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A cannabis sommelier is someone who knows a lot about cannabis. They can help people learn how to use cannabis safely and correctly. Cannabis Training University teaches people to become cannabis sommeliers and much more!

A cannabis sommelier is an expert in cannabis and its various forms. They possess a deep knowledge of the plant, its uses, varieties and effects on the body.

A cannabis sommelier has extensive training in cannabis cultivation, use and safety protocols. As such, they are responsible for helping people make informed decisions about their cannabis consumption.

A cannabis sommelier learns how to identify different strains of cannabis based on their appearance, aroma, flavor profile and effects. This includes learning how to differentiate between indicas and sativas as well as hybrids that combine both types of plants.

They also learn about terpenes – naturally occurring compounds found in cannabis that contribute to the overall flavor profile – as well as other cannabinoids like CBD that can have therapeutic benefits without producing a high.

A cannabis sommelier must be able to accurately describe the effects of each strain so customers can make an informed decision when purchasing products from dispensaries or ordering online delivery services.

In addition to identifying strains by name, they should also be knowledgeable about which ones pair best with certain activities or conditions such as insomnia or chronic pain relief; this will help round out the cannabis sommelier knowledge.

The cannabis sommelier program at Cannabis Training University, also known as the Master of Marijuana Certification program, is a great way to learn about all facets of cannabis. People who become cannabis sommeliers know a lot about different forms of cannabis, like indicas and sativas, and can help people make informed decisions when they buy cannabis.

Cannabis sommeliers learn how to identify the different strains of cannabis by looking at them, smelling them, tasting them, and understanding the effects they have on the body. They also understand terpenes and cannabinoids like CBD that can have therapeutic benefits without making you high.

Finally, cannabis sommeliers are experts at describing the effects of each strain so customers know what they are buying from dispensaries or ordering online delivery services.

Learn all the skills needed to become a cannabis sommelier in the Cannabis Training University Master of Marijuana program.

How Much Money Does A Cannabis Sommelier Earn?

The cannabis industry is still relatively new and the cannabis sommelier profession is a niche field, so it can be difficult to determine exact salary figures. However, cannabis sommeliers typically earn between $50,000 to $75,000 annually depending on their experience level.

Since cannabis sommeliers have specialized knowledge of cannabis products, they are often sought out for advice when it comes to purchasing cannabis products for personal or business use. These professionals typically work in a variety of settings including dispensaries, testing labs, grow houses, cannabis events and conferences and more.

Cannabis sommeliers often act as consultants for businesses that want to gain insight into the cannabis market or need advice on product selection and other issues related to cannabis retailing.

Cannabis sommeliers are also becoming increasingly popular as educational experts in the industry. They often give lectures at cannabis conferences and seminars while also offering private lessons and workshops on cannabis product selection and usage methods.

Cannabis sommeliers can also find themselves working as connoisseurs in the culinary world. They are responsible for creating unique cannabis-infused dishes as well as pairing specific products with certain types of food or flavors in order to enhance the dining experience for customers.

Overall, cannabis sommeliers are highly skilled professionals who offer invaluable information to both consumers and businesses alike within the ever-evolving cannabis industry. With their comprehensive knowledge of marijuana products and regulations, these highly trained individuals can command salaries up to $75k per year based on their level of expertise and experience in the field.

What Is The Master of Cannabis Certification Program?

Cannabis Training University's Master of Marijuana program offers an extensive curriculum that covers cannabis from cultivation to consumption, it is also often called a Cannabis Sommelier certification program since it includes all information on terpenes and cannabinoids. From cannabis history and cannabis law, to cannabis science and cannabis business operations, students learn the basics of cannabis and its place in the world.

The cannabis cultivation course includes information on cannabis genetics, strain selection and cannabis breeding, as well as sustainability practices for outdoor or indoor grows. Students will also receive an introduction to various cannabis production technologies such as hydroponics, aeroponics, and more.

