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With cannabis still illegal at the federal level in the United States, it can be difficult for American citizens to access legal and safe access to high-quality cannabis seeds. However, as more states voice their support for legalization on either medical or recreational grounds, things are likely to change soon. Keeping that in mind, there are still a few cannabis seed banks that ship their products to customers based in the USA. With so many locations making moves towards legalization and the potential for an increasing number of states opening up to commercial cannabis operations, we expect that this list will grow over time. In the meantime, here are some of the most reputable options for purchasing quality cannabis seeds if you’re an American citizen looking to buy them online. Let’s cut to the chase and get into the best cannabis seed banks that ship to the USA.

ILGM Seed Bank – US based seed bank and best for beginners
Canuk Seeds – Excellent genetics and bulk seed options
Homegrown Cannabis Co – Based in the US & best website UX
Crop King Seeds – Excellent autoflowering and feminized seed selection
MSNL Seed Bank – Use coupon code CTU-msnl1 for 10% off!
True North Seed Bank – Fast Shipments from Canada
Seedsman – Choose from over a 100 different breeders
WeedSeedsExpress – Best seed bank for premium strains
Herbies – Largest inventory with over 3000+ seed varieties

What to Look for in a Cannabis Seed Bank

First things first, let’s see what the features that you should look for in a cannabis seed bank are. From benefits like guaranteed germination rates and customer service guarantees, we'll cover what makes each option unique so you can make an informed decision when selecting your preferred cannabis seed bank!


It goes without saying that you want to buy your cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank. Unfortunately, there are a lot of disreputable seed banks out there, so you have to be careful when you’re buying marijuana seeds online.


The best cannabis seed banks that ship to the US have a wide variety of cannabis strains so you can find the perfect one for your needs. In addition to a large selection of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, they also have a lot of other cannabis seeds like autoflowering strains, medical seeds, and CBD products. Whether you’re looking for an indica-dominant hybrid with high THC content or a sativa-dominant strain with more CBD than THC – chances are good that a seed bank will have just what you need in stock at any given time. Plus many also carry rarer varieties like landrace strains as well as auto-flowering hybrids which can be difficult to find elsewhere.


Seed banks have stringent standards when it comes to selecting the highest-quality genetics for their customers. They source their seeds from reputable breeders who use only the most advanced growing techniques and technologies. Additionally, they test each batch of seeds before selling them to ensure they meet industry standards for germination rates, potency levels, flavor profiles, etc. This ensures that you get exactly what you’re paying for every time you purchase from a seed bank.


You definitely want to make sure that your cannabis seed bank shipping to America has top-notch security so you don’t have to worry about your private information getting stolen. The best cannabis seed banks use state-of-the-art security protocols to keep your information safe. They also offer discreet shipping so the package doesn’t look suspicious.

I Love Growing Marijuana Seed Bank

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) Seed Bank is a renowned US seed bank in California founded by Robert Bergman that offers free shipping in the US. They offer a wide selection of high-quality seeds, including feminized and autoflowering varieties. Best of all, they offer guaranteed delivery and germination. They'll ship you your seeds again if you don’t receive them or are able to germinate them.

Options include Gorilla Glue by ILGM, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Feminized, White Widow Feminized, Blueberry Autoflower, Agent Orange Feminized and Bergman’s Gold Leaf Feminized.

With excellent US based support and an active support forum, you won’t have trouble getting help with your seed needs. Their customer service team is friendly and knowledgeable, and they provide detailed growing instructions with each order. Shipping times are usually fast, with orders arriving within 5 to 10 business days.

Also serving as a great resource for beginner growers, the I Love Growing Marijuana website contains over 500 growing articles and 200 grow guides.

Location: California, USA

Payment Methods: Cash, Online Bank Transfer using an email address, ACH or Wire Transfer, Check or Bill Pay, and Bitcoin*

*10 percent discount on Bitcoin purchases

Canuk Seeds

Canuk Seeds is a Canadian-based seed bank that offers high quality cannabis seeds from all over the world. They specialize in providing top-notch genetics and have been in business since 1999. Canuk Seeds has an extensive selection of 150 seed strains, including indica, sativa, hybrid, and autoflowering varieties.

Their website makes it easy to browse through their seeds by strain type or by price range. They also offer special deals on certain strains throughout the year. Canuk Seeds ships discreetly to customers in the US and worldwide with guaranteed delivery times.

When you buy from Canuk Seeds you can be sure that your order will arrive safely to the US as they use only reliable carriers such as Canada Post or USPS. All orders are shipped with stealth packaging within 48 hours of purchase and come with a tracking number so you can keep tabs on your package until it arrives at its destination.

