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Minnesota Marijuana College

The residents of Minnesota now have a chance to enroll in an online program offered at the Minnesota Marijuana College. Courses are available online through the Cannabis Training University.  You don't have to be a resident of Minnesota either to participate. You can live anywhere in the world as the only thing needed is access to a computer or laptop and Internet capabilities.

The courses are opened to the public right now and Cannabis Training University or CTU is targeting all residents in the state of Minnesota, informing them that they, too can get a piece of the marijuana industry by enrolling in courses that will give them the tools necessary to be an expert in the marijuana laws and more. To apply to the Minnesota Marijuana College, go to the CTU website and fill out the short form, after which, you will be taken to the online portal where the courses are being offered. You can start taking those courses right away. There are no textbooks to purchase. Everything you need is inside the online portal and they are attached to each course.

The Courses in Minnesota                               

Start the first course after you register. You will be shown interactive videos and electronic books that are a mandatory part of the program. You won't be able to download those electronic books because they are proprietary resources. Before you begin the course, make sure to read all the requirements, which are minimal. You will get through those in a breeze. Most of the courses cover all you need to know about the cannabis industry.  The courses begin with all the basic stuff and then get more intense as you go along, but there are reliable and expert instructors to help you along, if it gets too overwhelming for you. You will also have ongoing access to the resources that are available. The interactive videos are really helpful as one student indicated.

Jessica Brown said, “I am the kind of person that does better with visuals and so the interactive videos were so helpful. The instructors were also quite helpful guiding me along anytime, I felt like I needed to have a more in-depth explanation. There is so much information, but with the proper guidance, I was able to get through each course successfully and pass my final exam in less than four months. I could have done it faster, but I wanted to take my time. I would definitely encourage everyone to register, even if you do not want to work in the cannabis industry. This was certainly an eye opener for me. I thought I knew everything about weed, but CTU and the Minnesota Marijuana College proved me wrong.”


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Obtaining Certification

Like Jessica Brown, you, too can receive certification from the Minnesota Marijuana College and CTU. It is not that hard, but you have to take the first step of enrolling. For a small fee of less than $200, you could be a student in less than two minutes and be on your way to certification. After taking the six courses and passing the related quizzes, you will then be able to take the final exam. When you pass the exam with a minimum grade of 80%, you will be a full-fledged graduate of the Cannabis Training University. You will learn about a wide range of topics related to the cannabis industry.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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So, go on over to Cannabis Training University today and sign up for the program today!

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