are far more potent than their appearance might indicate. Others look dank and barely deliver a high that you expect. 

Flavor And Aroma Of The Black Cherry Pie Strain 

The flavor of Black Cherry Pie is of berry and fruit. The aroma is of lavender and fruit. The terpenes in this strain include Carene, Ocimene, and Phellandrene.

Carene has an aroma of citrus and the flavor of cedar. The terpene has been shown to help people that suffer regularly from insomnia. 


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Ocimene has a fruity taste which can help you increase your energy levels. 

Phellandrene has been used all over the world to help people that suffer from digestive issues. Look for an aroma of citrus and wood with this terp. 

THC Content Of Black Cherry Pie

Black Cherry Pie is very potent at 20 to 24 percent THC. Expect any negative thoughts to start fading away as you simply relax. Smoking this strain after a long day at work can be immensely helpful if you suffer from stress regularly. 

Figuring out tolerance could be very different by the individual. Some people are far more sensitive to THC than others as some have a far more sensitive endocannabinoid system. Don’t think that you can smoke as much as a daily smoker after a day or two of smoking a joint. 

Price Of Black Cherry Pie Marijuana

Black Cherry Pie is going to cost $40 to $45 per 1/8th of an oz. A full ounce will cost $270 to $280 which is budget-friendly when you consider the potency and flavor of the strain. 

Buying in bulk will help you reduce the cost of marijuana per gram. For those smokers that burn day and night, considering how much money you spend on weed could be immensely important.

Black Cherry Pie Weed Seeds 

Seed banks might not let customers know that it is illegal to receive marijuana seeds in the mail. With this being said, some banks will send the seeds regardless of the legal risks it poses to their customer. Do not risk a fine or potential jail time when you can find seeds legally. 

Weed seeds can be difficult to find if living in an illegal state. The truth is that you should not risk growing in a state where it is illegal as you could face years of prison time. Even if laws are changed, you will still be charged with manufacturing a controlled substance which is not taken lightly. 

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Medical Conditions Black Cherry Pie Can Help 

Marijuana brings relief to millions of people around the globe on a daily basis. Various conditions can be treated by the plant as well as the compounds derived from cannabis. Black Cherry Pie can help alleviate some of the symptoms of the following medical conditions: 

  • Chronic Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Cramps
  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Nausea

The CBD content has a maximum of 1 percent CBD which is not overly high. You can find strains that have closer to 10 percent CBD which are better candidates for medical use. The one aspect you have to keep in mind that THC and CBD work together to maximize the benefits of one another. 

Final Words On The Black Cherry Pie Weed Strain 

Black Cherry Pie is a strain that any cannabis enthusiast should try smoking. Growing the strain is another issue as it is difficult to find seeds and a challenge to grow the strain. Cherry Pie has a number of popular hybrids. What is the best Cherry Pie hybrid that you have ever smoked?

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