The customer service team at Canuk Seeds is friendly and knowledgeable about their products so if you ever have any questions or concerns they’ll be more than happy to help out.

Overall, Canuk Seeds is one of the best seed supplier around offering high quality cannabis genetics at competitive prices with great customer service and fast shipping times; making them an ideal choice for anyone looking to grow some top notch marijuana plants.

Location: Canada

Payment Methods: Cash, Credit and Debit Cards, PayPal, ACH or Bank Wire, Cashier's Check, Money Order and Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

Homegrown Cannabis Co

Want your cannabis seeds shipped FROM the US? Want to get your seeds in days rather than weeks? You got it! Homegrown Cannabis Co is the best US seed bank. But that’s not all that sets Homegrown apart. Their educational content is the BOMB! We’re talking 100s of YouTube videos (over 100k subscribers can’t all be wrong), a massive blog, a free community forum, excellent customer service, and super high-quality growing advice… you can even DM their cultivators through Instagram!

Their team of experts and collaborators boasts Kyle Kushman, Subcool’s Victoria Rouland, Nikki and Swami from Swami Select, Steve DeAngelo (yup!) … they even have former NFL star Ricky Williams on the team!

But let’s talk about the seeds that will ship to anywhere in America… their range includes all your Banners, Glues, and Cookies etc, with reg, fem, auto, and fast options, of course.

Their seed slection features a bunch of amazing, original (and exclusive) cultivars like Baked Apple, Lemon Drizzle Auto, and the intriguing Phantom Menace. We’re talking 450+ different strains that all ship to the USA.

They also have their own range of nutes, a free-to-use Grow Diary platform, germination & delivery guarantees, and a super-sexy website you could lose yourself in for days.

Location: San Diego, California, USA

Payment Methods: Card, MESH, ACH, Zelle, Crypto, Cash, Check, and Money Order

Crop King Seeds

Since 2005, Crop King Seeds has shipped autoflower, feminized, regular, and CBD seeds across the world and is available in over 300 stores across Canada. rop King Seeds specializes in producing premium quality marijuana genetics that are guaranteed to produce excellent results when grown properly indoors or outdoors using organic methods only.

Choose from over 500 cannabis strains with more coming in the future. Shop strains like Dwarf Low Flyer Autoflower, CB Dutch Treat Feminized, CB Dream Feminized, CB Diesel Feminized, White Widow, CBD Auto Cheese, Train Wreck, and Sour Girl

Enjoy 24/7 customer service and some of the finest genetics around with an 80 percent germination rate. All orders come with detailed germination instructions along with tracking information so you know exactly where your package is at all times during transit time which typically takes between 2 – 4 weeks depending on destination country

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Payment Methods: Cash (USA and Canada only), Debit and Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard), E-Transfers (Canada only), and Bitcoin.

MSNL Seed Bank

Since 1999, MSNL has won the hearts of growers and critics alike. Explore affordable and pioneering genetics that have for everyone from amateur to commercial growers.

Choose from over 120 feminized, autoflowering, regular, outdoor, indoor, and high CBD seeds with a germination rate of 90 percent. Get your order within 25 days from purchase. Plus, you get free seeds with every order. What’s not to love?

Top strains include Gorilla Glue Auto Feminized, Big Bud Feminized, Zkittlez Feminized, Sunset Sherbet Feminized, Granddaddy Purps Feminized, Gelato Feminized, Banana Kush Feminized, and White LSD Auto Feminized.

Prices are competitively low compared to other seed banks that ship seeds to the US market. Sign up for their rewards program to get points with every purchase.

Location: Netherlands

Payment Methods: Cash, Credit and Debit Cards, Bank Wire, and Bitcoin*

*15 percent off all Bitcoin orders

Use coupon code CTU-msnl1 for 10% off!

True North Seed Bank

True North Seed Bank is a dependable seed bank that ships to the USA.

Choose from 1,500 feminized, regular, and automatic flowering strains, as well as landrace and up-and-coming hybrid strains from over 50 of the best breeders.

Order today and expect to get your seeds within two weeks when shipping to the US. They offer delivery insurance so there’s no doubt you’ll get your order in time.

Some of their best-selling strains include Afghan Hash Plant Feminized from Elite Strain, Cookies Kush Feminized from Barney’s Farm, 60 Day Wonder Autoflowering Feminized from DNA Genetics, Canuk Cookies Feminized from ELite Strain, and Tutankhamon Feminized from Pyramid Seeds.

Don’t forget to sign up for their rewards programs, which gives you points for every purchase. Check back often for promotions on seeds and their monthly seed giveaway.

Location: Toronto, Canada

Payment Methods: Cash, USA or CAD Money Order, Credit and Debit Cards (USA only), Bank Transfer, E-Transfer (Canada only), Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other popular cryptocurrencies.