In the cannabis science course, students learn about cannabinoids and terpenes – both natural compounds found in cannabis plants – and how they interact with one another to produce different effects when consumed. Students will also be introduced to medical marijuana applications such as using CBD oil for pain relief or using THC-rich products for anxiety relief.

The cannabis law course provides an overview of state and federal laws surrounding cannabis production and consumption. This includes an examination of current regulations on selling, possessing, or consuming marijuana products in various states across the US.

Students enrolled in Cannabis Training University's business operations track can expect to gain insights into running a cannabis business from top to bottom. This module teaches best practices for running a dispensary, obtaining licenses for growing facilities, marketing your product line effectively, pricing strategies for cannabis products, managing inventory control and compliance with local laws.

Finally, the consumables course teaches students about the wide variety of forms that cannabis can take – from edibles to tinctures to topicals – as well as ways to properly administer them depending on their desired effects.

Cannabis Training University's Master of Marijuana program is designed to equip students with all the knowledge they need in order to become successful sommeliers in the quickly evolving marijuana industry.

With this comprehensive program at their disposal, graduates will be able to confidently guide customers through their experience when selecting cannabis products that suit their needs without compromising safety or quality standards.

Is Cannabis Training University Accredited?

Cannabis Training University is a fully accredited cannabis education institution. CTU is recognized by employers, cannabis businesses, and cannabis organizations as the gold-standard in cannabis education. For instance, CTU has been featured in cannabis trade magazines such as Marijuana Business Daily, cannabis events like Women Grow Leadership Summit, and cannabis conferences like the National Cannabis Industry Association’s (NCIA) Cannabis Business Summit & Expo.

CTU's Master of Marijuana program is designed to meet all industry standards in cannabis education and offers one of the most comprehensive cannabis curriculums available today. The program is also accredited IACET/ANSI.

In addition to its recognition from trade magazines, organizations, and cannabis events, CTU students have gone on to become successful professionals in the cannabis industry. Many have achieved positions at cannabis companies such as Canopy Growth Corporation or Harborside Health Center; some have even been featured in publications like Rolling Stone Magazine for their work with cannabis businesses or non-profit organizations.

The Master of Marijuana program at Cannabis Training University is a rigorous program that prepares students for success within this rapidly growing industry.

With comprehensive course material from subject matter experts with leading technology tools within cannabis production, processing and distribution, graduates are well-equipped to compete in a highly competitive job market with confidence and skill.

How Much Money Can a CTU Certified Cannabis Consultant Make?

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative industries in the world, so it's no surprise that cannabis consultants are in high demand. Cannabis consultants offer expert advice and strategic guidance to cannabis businesses ranging from small startups to large corporate enterprises. Their services can include but are not limited to helping cannabis businesses set up their operations, adhere to cannabis regulations, develop marketing strategies, and find investors.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

marijuana extraction course - Johanna Rose
Makes $24.50 @ THC +

On average, cannabis consultants earn anywhere between $65,000 – $100,000 a year depending on their experience level and the type of clients they work with. For example, cannabis consulting firms servicing large corporate clients often charge a higher fee than those working with smaller cannabis businesses. On top of that, many cannabis consultants also receive performance bonuses or additional remuneration for successful projects.

The greatest earning potential for cannabis consultants comes through business development deals where they negotiate terms between two or more parties for financing or partnerships in the industry. This type of work requires extensive business acumen as well as a deep understanding of the cannabis industry dynamics and regulations.

In addition to these traditional consulting services, cannabis consultants may also advise clients on how best to leverage digital technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). In recent years, these technologies have become increasingly important in helping cannabis companies sell their products online as well as offering immersive experiences tailored specifically to their customers’ needs.

Overall, when taking into account all aspects of business development and consulting services within the cannabis space – from advising on regulatory compliance to negotiating technology deals – it's clear that cannabis consultants can make a very comfortable living if they are able to attract enough high net worth clients who value their expertise and knowledge base.

Earn your master of marijuana certification today and become a cannabis sommelier or cannabis consultant today!

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