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Lemon Pepper strain is just as spicy as the wings the spice is used on. The potency and flavor are both going to deliver a great experience.

Below will cover what you need to know about this rare Sativa-dominant hybrid.

Lemon Pepper Strain Genetics

Is the Lemon Pepper strain Indica or Sativa?

Lemon Pepper is a 70/30 Sativa-dominant hybrid of Lemon Cooler and Lemon Pebbles. You are going to be clear-headed which makes this a great strain to stay productive. The fact that it will remove any negative feelings you are having that day is an added benefit.

Lemon Cooler is the perfect strain to help you through your chores for the day. You will feel motivated and the taste is like that of a sweet dessert. Look to add this sweet treat to your list of wake and bake strains.

Lemon Pebbles is going to deliver a flavor of a sweet lemon drink. You will be refreshed with energy with this strain. People working in creative roles might find motivation with this beautiful hybrid.

Finding a strain that you can enjoy during the day can be relaxing. You can get yourself into a zone when doing something that might be a bit mundane. Sour Diesel is a famous strain that you can wake up then smoke and go on with your day.

Lemon Pepper Weed Strain Yield

Very little is known about Lemon Pepper in terms of growing as it is a relatively rare strain. Looking for grow diaries online is wise if you are trying to grow a strain with little to no information. You can grow this strain indoors or outdoors depending on your setup.

Indoors you can expect a healthy yield of 1 to 2.5 ounces per square foot. You will find that outdoor plants yield a bit more with over a pound per plant.

Flowering Phase Of The Lemon Pepper Marijuana Strain

The flowering phase of Lemon Pepper lasts 10 to 12 weeks which is truly incredible. There are some strains that last up to 13 to 14 weeks which have to be planned for early in the growing season.

The appearance of this strain is going to be bright green with orange hairs. The trichomes on each nug give it a golden hue.

Finding strains that might have a similar lineage can allow them to thrive in the same environment. OG strains tend to do well in a semi-humid environment while Triangle Kush does well in humidity due to originally being bred in Florida. Keep in mind that you can simulate nearly any environment when growing indoors.

THC Percentage Of Lemon Pepper Pot

The THC percentage of Lemon Pepper ranges between 18 and 25 percent. You might find this strain makes for great conversation among friends. Don’t overconsume though as this strain is massively potent and you don’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable.

Flavor And Aroma Of Lemon Pepper Marijuana

The flavor is going to be of citrus and fruit. The aroma will be of citrus, herbs, and the earth. Pinene and Limonene are going to be the most prevalent terpenes in this strain.

Pinene does a fantastic job of battling stress, anxiety, and pain. Expect a fresh piney aroma that can be likened to rosemary with this fresh terp. Jack Frost and Dragon Fruit are two popular strains that contain Pinene.

Limonene has the taste and smell of citrus which is unsurprising on account of its name. Strains that have this terpene can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. When combined with CBD, this terpene tends to give an individual a sense of energy. Two strains that contain this terpene are Blue Dream and Ice Cream Cake.

Price Of The Lemon Pepper Strain

Lemon Pepper is going to be pretty expensive in comparison to more common strains. You can expect to pay $60 for 1/8th of an ounce. A full oz. is going to cost $330 to $345.

Shopping around for deals for weed at various dispensaries is wise. There are some that might have higher prices due to the amounts they purchase at once.

Lemon Pepper Strain Seeds

Lemon Pepper seeds are not available online currently due to the rarity of the strain. This is actually a blessing in disguise due to it being illegal to ship weed seeds. The last thing anyone wants is legal issues in a state where cannabis is legal due to seeds.

Going to a dispensary and putting in a notice about a need for these seeds can help. The truth is that people that make friends with these individuals might receive preferential treatment. A cannabis nursery could also be an option but again the strain is very rare.

Medical Conditions Lemon Pepper Pot Can Help

Marijuana will continue to provide relief to people for conditions that span a broad spectrum. Cannabis can even address conditions that traditional pharmaceuticals have failed to help. Lemon Pepper can help with the following medical conditions:

  • Appetite Loss
  • Depression
  • Chronic Pain
  • Nausea
  • Stress
  • Fatigue

THC is going to be the dominant cannabinoid in Lemon Pepper. CBD is present but not in a huge way in this strain. Always make sure you inspect the lab results when purchasing a cannabis product to stay informed.

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Final Thoughts On The Lemon Pepper Weed Strain

Lemon Pepper is a strain that you should try is you tend to have a lull in energy during the day. Trying a bit of flower or a cartridge can allow you to truly enjoy the beautiful flavors. If you enjoy it, the challenge will become finding quality seeds. Finding a clone or a product at a marijuana tradeshow might be your best bet.

Growing any strain is going to take time, patience, and attention to detail. Previous experience growing any type of plant will be an advantage over people going in without any gardening prowess. Learning how to grow incredible weed is as easy as going online as there is an abundance of information.

Lemon Pepper is named after a spice that everyone seems to like on chicken. Are there any strains that you love that are named after a spice?

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