Seedsman offers you one of the largest collections of feminized, autoflowering, and regular seeds around. They’ve been at it since 2003 and have amassed a collection of over 350 different cannabis seeds from over 100 of the world’s most renowned breeders and 27 different seed banks and have an extensive selection of both regular and feminized varieties.

All their seeds are tested for germination rate before they are shipped out, ensuring customers get only the best genetics available on the market today.

Regarding their website, Seedsman is secure and easy to navigate, so you don’t have to look far to find the right marijuana seeds for your tastes and preferences. Search for marijuana seeds by type, breeder, or beginner-friendly seeds and get them within one to three weeks. Don’t miss out on their promotions, loyalty program, and free cananbis growers guide.

Some of their best-selling cannabis seeds include Shark Shock CBD Feminized, Original Skunk #1 Feminized, White Widow Feminized, Critical Mass CBD Feminized, Medi Haze CBD Feminized, and Triple Cheese Feminized.

Location: UK

Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Money Order, Bank Transfer, Debit and Credit Cards, and Bitcoin*

*Bitcoin purchases get 25 percent off plus up to seven to 10 marijuana seeds


WeedSeedsExpress is the new seed bank on the block – and they seem to be ticking all the right boxes. Offering a 90% germination guarantee, along with great customer service and a large selection of quality cannabis seeds serves the right. Although they are still new and haven’t been reviewed a lot, we have good reason to include them on this list of top companies that sell ship cannabis seeds to US customers.

In addition to years of cannabis cultivation experience and expertise, the founders of this seed bank regard customer satisfaction very high. Their strategy seems to be working too, as WeedSeedsExpress customers have been prone to report fast delivery and overall satisfaction with the yields they harvest.

The owners of WeedsSeedsExpress are proud of the connections they’ve made throughout Haarlem and Amsterdam that have helped them to gain popularity in the local and worldwide cannabis scenes. You still won’t many online reviews of WeedSeedsExpress, as they are the new kids on the block. But we are confident that their combination of high-quality seeds, background of growing expertise, and dedication to customer satisfaction will bring the future successes.

Orders shipping to the US typically arrive within 2-8 days with priority mail and 5-11 days for regular mail. They also accept various payment methods such as credit cards and Bitcoin which makes it easy for anyone to purchase from them no matter where they live in the world.

Overall, WeedSeedExpress provides high-quality cannabis genetics at competitive prices along with excellent customer service and fast shipping times; making them one of the top choices when looking for reliable seed banks online.

Location: Netherlands

Payment Methods: Cash, ACH or Wire Transfer, Check, Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies


Herbies is a well-known seed bank that has been around since the early 2000s. They offer a wide variety of cannabis seeds from some of the top breeders in the world, including Dutch Passion, Sensi Seeds, and White Label Seeds. Herbies also offers exclusive strains from their own breeding program such as Grandmommy Purple and Apple Betty.

When it comes to customer service, Herbies takes pride in providing excellent support for all customers. They have an extensive FAQ section on their website that answers many common questions about ordering marijuana seeds online and they also provide 24/7 support for any additional inquiries you may have.

The selection at Herbies is vast with over 3000 marijuana seed varieties available ranging from regular to feminized to autoflowering seeds. Prices are competitive compared to other seed banks and there are often discounts available when buying larger quantities or certain strains. Shipping times to the US can vary depending on where you live but most orders arrive within 10-16 days after being placed online.

As with all other seed supplies you will of course always get their “Stealth Packaging” option which allows customers to purchase discreetly without worrying about anyone seeing what’s inside your package when it arrives at your door step. This feature ensures that no one will know what’s inside except for you – perfect if discretion is important for whatever reason.

Overall, Herbies provides an easy way to buy quality cannabis seeds quickly and securely while offering great customer service along with plenty of options so shoppers can find exactly what they need easily. With competitive prices, fast shipping times, stealth packaging options plus exclusive strains not found anywhere else – it is no wonder why so many people choose Herbie's Seed Bank as their go-to source for cannabis seeds.

Location: Spain

Payment Methods: Debit and Credit Cards, PayPal, Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, Popmoney, Bank/Wire Transfers, Cash and Bitcoin

Which Marijuana Seed Bank is Right For You?

The cannabis seed market is booming as more and more people are growing weed at home. With so much choice, how do you choose the right marijuana seed bank? If you’re looking to buy cannabis seeds, there are a lot of options out there. Some customers prefer to buy them from trusted sellers like seed banks instead of from an online marketplace like Craigslist or eBay. There are a lot of advantages to buying your seeds from a seed bank instead of directly from another grower. We hope our list of the best cannabis seed banks that ship to USA has helped you narrow down your search so you have no worries about where to find your next strain!

