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Jungle Boys Strains

Today we are going to look at the Jungle Boys strains review to examine what this breeding group has to offer to the cannabis industry.

There are countless brands out there simply looking to make a buck. Is Jungle Boys one such brand, or does it have more to offer to cannabis consumers around the nation? Let’s find out!

About Jungle Boys

Jungle Boys has been around for over a decade now. What started as a small operation breeding unique strains has turned into a large company with commercial offerings. They offer seeds, bud, and clothing for their customers to enjoy.

Based in Southern California, they have many storefronts and also have seeds available for purchase through many online seed banks. So, it’s only right that we take a look at the best seed options that Jungle Boys has to offer!

Top 10 Jungle Boys Strains

While Jungle Boys does offer a myriad of weed strains for purchase, not all of them are available in seed form. While knowing what bud they sell the most of is great but, knowing which of their seeds is the best to grow a batch is even better.

The interesting part is that their dispensary branch that sells marijuana to recreational and medicinal users doesn’t typically stock the strains that are sold for seeds.

While this may be by design, this means that you can’t exactly replicate what they have in stock and have to try out their proprietary strains from seed!

So, we decided to focus on 10 of the best Jungle Boys strains that are available in seed form online!

Zkittlez Kush

This strain is the result of crossing Zkittlez Cake (Zkittles x Wedding Cake) and Triangle Kush. Triangle Kush plays a large part in many of the best Jungle Boys strains, so you may want to research about this indica-dominant strain if you want to succeed with growing many of hybrids.

Zkittlez Cake resembles sweet candy and delectable doughiness. Triangle Kush tastes like OG Kush for the most part. Both essences combine for Zkittlez Kush.

Florida Kush

This hybrid strain is the result of crossing LA Kush Cake and Triangle Kush. LA Kush Cake delivers a creeping high with an essence of vanilla and peppermint. These genetics go on to complement what the ever-present Triangle Kush has to offer.

Spiked Mai Tai

Mai Tai and Jungle Cake are crossed to create Spiked Mai Tai strain. Mai Tai is an even balance hybrid pot strain that delivers a sweet and fruity tropical essence. Jungle Cake delivers an uplifting experience when consumed and is great when paired with social gatherings. Both of these parent strains contribute to Spiked Mai Tai very well.

Space Center

Space Age Cake and Triangle Kush come together to create Space Center. Users of Space Age Cake claim that the cake-like essence can put ultra-popular dessert flavored strains to shame.

The experience isn’t bad either! Yet again, Triangle Kush comes into the picture for this hybrid cannabis strain. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Perfect Triangle

To make Perfect Triangle, Jungle Boys crossed Triangle Kush and Perfect OG. Triangle Kush is known by now, but Perfect OG is a product of Jungle Boys themselves. Whether or not it is a unique hybrid of OG Kush or it is simply a phenotype of the legendary strain isn’t well known.

However, the fact that Triangle Kush and Perfect OG are direct derivatives of OG Kush means Perfect Triangle should be entrenched in an OG Kush essence and deliver similar effects.

Beach Crasher

Triangle Kush is at the forefront again, this time being crossed with Wedding Crasher. Combining the vanilla essence of Wedding Cake and the grape essence of Purple Punch delivers a beautiful bud with fuel and berry exhale. Combine this with Triangle Kush and the resulting strain should be quite enjoyable!

Candy Cake

If you like sweet strains, this is probably the one for you. Zkittlez Cake and Jungle Cake combine to create Candy Cake. This ganja tested at 28% THC, making it a nice heavy-hitter for those who have a healthy THC tolerance.

The essence combines sweet candy and vanilla cake and the experience is relaxing but can quickly turn sedating if you overconsume this potent ganja. Save this one for evening consumption, especially if you have a long to-do list during the day!

Florida Strawberries

Jumping right back into Triangle Kush-derived strains, this one is crossed with Strawberry Shortcake. Strawberry

Shortcake features a distinct essence of strawberries and delivers a relaxing high that is best reserved for nighttime use. Triangle Kush offers a very similar experience, meaning that Florida Strawberries is the perfect dessert before bed!

Florida Sunrise

If you thought the Florida name would all be linked to nighttime strains, think again! This one is a cross of Triangle Kush and Green Crack strains.

Green Crack is a notorious strain for its racy effects. Many in the industry consider it one of the most energizing cannabis strains ever created. Triangle Kush is sure to tone it down a bit, but the experience with Florida Sunrise is most likely suited for daytime use for an energy boost.

Jungle Driver

This strain is the result of crossing Jungle Cake and Sundae Driver. As you can tell, Jungle Cake is a popular choice for breeding with the Jungle Boys crew, although it’s not as widespread as Triangle Kush (where is the Triangle Kush and Jungle Cake cross, right?).

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Sundae Driver delivers a balanced high that isn’t too sedating or energizing and features a creamy-but-mellow flavor profile. It’s a middle-of-the-road strain that combines well with what Jungle Cake has to offer.

Have You Tried Any Jungle Boys Strains?

Jungle Boys isn’t some fly-by-night seed company breeding random genetics in somebody’s basement. They have put together a company dedicated to cannabis culture and sell seeds, bud, and attire for avid cannabis connoisseurs.

They have plenty to offer for growers and consumers alike. Make sure to check them out at your favorite seed bank or check them out any time you are in Southern California for some awesome Jungle Boys ganja!

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