Tips for Choosing a Cannabis Seed Bank that Ships to the USA

When it comes to choosing a cannabis seed bank, there are several important factors to consider. Researching reputation and reviews is one of the most important steps in selecting a reliable seed bank. Look for customer feedback on forums or social media sites, as well as ratings from independent review websites. This will give you an idea of what kind of experience other customers have had with the company and can help you make an informed decision about which seed bank is right for you.

Shipping costs and delivery times should also be taken into account when selecting a cannabis seed bank. Check to see if they offer free shipping or discounts on orders over a certain amount, as well as how long it takes for your order to arrive after placing it. It’s also worth checking whether they offer tracking information so that you can keep tabs on your shipment while it’s in transit.

Customer service options should also be considered when choosing a cannabis seed bank – after all, if something goes wrong with your order then having access to helpful customer support staff could prove invaluable. Look at their website or contact them directly via email/phone/live chat (if available) to get an idea of how quickly they respond and how knowledgeable their staff are about the products they sell.

Finally, compare prices between different cannabis seed banks before making your final decision. This way you can ensure that you're getting the best deal possible without compromising on quality. However, remember that sometimes paying more does not necessarily mean better quality seeds; therefore, do your research carefully before committing yourself financially.

Let CTU Help You Get Started Growing Marijuana from Seed

With cannabis seeds in hand, you’re ready to grow your first or umpteenth cannabis plant. If you want to learn the fundamentals of growing cannabis, especially on a budget, or refining your cultivation techniques, sign up for CTU’s how to grow marijuana training course.

You not only get an in-depth education into the cultivation side of the industry along with information on nutrients, soil, pH, and other critical factors that matter when growing, but you’ll also get a well-rounded education on every major aspect of the highly-complex industry.

Seeds are the starting point for cannabis growers of all skill levels. Here’s a comprehensive beginner’s guide on cannabis seeds.

Understanding Plant Biology

A seed is a small embryonic plant covered by a protective coat. Plants reproduce when a plant’s ovule becomes fertilized by another’s pollen. When fertilized, a seed can form on the plant.

This embryonic plant stores the strain’s genetic traits but it’s also so much more than that. It’s the start of a bountiful harvest full of dense, aromatic, and flavorful buds.

What Are Marijuana Seeds?

Cannabis plants are dioecious, meaning they can produce male and female seeds. Female seeds are the only ones that grow flower buds. Male plants, however, are important when pollinating a female plant to produce seeds. When the seeds are mature, the female plant dies and you can use the seeds for a variety of purposes.

Seeds can be used to create oils, food, or breed new strains. Female marijuana plants are responsible for keeping dispensaries stocked with whole-flower. In these grow operations, male plants are removed to avoid pollinating the females and reducing the bud yield to create seeds. Traditionally, growers call these seedless varieties “sinsemilla.”

While female and male buds seem to have a defined role in the cannabis world, some types of marijuana plants grow female and male sex organs. Plants can become stressed by the environment and turn hermaphroditic by producing seeds and flowers on the same plant.

What Are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds, as you may have already guessed, only produce female plants. This comes in handy as a beginner if you don’t want to go through the hassle of determining if you have a male or female plant. Feminized seeds are made by inducing hermaphroditic traits in a female plant. The result is a self-pollinated seed with only female genes.

Cannabis growers can stimulate feminized seed production in female plants through a variety of techniques. For instance, growers can spray their plants with a colloidal silver solution. Rodelization involves letting a female plant go beyond maturation to pollinate another female. A gibberellic acid spray may also work, but this one’s less common than colloidal silver.

What Are Autoflowering Seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds automatically begin to flower after a certain age. This is the complete opposite of the traditional photoperiod strains that require 12 hours of light to begin their flowering period. A shorter lighting period is intended to replicate the transitioning autumn climate.

Autoflowering seeds are made from a hardy type of cannabis plant, Cannabis ruderalis. This strain grew out of the unforgiving northern climes that don’t get much sun. Autoflowering seeds are perfect for those who live in low-light climates.

If you want to plant multiple crops throughout the year, you can grow weed faster with autoflowering strains, although, these seeds tend to produce lower yields with lower-potency buds.

What Are Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Regular seeds differ from feminized seeds because you don’t know if you’re getting a male or female. Regular photoperiod seeds are grown by male cannabis plants and need to be germinated in order to determine their sex.

If you have a regular seed, you’ll have to closely monitor the sex organ formation for pre-flowers (female) or pre-pollen sacs (male).

What Are CBD-Rich Seeds?

Most cannabis seeds produce high-THC varieties, but there are some high-CBD seeds out there, too. Cannabidiol (CBD) has shown to provide a wide range of therapeutic relief. Hemp production has increased the number and variety of CBD-rich seeds available. High-CBD hemp has been crossed with cannabis to produce low-THC or balanced varieties.

What Are High-Quality Cannabis Seeds?

High-quality cannabis seeds can be obtained from trusted breeders who have spent years crossing and backcrossing plants to stabilize their genetics. Stable genetics means you can grow the intended strain with its most favorable traits. High-quality seeds must also be stored correctly and grown under the right conditions to get the most out of the seed.

Growing Weed Indoors vs. Outdoors

Indoor and outdoor growing each have their pros and cons. Indoor gardens tend to produce buds with tremendous bag appeal but come with higher energy costs. Outdoor-grown weed has fewer energy costs and can also make great buds. For outdoor growing, choose landrace strains that are used to environmental stressors.

Modern hybrid strains are better suited for indoor growing. Of course, any seed is capable of growing in either environment.

Marijuana Weed Strains

Once you’ve selected the types of seeds you want, you can narrow down on the type of marijuana strain you’re looking for. Generally, you can choose between sativa, indica, or a hybrid of these two main types.

Indica strains originated in cooler climates and grow short and bushy. Sativa strains grow tall and large. Hybrid strains feature a blend of both types and can feature traits from each parent.

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal?

If you’re planning on buying cannabis seeds, it’s important to understand the laws of the land. Cannabis seed legality depends on your state laws. States with adult-use laws may allow people to grow and buy seeds. States with medical marijuana laws require patients to get a medical card to be able to buy and grow seeds.

Ideally, it’s better to buy seeds from a local and licensed shop, but there are also online cannabis seed banks that ship to the USA. These seed banks discreetly ship your seeds, but they do risk being confiscated due to federal laws. Buying seeds from a different state or country and bringing it back home is illegal, though.

How Much Are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds are typically sold in packs of up to 12 seeds for $50. For high-end genetics, expect to pay between $100 to $500 per seed pack. Feminized and autoflowering seeds tend to cost more than regular seeds due to the work put in to get a certain type of marijuana plant. Always buy more marijuana seeds than you plan on growing in case some of them don’t germinate.

How to Store Weed Seeds

Buying high-quality cannabis seeds is one thing, but storing them properly is another. Weed seeds must be stored in a cool, dry, and dark space. Ideally, put your seeds in an airtight container that doesn’t allow any light inside. When stored properly, seeds can last for many years but will lose their viability over time.

Germinating Weed Seeds

Germination is the first step toward growing cannabis. During germination, seeds are hydrated to activate enzymes responsible for growth. You’ll know if your seed has germinated if you see the start of a root shoot from the seed’s coat. Growers can use the paper towel method by putting their seeds between a couple of damp paper towels on a flat surface. Roots should become visible within a few days.

Seeds vs. Clones

Cannabis growers can start off with either a cannabis seed or clone. Clones are cuttings of a vegetative cannabis plant. Clones are easier to grow than seeds because they skip over the germination phase. They feature stable genetics, but seeds may be a mixed bag. Clones can be purchased in licensed dispensaries or online.

Seeds, however, offer many advantages to growers, too. For one, plants from seeds tend to develop better tap-root. They are also less vulnerable to diseases and pests.

Cannabis seeds can also be stored for later use and you can choose from a wide variety of seeds available. Some weed growers just love to grow with seeds to keep them on their toes.


Cannabis seeds are an essential part of the growing process and the first step in cultivating a healthy and robust cannabis plant. There are several important factors that can impact the time it takes for a seed to germinate and sprout, including the quality of the seed, the method used for soaking, and the conditions under which the seed is planted.

Soaking Cannabis Seeds

How long to soak cannabis seeds is a commonly asked question by new weed growers.

Before planting, it is recommended to soak cannabis seeds in water for a specific period to improve the chances of successful germination. The ideal soaking time can range from 12 to 24 hours, although some growers prefer to soak seeds for up to 48 hours.

During this time, the seed will absorb water and start to crack open, which can hasten the germination process.

Germinating Cannabis Seeds

There are several methods that can be used to germinate cannabis seeds, including the paper towel method, the water glass method, and direct soil planting. The paper towel method involves soaking a seed in water and then wrapping it in a moist paper towel, which is then kept in a warm, dark place.

The water glass method involves placing seeds in a glass of water and leaving it in a warm, dark place. Direct soil planting involves planting seeds directly into soil and then keeping the soil moist and warm.

How Long Does it Take for a Seed to Germinate

The time it takes for a seed to germinate can vary greatly, ranging from as little as 24 hours to as long as 7 days. This variability can be due to a number of factors, including the quality of the seed, the method used for soaking, and the conditions under which the seed is planted. In general, high-quality seeds will germinate more quickly and reliably than lower-quality seeds.

Growing Cannabis from Seed

Once the seeds have germinated, they can be planted in soil, which should be moist and rich in nutrients. The soil should be kept warm and well-drained, and the plants should receive ample light and water. As the plants grow, they may need to be pruned and trained to encourage healthy growth and maximum yield.

How Long After Planting Germinated Seeds Do They Sprout

Once the seeds have been planted, it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks for the sprouts to appear, depending on the conditions and the quality of the seed.

In general, healthy seeds will sprout more quickly and reliably than lower-quality seeds.

In conclusion, growing cannabis from seed is a complex process that requires attention to detail and patience.

By carefully soaking and germinating the seeds, providing optimal growing conditions, and monitoring the growth of the plants, it is possible to cultivate high-quality cannabis plants that are both healthy and productive.

Clones have an ongoing need for seeds in order to create and introduce new proprietary strains. A major percentage of home growers always grow from seed, and this reality resulted in the establishment of numerous seed banks and seed brokers years ago.

Seedbanks vs Seed Brokers

The number of seed banks has only expanded over the years, answering the demand for exclusive cannabis genetics in the United States and other countries.

While Amsterdam reigns supreme as the capital for seed banks, many of their genetics originally came from the U.S., which creates an interesting situation. In order to gain access to these once-American strains, U.S. consumers ironically have to obtain them from Dutch suppliers.

With cannabis laws becoming increasingly progressive in the U.S., an increasing number of legal options are now becoming available to seed seekers in the states. Seed banks and brokers are springing up with increasing regularity on this side of the pond, specifically serving the needs of American growers—while some European seed companies (not all) specifically serve the needs of the European market.

Occasionally, you will find strains marketed in both Amsterdam and America that have the same name and genetic background but are dramatically different. Skunk #1 is an excellent example.

While the American Skunk #1 reflects its name and has a dank, skunky quality, the Dutch version is sweet, with no trace of the skunky aroma.

Dutch breeders have selectively bred Skunk #1 to appeal to the Dutch palate, while American breeders have retained its skunky qualities, which many Americans love. This creates a different take on the same strain. Several other Dutch skunk strains have a sweet quality as well.

Cannabis Seed Banks vs. Seed Brokers

Although various seed companies don’t always call themselves seed banks and brokers, and market themselves as such, people who are seeking good cannabis genetics often rely on them to get seeds. While both types of companies sell seed, they are decidedly different.

Seed companies do their own breeding to create new strains they market in seed form. Through selective breeding and growing, they identify the best phenotypes and stabilize the strains—although some strain releases may have a few known phenos that can occur in a single pack of seeds.

Seed companies strive for consistency so their buyers know what to expect and gain trust in them as a source for potent, flavorful cannabis. Most seed banks sell their own seeds, sometimes only at their main place of business, as well as well as distribute them through seed brokers.

To confuse things further, some seed companies market their seeds under more than one name, or occasionally sell seeds from partner companies.

Seed brokers do not create seed. Rather, they market seeds from various seed companies and banks, and they may have seed available from a diverse assortment of different seed creators. Many seed companies depend on seed brokers to market their product.

Unlike some seed banks, most seed brokers will mail seeds worldwide, while some seed banks will only sell within their own country or to select countries. Price doesn’t always dictate quality. There are some seed companies and banks that sell very high-quality seeds at reasonable prices. The highest-priced strains are often new and highly anticipated releases, as well as old classics that are in high demand.

The seeds that these companies ship are sent in protective, discreet packaging. Some places will let you choose to remove seeds from a breeder’s packaging. Then, they are placed in collectible souveniers such as tote bags, pens, toys, DVD cases, and more to avoid detection. 

Most of them ship orders in a very timely manner. Seed buyers should research and educate themselves about the legality of shipping cannabis seeds to their locations and place orders armed with that knowledge.

Let’s take a look at a variety of seed businesses, both seed banks and seed brokers. Quite a few American cannabis breeders have migrated to Europe to do business—especially in the days when cannabis prohibition was nationwide in the U.S. Since marijuana is now legal in many parts of America (U.S. and Canada), there is cross-traffic, with Europeans coming to America as well.

As far as some of the more prominent seed businesses, an online search will reveal many more for those who are shopping for seeds. If a specific seed company will not ship to your location and you have a strong desire to grow one of their strains, chances are good that a seed broker will send you the same seed strain, from the exact company that created it, with packaging to prove it.

cannabis seed banks vs. seed brokers. cannabis seeds and a weed leaf

Seed Banks

These companies have been around for decades and have honed their craft to produce consistently high-quality seed. They are reliable, and the quality of their products has satisfied buyers for many years. Most of these companies have produced iconic strains that are widely known in the industry. Here is a small selection of notable seed banks.

Sensi Seeds

This Dutch company has created some fantastic seed strains over the years. Sensi Seeds is the creator of Jack Herer, a wonderfully Hazy and fruity sativa-dominant strain that enjoys worldwide popularity and has garnered numerous awards. Sensi is also responsible for creating Silver Haze and Marley’s Collie, and is the original source for Maple Leaf Indica. Since 1985, Sensi Seeds has grown to become the world’s largest cannabis seed bank with over 500 varieties.

DNA Genetics

The strains from DNA Genetics have quickly attracted huge popularity, and for good reason. Potent and delicious, they have garnered an amazing number of well-earned awards. . All in all, they’ve won more than 200 awards in all categories at the industry's leading cannabis events. DNA is the company responsible for bringing numerous heavy hitters to the market, including Chocolope, Lemon Skunk, and LA Confidential. Their Tangie and Strawberry Banana strains have also attracted legions of fans.

T.H. Seeds

With a solid portfolio of favorites, T.H. Seeds is another company worthy of your consideration for its assortment of highly regarded seed strains. T.H. Seeds was started in Amsterdam in 1993. For over 25 years, the company has been focused on preserving quality genetics and sharing them with the world. The company is responsible for the original indica-dominant version of Bubblegum, as well as industry head-turners like S.A.G.E., MK-Ultra, S.A.G.E and Sour, Chocolate Chunk, and Heavy Duty Fruity.

Dutch Passion

With a long history in cannabis seeds, Dutch Passion offers excellent versions of outstanding strains. As one of the oldest seed banks in the world, they’ve ammassed a fine selection of original cannabis classic varieties and the best new ones, too. They have been a source for D.J. Short’s original Blueberry and also market an excellent Strawberry Cough. The Californian Orange strain is also one of their highly regarded releases.

Serious Seeds

Without a doubt, Serious Seeds has some seriously good cannabis genetics. With an inventory that’s more limited than most, it’s obvious the company prefers quality over quantity. Just about all their strains are notable and worthy of your consideration. The company created AK-47 and the sativa-dominant version of Bubblegum. Chronic is another of their original strains. They also have great strain genetics for Kali Mist, Warlock, and White Russian. They also offer Seriously Limited seeds that are limited to only 4,000 packs and Seriously Customized seeds that have multiple strains in a single pack.

Flying Dutchmen

Known particularly for some of their excellent sativa strains, Flying Dutchmen has served the needs of cannabis growers for a long time. They sell a very good Haze from seed, as well as other notable sativa strains like The Real McCoy and Pineapple Punch.

Another notable heavy-hitting sativa in the Flying Dutchmen lineup is Haze Mist, a nearly pure sativa that will make any Haze lover smile.

Barney’s Farm

Barney’s Farm is considered one of the best seed banks/breeders in the world. Based in Amsterdam, Barney’s Farm was started by Derry who got his start growing weed in Asia during the 1980s. For nearly 30 years, Barney’s Farm has been a fan favorite and  won countless awards. Popular strain creations include G13, Amnesia Haze, Tangerine Dream, Critical Kush, Pineapple Chunk, Cookies Kush, Willie Nelson, and Liberty Haze.

Marijuana Seeds NL (MSNL)

Since 1999, Marijuana Seeds NL (MSNL) has developed a wide range of quality feminized, regular, auto-flowering, high CBD, and indoor and outdoor seeds. Find best-selling seeds such as Gelato, Girl Scout Cookies, THC Bomb, Gorilla Glue Auto, Big Bud, and more. MSNL offers worldwide stealth shipping that won’t draw unwanted attention. Plus, every order comes with free seeds! What’s not to love?


Seedsman is a UK-based seed bank. It has been a trusted source of quality genetics from around the world for over 15 years. Shop their vast selection of seeds from the best licensed breeders. They even have unique strain categories such as fast-growing, mold resistant, low-odor, higher altitude, high-yielding, and beginner strains, among many others. Earn free seeds and loyalty points with every purchase.

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Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is one of the best cannabis seed banks in Canada. Choose from a variety of strains including auto flowering, feminized, regular, and CBD-rich seeds. Since 2005, the company has grown to feature over 40 strains. Popular strains include the Dwarf Flyer Auto, CB Dutch Treat, CB Dream, CB Diesel, White Widow, Sour Girl, and more. While they don’t offer a large selection of seeds like other seed banks, all of them are of the highest quality.

Seed Brokers

Seed brokers market seed from a selection of seed banks with which they do business. Many seed brokers have a truly huge selection, so it can be fun to kill some time by browsing their inventory. Seed brokers usually make a great effort to ship in a timely manner to nearly anywhere in the world.

Some seed brokers will occasionally include freebie seeds as a goodwill gesture or to promote a particular seed bank. For good reason, seed brokers are the preferred source for a great number of cultivators. A few of them are found below, but many more exist.

Seeds Here Now

With a massive inventory from a surprising number of seed banks, Seed Here Now is sure to have the strain(s) you are looking to buy. Among the well-known breeders they sell and distribute cannabis seeds for are Brothers Grimm, D.J. Short, Serious Seeds, T.H. Seeds, and Humboldt Seed Company and dozens of others. If Seeds Here Now can’t fill your wish list as far as seeds go, most likely no seed broker can.

Seed Supreme

This seed broker markets seeds from a handful of companies and markets them in a variety of categories. Seed Supreme is sure to have an indica, sativa, or hybrid strain that will suit your needs, and may have the exact seed strain from the exact seed company you are seeking.

They market many classics, so if you’re looking for Northern Lights, Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies, White Widow, and many others, Seed Supreme can most likely fill your order.

Lighthouse USA

Lighthouse is another broker serving the needs of U.S. customers. Marketing cannabis genetics from Sweet Seeds, Pyramid Seeds, DNA Genetics, Norstar Genetics, and Kaliman Seeds, Lighthouse is a source for many classics like Granddaddy Purple. Lighthouse also sell a Cinderella 99 from Brothers Grimm Seeds.

Seed and Seed Bank Resource: Seed Finder

Although it’s not a seed broker or bank, Seed Finder provides an amazing amount of information about various seed strains and the banks and breeders who produced them. One of the nice features of this site is the in-depth genealogy that’s mapped out for each strain.

For that reason alone, the site is worth a visit. With an information resource this vast, most likely you will find yourself returning often.

How to Find the Right Seed Bank and Broker

The list above of seed banks and brokers are a great choice for growers of all skills levels. Finding the right one for your situation requires research. Most seed banks and brokers have customer reviews of seeds. See how customers rate the quality and value of their purchases before you buy. Consider reading cannabis seed bank reviews to find out more about the company’s reputation and experience. 

Since the mid 1980s, seed banks have popped up all over the world. When choosing between seed banks and brokers, consider the company’s years of experience.

Most companies list the year they were founded on their “About Us” page. If not, do a little digging by searching Google for the seed bank name + “founded,” “established,” or “started.”

Before checking out, read the seed bank’s return and refund policy. While there are many reputable seed banks out there, their refund policy varies. It’s better to buy from a bank with an ironclad guarantee to protect you from getting bad seeds.

Most seed companies will refund any item you are not happy with. Make sure you read the fine print and contact them within a certain number of days of receipt of your order.

Nowadays, seed banks and brokers allow you to pay with a host of methods including credit and debit cards, cryptocurrency, bank/wire transfers, check/money order, and good old cash. Choose a supplier that offers credit card, wire transfers, and e-wallet services.

These payment modes protect you in case the supplier won’t help you. The best cannabis seed bank will have a wide variety of payment options to meet your needs.

There’s no doubt that seed banks and brokers are enjoying a booming business, while simultaneously providing much-wanted cannabis genetics to a large and expanding number of growers.

With just a little looking, cannabis cultivators can locate and purchase any strain they want to grow. There’s never been a better time to be a cannabis grower. Now you know the difference between cannabis seed banks vs. seed brokers.

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FAQs in Relation to Seed Banks

What are cannabis seed banks?

Cannabis seed banks are online stores that specialize in selling cannabis seeds. They offer a wide variety of strains, from classic favorites to rare and exotic varieties. Whether you’re looking for an indica-dominant hybrid or a pure sativa, there’s something for everyone at seed banks.

Overall, seed banks are great resources for finding high quality cannabis genetics at reasonable prices while still getting access to all sorts of useful information about each individual strain they carry; making them essential stops when shopping around for new genetics.

Is it legal to buy and ship cannabis seeds to the US?

Yes, it is legal to ship cannabis seeds to the US. A recent DEA review confirms this due to the federal legalization of hemp. Following the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, you are allowed to buy, sell, store, and ship cannabis seeds to the US because they contain less than 0.3 percent THC.

What payment methods do seed banks accept?

Payment options are a key factor when deciding which cannabis seed bank is best for you. Most companies accept major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard, but also accept PayPal, Bank Transfers, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency payments too – so make sure to check before ordering anything. Additionally, look out for any additional fees associated with different payment methods – this could save you money in the long run.

Luis Cordova
Luis Cordova

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